If you write a straight character and read them in the voice of a gay actor, you have to make the character gay too, because nah im just kidding, but someone on this site would say this.

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Hey , I'm new to tumblr any recommended blogs to follow?

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me: *sees a friend’s post on my dash* wOWOW YASSSS u go pal!!! total quality content omg ive been fucking enlightened!!! BLESS!!!! this post is gOLD WOW ALL MY PROBLEMS ARE SOVLED *wipes tears* this post is just,,  a real gem

me: *sees my own post on my dash* wHat tHE fUCk iS tHiS crAP?!?!? wHo wROte tHis?? wHO dO tHey tHinK thEy aRe??? gEt thiS ofF mY dAsH pLS!!1!!11!!

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Hello! I'm currently writing a story about two male best friends who are constantly compared to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The two friends use this to their advantage by going around both their high school and town sovling mysteries. The "main" main character is causally blunt without trying, clever, and quite the dramatic while his partner in crime is laid back but quite naive and skeptical of everything. Could you create some possible dialogue between these two characters? Thanks, love!

Hi, I’d be happy to help! (I really like your idea, by the way.)


“I got it! I have solved the case!”

“You literally just Googled wallabies, [your main main character’s name]. How can that possibly be connected with the case?”


“So, you’ve heard about what happened yesterday, right? Down at the basketball courts?”

The girl [your main main character’s name] was questioning raised an eyebrow. “No, I haven’t heard anything.”

“She’s lying,” [your sidekick’s name] muttered.


“Has it occurred to you that maybe it’s right under our noses?”

[Your main main character’s name] thought; then: “Explain.”


I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

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Puppy potty training is going pretty ok. He definitely knows what I want from him when we go outside, but I still catch him running to the back of the house to sneak a poo. At what age does it click for them that they need to ask to go outside? (he's only 5 mo, so I expect some time! But should I be doing something to help him figure that part out?)

There’s a chance you’re expecting him to hold it too long! Try to note what times he’s running back to poop - if they are consistent, switch to taking him out at those times. 

It sounds like he understands the house training, and just doesn’t know how to ask to be taken outside. Try taking him out more often and hopefully that’ll sovle the issue. Good luck! -C

Okay hear me out

You know how Papyrus LOVES puzzles? Well he must have excellent skills in problem solving so, I believe he would be A MASTER at mathematics. Any problem is just a puzzle to be solved. If Sans was a scientist, I bet that Papyrus helped him check his math.

Also the math problem behind him is actually sovled. It happens to be a calculus problem on finding the volume of a 3D model that looks like a bundt cake and he used the shell method to solve it.

Hey so guess who hit 500! yeah so I thought i’d do a follow forever as a thank you to all of my lovely followers and mutuals and maybe show off some of my fav blogs. Header to cred to the absolutely incredible caffeincold, everyone should go check her out.

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I can really see the things going this way between Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada:

- Sarada and Chōchō finally meet Sasuke; 

- Chōchō goes to Sasuke and tells him that she’s sure that he is, in fact, her real father; (Well, they both have side bangs, don’t they?! xD)

- Sauske makes a funny face, but then, he sees Sarada;

- Sarada and Sasuke don’t know how to react when they see each other (as we know Sasuke isn’t that good with expressing emotions, even though he has extremely powerful ones, and, from what we’ve seen, Sarada also seems a bit introvert); 

- They just stare in each other’s eyes for some moments; 

- Sarada finally decides to ask him who her mother is, if he is even her father and, if so, where she was born and why she wears glasses, as Sakura and Sasuke don’t need them; 

- Sasuke wouldn’t have expected to be asked such things by his daughter;

- Sarada’s question regarding if he and Sakura are really her parents and the question about where she was born will most likely bring some flashbacks from Sasuke’s point of view (his and Sakura’s wedding / Sakura announcing Sasuke that she’s pregnant and his reaction to this / Sasuke and Sakura deciding that she should give birth outside Konoha, in a hidden place, as this would be safer for both Sakura and Sarada because of all those villains who would be willing to kidnap the last Uchihas / Sasuke seeing Sarada for the first time and his reaction) - I find it almost certain that these flashbacks will be there so that some things will be finally clarified (although most of them already are for the rational part of the fandom);

- Then, Sarada’s question concerning the reason why she has to wear glasses will most likely bring another flashback from Sasuke’s point of view explaining what truly happened when Sarada activated her Sharingan at such an early age, what caused it, why Sasuke had to leave for such a long time (this probably being associated to what previously happened to Sarada) and, also, how he had said good-bye to Sakura and Sarada before he left, this clearly being an extremely emotional moment) - Once again, these flashbacks will most likely be there in order to give us, the readers, some other answers to our questions (anyway, the flashbacks will especially be there for those delusional ASSes);

- After all of these flashbacks when Sasuke didn’t say a word, he finally decides to clarify all these things to Sarada;

- But, before he can also explain to her why she has to wear glasses, Sarada shows him the Team Taka picture and asks who the girl with glasses is and says that she finds it suspicious that both her and Karin wear glasses;

- Sasuke says that she was just a previous comrade who helped him in order to achieve some terrible goals, just like the other two persons in the picture did, that all of them represent the darker part of his life and that he hasn’t heard of her for more than a fifteen years;

- Then, he tells Sarada that Sakura was his one and only source of light and that he loves both her and Sarada; 

- Sarada fiinally understands everything;

- Later, when Sakura and Sasuke meet again, we will get another extremely emotional moment;

- Sarada will apologize to Sakura for leaving without saying anything and for asking her if she really was her mother;

- I hope the problems will have been sovled by the end of the mini-series and that Sasuke will be able to remain in Konoha permanently (only leaving sometimes for short missions);

- I really hope that the mini-series will end with a complete SasuSakuSara family pciture, as Sarada wouldn’t want to put that picture with Team Taka in the frame again, now that she knows the truth.

Rooster Teeth RVB PSA

So, I’m a Sponsor on the site and when I saw the new PSA available I kind of figured it would stir up a shit storm on this website. What I didn’t realize would happen, is that people would actually verbally attack RT employees that have Tumblr accounts. I mean, like to the fucking point where thpse persons are deactivating their accounts because they can’t take it. It’s honestly, like people either didn’t ACTUALLY watch the PSA or didn’t pay any attention to it.

People are getting all mad at Rooster Teeth, because they’re THINKING( I put that in all caps for effect, on mobile can’t bold or italicize) that their Triggers, insecurities, and feelings on certain sensitive topics are beening made fun of. I’ll say this once more, THEY ARE MAD BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T FULLY UNDERSTAND OR COMPREHEND WHAT THE MEANING BEHIND THE PSA WAS! Yet, they wonder why some of the RT/AH(mainly) employees laugh at things that come from Tumblr or pretty much anything that has a thread that supports comments.

The PSA wasn’t making funny of people for having Triggers, it was merely just to articulate that out of eveything that comes out of RT/AH some of it is bond to offend or Trigger people and trying to conform to satisfy EVERYONE’S SPECIFIC TRIGGER is just going to result in losing content that can be made. Hell, Donut states this in the PSA(if you watched it fully and didn’t get pissed of from the title or just the beginning of it). Donut says something along the line of ‘We know who we are and that what we say or do may or may not offend people, there is no changing that.’

Basically saying what I said. They know what it is that they’re doing and if it offend just one person they can’t just stop doing their JOB to try and accommodate on person without risking the liability of alienating a whole other group of people.

So getting mad and send either public or anon hate to RT employees that had nothing to do with Red Vs. Blue of the creation of the PSA isn’t going to sovle anything except make you out to be an arsehole. THREATING PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW THAT HAPPEN TO WORK FOR A COMPANY THAT YOU FEEL MADE FUN OF YOU IS NO BUENO. Another thing; if you’re the kind of person that will send anon hate, threating to leave the RT/AH Fandom, just fucking leave. What satisfation could you possible get from Mentally, Verbally and Emotionally abusing and scaring someone of whom you’ve never met? Why waste your’s and their’s time with typing that in their inbox? If you want to leave the RT/AH Fandom because of this, then I’m sorry you feel that way, but it in NO WAY gives you the right be a complete asshat random people. Leave quietly ormake a post stating why you’ll be leaving, but don’t leave an arsehole.