Merry Christmas. Heres a video of Andy San Dimas shakin her butt. Our gift to you.

Here is the next tour we have lined up for Spring.

Dates with Icarus the Owl:

The Bloodoath, Leviathan Tour

May 6th - Rapid City, South Dakota - TREA Bingo Hall

May 7th - Sidney, Nebraska - The Shelter

May 8th - Denver, Colorado - 7th Circle Music Collective

May 9th - Cheyenne, Wyoming - TBA

May 10th - Casper, Wyoming - The Hall of Champions

May 11th - Spearfish, South Dakota - The Backporch 


Here is a song from Sovls’ performance from the skatepark fundraiser concert. April 21st 2012.

We had 150+ in attendance. An excellent night. We will definitely be putting on a few more throughout the summer until the park opens. Every little bit helps!

Huge thanks to everyone involved. And all the artists that performed:

Sovls, Case1, Myke B, Bummer City, David Watts, Giantelope.

- Esoteric Skatepark

So I was tagged by allcatsunite and numb-from-the-novocaine (love both of your accounts btw)
Only using song titles from one band/artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat song titles.
My band/artist: Fall Out Boy
1) Describe yourself: Golden
2) How do you feel: Dance, dance
3) Describe where you currently live: West coast smoker
4) If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Twin skeletons (hotel in NYC)
5) Your favorite method of transportation: Sending post cards from a plane crash (wish you were here)
6) Your best friend is: Centuries
7) You and your best friends are: Disloyal order of water buffaloes
8) What is the weather like: Calm before the storm
9) Your favorite time of day: My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up)
10) If your life was a TV show, the title would be: Sugar, we’re going down swinging
11) What is life to you: The kids aren’t all right
12) Your relationship: I don’t care
13) Your fear: Growing up
So I’m just gonna tag some of my favorite mutuals and some friends:

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I was tagged by the very lovely myfairytal-e for the ‘20 Beautiful Women’ challenge. Thank you so much, love! 

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Hello kids here’s the 10 first members of our Kids In The Dark Network!!  

There will be more members chosen later on, so if you didn’t get in now, don’t worry you still have a chance! If you haven’t applied yet, or wanna know the rules or anything else take a look at the original network post here . 

You’re welcome to message me or Smriti if you have any questions or suggestions C:
Let’s all become friends and have a great time together!