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Thank you for your awesome blog and inspiring content. Wonderful choice of BOTM, by the way. Wish you a nice day! ~Matt

Thank you for this awesome message! I have a lot of people to thank (yourself included) for all of the content that shows up on here, so keep it up! Julia is pretty freaking great, isn’t she? ♥ Thanks again, hope you have a good one yourself! x

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It’s not only about the number. Quality matters most. Congratulations!

Well if I can get anywhere near the quality of your work, I’ll be over the moon. I love Poland and have visited a number of times. I visited Nowa Huta a couple of years ago and although I probably shouldn’t, I do love socialist-realist architecture. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


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‘Wonderful balance in both composition and light! Very aesthetic photo’.

Your kind words are a complete stimulus to me, since you are talking about the aspect that concerned me the most when I took the picture; Many Thanks! In this shot I had to struggle with the balance between light and dark, as the light of the morning sun falling on the wall was very intense and the shadow contrasted sharply with the lit. Glad you liked the outcome!