Belarus Headcanons!
  • She loves sunflowers as much as her brother
  • She had a strict upbringing in which she was taught to play the piano, and she can still play it almost as well as Austria
  • Her image as being very intimidating isn’t really her natural state, she taught herself to act in this way as a self-defense mechanism
  • Similarly, she learned to throw knives for self defense because they can be easily concealed in her stockings or in the folds of her dress
  • She’s had her hair long for most of her life but cut it to her shoulders during the Soviet age. When it’s long she wears it in a bun when she’s working
  • She and Ukraine used to make hair bows together when she was young, it was one of the happiest memories she’s had with her sister and she subtly treasures it
  • She’s not heartless; she would do anything to protect her siblings
  • Her and Poland bicker a lot; they’re both really good at insulting and they try to one up each other
  • She’s told Lithuania that he “would look pretty good as a ghost one day”. He wasn’t really sure how to take this comment.

before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of the Face Family. (Questions, coments and debating are always welcome)

America: Gryffindor: America is a Gryffindor. This one is pretty obvious I don’t disagree when people sort him here. Really he’s the perfect Gryffindor. Loud, proud, competitive, brave. But here is what makes him a Gryffindor. He always does what HE thinks is right for everyone. This is actually the staple of a true Gryffindor. America has and will always doe what he sees fit. It doesn’t matter what the popular opinion of the world is. He’s going to do what makes him happy and he will think it’s for the good of everyone while he’s doing it because, as he says he’s the hero.

Canada: Hufflepuff: I have seen Canada be put in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. And I can see the appeal of him being placed in Gryffindor because he’s America’s brother but and they do have similarities. You can’t just make him the tag along, he’s his own person. Canada is a Hufflepuff and here is why. Of course he’s nice and whatever that’s all well and good that’s not what gives him this house. What makes him a Hufflepuff is really one of the Negative traits a Hufflepuff has and that is they are easily forgotten. Let’s not ignore the fact that Canada is one of the most forgotten about characters in cannon and the fandom. Also A Hufflepuff is more attracted to the idea of fair play. as in they would never cheat to get ahead in life. A Gryffindor would as long as the outcome was “for the good of everyone“. Canada as a character is more of a watch and see type. He’s passive. Hufflepuffs are passive. and they are also described as passive-aggressive for a negative trait. Something Canada has been shown to do may times in the manga. He is nice to your face and rolls his eyes as you turn around. Unlike America who just says what he’s thinking of you. This is why Canada would not fare well in Gryffindor, He’s Hufflepuff.

England: Slytherin. I’ve seen England be put everywhere from Gryffindor to Ravenclaw. But he’s a Slytherin through and through. To realize this you have to first ask what makes a Sytherin: cunning, resourcefulness, superiority, and ambitious. England is all of these things and so much more. It’s also stated in the books that Slytherins are competitive and sneaky. They are not afraid to cheat and lie to get themselves ahead in life. This is why they can be assumed evil and why so many of them turn to that way of life. But These traits can also be extremely useful. And England works them. He’s a self proclaimed, dark wizard and a super spy. He’s got the stealth and the extensive knowledge of the Dark arts which he frequently uses to get himself ahead in life. And this is the core reason here. England has the ability to use Magic but is only seen using it to further his own goals. England is a Slytherin 100%.

France: Ravenclaw. I’ve seen France in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I don’t really understand him being in Gryffindor at all. Not once has he displayed any of the traits they have. France is original. This one one of the main traits that set him apart from everyone. he strives to be the best and different at the same time. ie: his shoes are different and more expensive than anyone in the room therefor his shoes are better even if no one quite understands the fashion. We see this with his eccentric war clothing that has caused him problems a few times. He’s also Creative, let’s not ignore France has arguably the best food and architecture in the world. He is also aware of these things and will constantly remind you of them.

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before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of the Axis crew  (Prussia and Romano included)

Italy: Hufflepuff. I was actually torn with Italy between Ravenclaw an Hufflepuff. But in the end I realized he would be much happier in Hufflepuff. Mostly because Italy is a true friend. He would never turn his back on his friends and he’ll always stick by your side. This is arguably the best trait a Huffulepuff has, loyalty.

Romano: Slytherin. I’ve seen him everywhere even Hufflepuff, HA! Romano is a Slytherin. He does not go looking for a fight he would much prefer standing on the sidelines shouting insults your way. He’s shown to be crafty and a bit of a little shit.He’s also the staple of the mafia in the fandom. Quiet deals, shady money. It’s all just Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin! He’s not afraid to pick a fight so long he’s confidant the other person will not fight him back. He’s also shown to be quiet ambitious in the Manga saying he does all the work while Italy gets all the credit.

Germany: Hufflepuff. I know everyone is going to say, “he’s Gryffindor!” But why? Really why is he Gryffindor? Sure he’s brave…but anyone can be brave. It’s how you use your bravery. Germany does what’s for the good of Germany, not the world. This is a Slytherin trait. But I digress. He’s a Hufflepuff. He’s extremely loyal to himself, his people and his friends. he’s shown to be very patient with how he deals with Italy. He’s also a hard worker he’s always working out, or cleansing we never see him just sitting around. You might think he’s too mocho to be in Hufflepuff but never judge a book by it’s cover.

Prussia: Ravenclaw. It’s a hard glance between Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw but I’m confident in my choice. My reasoning for Ravenclaw is that he has the traits of both Gryffindor and Slytherin that I don’t think he would mesh well in either house. He’s brave but he’s stupid with his bravery and gets himself in battles he cant win. He’s a her but at the same time he’s the villain. He’s out for himself and the good of others at the same time. Yet, if we remember he’s also smart. He’s battle smart and strategic with what he does. He documents his life in detail since the first day and he is said to read a lot of books in one day I forget the exact number he said. He’s also a loner. Ravenclaws tend to be off in their own world, where if we know Prussia he’s often in a fantasy world where he is number one. He’s also seen to be rather lazy and conniving. Getting Germany and others to do his bidding with well placed words and a bit of begging. I think because of so many contradicting traits with Slytherin and Gryffindor the Hat would opt him in Ravenclaw where it would be a break even.

Japan: Ravenclaw. I really like Japan in Ravenclaw. He’s smart and creative. I don’t think he would particularly fare well in any other house. He’s not loud like a Gryffindor, He’s not overly nice like a Hufflepuff and he’s not cocky like a Slytherin. He just enjoys the simple things in life, something a Ravenclaw does. He’d much rather sit at home by himself with a manga or a video game than go to a social outing, the perfect Ravenclaw trait.

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“Belarus has calmed down a lot on the other hand. Though she still tends to zone out a lot, just like when she was younger… It’s kinda cute. As for getting stuck? I wouldn’t mind either of them, they are my sisters and I love them, obviously. Even if neither of them are perfect, nor am I.” 


before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of Nordics.

Sweden: Slytheirn. He was REALLY HARD. I had to think about this one for awhile actually. But he’s a Slytherin when you get right down to it. Much like another charter I’ll talk about on this post. His outward personality is much like a shell. He remains serous and stern and only reveals his true feelings to very close friends. Yet he’s also strong and fierce when he has to be. He won’t back down from a fight but he also would never just rush in without a plan.

Norway: Ravenclaw. Ive seen him in Slytheirn and I can see that. But Ultimately I placed him in Ravenclaw. I don’t think Norway would be happy with being a Slythern he’s too soft spoken. The main reason why he’s Ravenclaw is for his interest in the unknown. Ravenclaws are know for being excepting of all possibilities. Norway is typically off in his own world talking to his magical friends that only he can see and interact with. He’s reserved and more of a home body. This is a Raven claw to a T.

Finland: Hufflepuff. Of course he’s Hufflepuff. He’s the mom friend of the bunch. Honestly I don’t have to go into this one too much. He’s a Hufflepuff, it’s Finland for crying out loud.

Denmark: Gryffindor. Again another obvious pick. Denmark is loud, proud and everything that makes a good Gryffindor. He never backs down from a challenge even if he can’t win and the idea of danger thrills him. He stands up for his friends and is a major right fighter. Something tells me he’d make an excellent quidditch player as well. Maybe a beater…but that’s a different post…

Iceland: Slytherin. Now I didn’t put him here because he’s sassy. I put him here for why he’s sassy. He uses it as a front. As in that’s not his real personality. It’s a bit of a splash guard. If he pretends to be serious and cool no one will question him or pick on hi instead. Draco Malfoy used the same personality type. He pretended to be cool but was actually a giant nerd. (I’M NOT COMPAIRING HIM TO MALFOY’S ACTIONS! Just his personalty.) When he lets the mold break he shows us that he actually does care about his friends. But it’s his trope he’s adapted that lands him comfortably in Slytherin. I think he would like it there.

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