soviet swag

Age of Ultron character summary:
  • Ultron: great voice absolutely pointless lip motion extra points for quoting the bible
  • Clint: yes that is what hawkeye is woohoo
  • Clint's wife: cheese with extra cheese and cheese on toast cheesy fries
  • Steve: none of that bullshit from the other avengers movie, finally resembling character from own movies
  • Tony: yes good argue with steve 24/7 but where is the love afterwards more steve love besties 5ever
  • Thor: gold star for hitting up old science friend and taking responsibility while keeping it real
  • Bruce: is leonard hofstadter from big bang theory for absoluetly no reason haha the dork that chicks dig hahaha actual anime protagonist falling right onto black widow's cleavage
  • Natasha: any katherine heigl movie character
  • Wanda Maximoff: angel
  • Pietro Maximoff: too hot hot damn. irresistable post-soviet oligarch sportswear swag with matching accent. also very much alive through sheer amazingness
  • Maria Hill: quality. coughing "testosterone" alone deserves a clapback