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The curios story of ZIB.

On September 1951, during the Soviet Union’s sub-orbital rocket travel experiments with dogs, just days before her flight, a test dog named Bolik (Болик) ran away from base, taking all the weeks of training and preparation with her. The soviet scientists, undeterred (and scared of their superiors) decided to look for a quick replacement, finding it in an unnamed street dog that kept roaming the base, and according to the military personnel, was very friendly.

Still without telling their superiors, the scientist named the dog ZIB (a Russian acronym for “Substitute for Missing Bolik”, “Замена Исчезнувшему Болику” Zamena Ischeznuvshemu Boliku) and put her in the rocket intended for Bolik with no training whatsoever, making a successful flight, and for her troubles, earning the best sausages the scientist could afford.

After the flight the truth was revealed, and while surprised, the director of the program accepted the scientist’s decision, and made sure that both ZIB’s name and history was put in the records of the program, going as far as to report it to the Politburo. 

June 12, 1937: Death of Maria Ulyanova, revolutionary and Lenin’s younger sister.

A Russian revolutionary intellectual, mathematician, physicist and French linguist. One of the first members of the Russian Social-Democratic Party and future organizer of the Bolshevik party. Several times imprisoned and exiled for her revolutionary activity. One of the organizers of the Moscow revolutionary groups. In 1908-09 studied in Paris Sorbonne. Since February revolution she coordinated the communication between Russian and European (and exiled) revolutionaries. An editor of the Bolshevik main edition ‘Pravda’. Success of the Bolshevik press was largely thanks to her attempts and work.

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A Discovery of Warming

Steggy Positivity Week, day 1
Prompt: Agent Carter

Summary: In Russia, Peggy encounters far more than expected. AU from The Iron Ceiling.

AO3 link here.

“You are not Leviathan.”

Two men in loose uniforms behind bars brought back worse memories than Peggy would like to admit, but she steeled herself. “We’re the good guys.” She smiled, but it disappeared quickly, business coming through. “Why is Leviathan holding you prisoner?”

The bald one leaned through the bars, clearly comfortable talking to them. “They acquired something, a weapon they don’t know how to fix. They want us to fix it for them.”

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Presenting one of my favorite steam games, now entirely free to play, AWESOMENAUTS.

Ever felt like playing a MOBA-like game, but felt intimidated by steep learning curves, memorizing meta builds, going for optimal strategies and just plain affraid of being shouted at by your team mates because you didn’t go for that specific thing at that specific time and now the entire base is on fire because of your blunder?

Yeah, me too, DOTA and LoL are great, but sometimes one does not feel like dealing with that ammount of preassure, for people like me who prefer their games simple, fast paced and chaotic, boy do i got the game for you.


Awesomenauts prides itself on being a simplistic MOBA style game, in fact, its not even traditional in that sense, as it prefers another approach: if you are fan of megaman-like games you’ll find this one great, because the gameplay is very much jump and shoot style 2D platformer gameplay!

As it is a team based 3v3 game, you can join up with random people online or friends to duke it out in splitscreen, online or even against bots, you are not limited on how you want to play your game, even giving you power to edit the configurations of the private matches if you so desire: want to give everyone all the upgrades at once? would you prefer for an infinity of creeps to fill the battlefield? how about a random character per death? the choice is yours to take.

It is also very simple to learn, you don’t need to learn the meta mindset of advanced players to play the game, as the shop system only requires you to pick your 3 favorite upgrades -tailored to each specific character- for each of your abilities, and these abilities take effect not by numbers, but by altering the functionality of their abilities to your favor: want bouncing dynamite sticks? slowdown on top of healing? a faster shooty gun or a stronger shooty gun? Big double buzzaws that cause a slowdown on the enemy? You got them.


The game is also filled to brim with lore, though unlike most games out there, the lore of the awesomenauts is mostly a comedic epic, the game is self-stylized like a 90’s cartoon where everything was build to be incredibly awesome.

In awesomenauts, you control the titular squad, a ragtag bunch of misfit aliens from across the galaxy, each one with a reason to fight:

“Riding his combat walker onto the battlefield, comes Derpl Zork. The nephew of Blabl Zork, president of Zork industries. Derpl Zork lacks his uncle’s business-smarts. In fact he lacks any kind of smarts, managing to get his IQ rated under the level of plankton in the official galaxial IQ test.

Nevertheless Derpl is the heir apparent to Blabl’s galaxy-spanning business empire. This is something that doesn’t sit well with Blabl, not well at all. Dreading the day Derpl would inherit the company and run all the hardfought accomplishments into the ground, Blabl put Derpl in charge of fieldtesting the new Specialized Universal Secretary Interface (S.U.S.I. for short) in one of Zork Industries’ combat walkers. Asking Derpl what form of devastation should be issued forth from his vehicle of destruction he simply drooled and said: “I wuv cats!”

Now Blabl is anxiously awaiting the day that Derpl would suffer a fatal blow on the fields of battle but as of yet Derpl’s combat walker has proven to keep making up for its dimwitted driver. “

”Once part of the soviet space program, Yuri was a monkey, experimentally shot into space during the 1960’s cold war spacerace. Mysteriously, monitoring soviet scientists suddenly lost track of monkey Yuri’s spacecraft.

Puzzled by its sudden disappearence, Soviet space-command wondered what had become of their beloved test-pet Yuri. Little did they know that Yuri’s spacecraft had entered a warpfield anomaly and was transported hundreds of years into the future!

Also, the warpfield’s radiation boosted Yuri’s mind to superintelligent levels. The new, more intelligent, mad and slightly sadistic Yuri quickly grasped the situation and modified his broken rocket into an equally mad timetravelling supercomputer jetpack.

With the jetpack translating everything Yuri says and does, enemies are never quite sure who is in control, the mad scientist monkey, or the computer it created? “

“Ted McPain was one of the great heroes of the first AI Wars, a long time ago. He has led his squad of elite super soldiers, the Killer Koala’s, against many opponents and has been decorated as an outstanding soldier a hundred times over. His ultimate achievement, during the climax of the First AI Wars, was a solo operation onto the AI’s battle station Starstorm. This mission ended in Ted McPain single handedly unhinging all of the station’s crucial power couplings, effectively making sure the station wouldn’t be completed before the end of the war. Ted McPain eventually died when he sacrificed himself to save the Sunny-Daisy Alien Orphanage from a band of bloodthirsty dinosaur zombies in 3021. Ted’s heroic deeds would never be forgotten.

He lived on as he became the star of various video games: Ted McPain I through XVII, Ted McPain: Zombie Blast, Ted McPain vs. evil Ted McPain and Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting.

When Voltar The Omniscient learned of the violent dimwitted video game star, he brewed up a plan that would backfire horribly. He created the Materializotron XT8000 with which he wanted to bring back the war hero of old to be his personal assistant. Extracting Ted McPain’s digital essence from his video games, Voltar managed to materialize a life-size flesh and blood version. The Ted McPain that appeared though was missing his pants for unknown reasons. Voltar waved the issue aside saying “Stop asking stupid questions! He looks fine to me.”

“Yoolip has been a scientist for the greater part of his life on the transistor planet Calias. Creating wondrous inventions and contraptions like the dog aura reader, the nightmare-to-VHS recorder, the random number phone, the cereal-to-milk ratio calculator and an actual time machine. One day after combining the time machine into some comfy slippers, he teleported to the Mesozoic era and found himself surrounded by some scientist hungry velociraptors.

Barely escaping the predators he lost one of his slippers. Being stuck in time he spent years to craft a new slipper to travel forward in time to return to his beloved granddaughter, Ayla. He joined the Awesomenauts team to finally spend some quality time with her and eat some over-engineered pancakes. “

This is a game that does not even attempt to take itself seriously, as the characters will crack a joke or a reference in the middle of battle to your ears’ delight.


speaking of ears, how about checking out the sweet tunes of the awesomenauts?

Extended Theme Song

8-bit Yoolip

Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco

Ted McPain’s Theme

I’ll make you a star

Nibb’s Killing Spree

Sentry’s Killing Spree Theme

Deadlift’s Killing Spree

Eye of Aguillon

Chucho Krokk’s Killing Spree

Lonestar’s Killing Spree

Raelynn’s Killing Spree


Actually no, awesomenauts’s Free to Play system is actually very simple, similar to other MOBAS of its kind it uses the standard 3 hero rotation, but a a bonus, you can try all of the characters in full whenever you want against bots, see who you like from the get-go and decide who you want to buy next.

Adding on to that, the game gives you the in-game currency by doing what you do best: play the game, and it doesn’t even have to be vs online opponents, you can just pop it in with 3 of your friends (or even alone if you’re lonely) and fight against an enemy team of bots, win experience for your characters to unlock their upgrades and songs, and parts to obtain cosmetic upgrades.

The only real aspect that requires money is merely cosmetic: costumes for each character that are simply visual, add voice lines or change their theme songs.

The things that matter can be obtained through gameplay alone, but one can opt to buy the all nauts pack on steam, this merely unlocks all the nauts to be played at any time though, not their upgrades, which require XP.

But if you get the game on steam and use one of the following codes (don’t worry, they can be used up to 50 times each)


You’ll get a character entirely for free: the elite sniper raelynn.

These codes can be obtained if you play the game long enough, if you use your own code to invite people, their achievements give you loot too, free loot for everyone!

So feel free to jump into the action, there is nothing to lose and tons of fun (and salt or memes) to be had, bring your friends, bring your friend’s friends, bring your grandma even.

It’s time to get awesome!

Are These Cryptids Real?

Megalania Prisca

Megalania Prisca, formerly known as Varanus Priscus, was a prehistoric monitor lizard – several times bigger than the Komodo dragon – that roamed the Australian outback terrorizing the native fauna. Even though science acknowledges Megalania to be extinct, sightings of monitor lizards (or goannas, as they are known in Australia) the size of saltwater crocodiles have been reported during recent times.

In 1939, for example, a train traveling through New South Wales stopped in its tracks after noticing a huge log on the railway. After several minutes, the log started to move and the passengers and train conductor realized that they were looking at a huge lizard estimated to be around 28 feet (8 meters) in length. More recently, in 1979, Australian herpetologist Frank Gordon had an encounter with what he considered a living, breathing Megalania – the huge lizard sprinting in front of his jeep with enormous speed while he was traveling in the mountains of northern New South Wales.

Ri and Ilkai

Ri and Ilkai are the names given by tribes in Papua New Guinea to an elusive species of humanoid sea creature that is said to resemble mermaids. Although the existence of such a creature may be quite preposterous from an evolutionary viewpoint, the large number of reports coming from natives has proven very intriguing.

In 1983, two American scientists, zoologist Richard Greenwell and anthropologist Roy Wagner, set up an expedition into an area rich with Ilkai sightings, hoping to solve the mystery of the fabled sea people. The two men expected the creatures to be dugongs, seals or dolphins, mistaken for sea people by the locals. Nevertheless, after seeing the mysterious creatures terrorize small fish in a bay, Greenwell and Wagner drew the conclusion that Ilkai were indeed an unknown species, and that the natives knew very well the difference between them and other sea mammals. Unfortunately, the remoteness of the area and the lack of funding put an abrupt end to their expedition, and the sea people of Papua New Guinea remain a mystery to this day. 


The agogve of Kenya and Uganda bear some resemblance to the almas, but are smaller in stature and often described as upright walking bonobos with vaguely human features such as long, slender hands. British explorer and hunter J. Cottnay attempted to hunt agogve creatures, only to have the natives persistently refuse to help him. The same thing happened in 1983, when a British team of zoologists was prevented from capturing one by the local people, who hold that the creatures are “the grandfathers of men.” Many cryptozoologists believe that the agogve are remnants of the population of Australopithecus that inhabited Africa roughly four million years ago.


You don’t need to be a cryptozoology buff to have heard about the Yeti and the Bigfoot. China, too, has its own version of an elusive, oversized apelike creature that dwells in deep forests and remote mountain ranges: the yeren.

Unlike the Bigfoot of North America, the yeren has an orange fur and long reddish braids and, according to local reports, is not as shy as its North American cousin. An unusual report comes from 1942, during the bloody war waged between China and Japan. According to eyewitness Liu Jikuan, who was then just a boy, an army regiment passing through his village had captured two yerens, the animals being shackled and dragged wherever the regiment went. What became of the creatures, however, remains a mystery – but sightings of yerens in remote regions of China continue to this day.


The almas are elusive and savage man-beasts that dwell into the mountain ranges of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Their description somewhat resembles prehistoric man, given their short stature, powerful muscles, hairy bodies and lack of ability to speak. Accounts of the almas go back for hundreds of years, and the natives consider them to be a natural part of their environment.

In 1925, a Red Army cavalry regiment led by general Mikhail Stephanovitch Topilski came across a cave. After the troops fired several rounds into the dark – expecting that enemies might be concealed within – a naked human-like animal ran out screaming, only to die several yards away from gunshot wounds. Topilski documented the animal in detail, mentioning the hairy body, powerful muscles and apelike facial features.

An even more incredible account is that of Zana, a female almas that was captured by the people of a remote village in the Zadan mountains of Georgia. Zana was domesticated by the hunter who trapped her, and strangely enough, bore him three sons, who were almost normal people but with extraordinary strength and notoriously short tempers. Zana died in 1880; the remains of his youngest son were dug up and analyzed by Soviet scientists who subsequently confirmed the fact that his skull indeed exhibited pre-human features. 


The existence of an alleged Australian version of Bigfoot, the Yowie, is an intriguing prospect compared to the potential existence of its cousins on other continents. This is due to the fact that the Australian environment is deemed to be barely capable of sustaining a population of large omnivorous primates.Nevertheless, sightings of the Yowie still occur – one of the most prominent belonging to former Queensland National Party senator Bill O’Chee. In 1977, when O’Chee was still in school, during a two-day excursion near Springbook, he and his fellow students were apparently harassed by a 10-foot (3 meter) creature with a gorilla-like face, which tore saplings from the ground with incredible ease. The group spotted the creature on several occasions during those two days, and to this day O’Chee has not changed his mind regarding the events he witnessed. To him, and to many Australians who sighted the creature, the fabled Yowie is real- and lives in the remote mountainous regions of Australia’s Gold Coast.Kongamato


 is a cryptid allegedly living in the deep marshes and jungles of Equatorial Africa – an area of special interest for cryptozoology, due to the vast number of cryptids reported there. Kongamato resembles a pterodactyl, with a wingspan of about seven feet (2 meters), and it is supposed to be fiercely territorial. Moreover, it has strong, sharp teeth, which dismisses the possibility of it being a misidentified or unknown species of bird.

In 1932, renowned explorer Ivan Sanderson was engaged in an expedition into the remote regions of Cameroon. One day, he and his team shot down an unusual flying animal that intrigued them – describing it as having a mixture of bat, bird and reptile features. Soon after, the creature’s mate attacked the explorers, who ran away terrified. The local tribes lived in terror of the Kongamato, regarding it as a herald of death – and considerably more dangerous than the lion, leopard, or black mamba snake. Field expeditions in the area are notoriously difficult and the data gathered about the elusive dinosaur-like creatures reported in Equatorial Africa remains scarce.

Orang Pendek

The Sumatran creature that locals call Orang Pendek somewhat resembles a Bigfoot – only that it is not big at all. Dwelling deep in the jungles of the island, it is said to have both apelike and human features: shortness of stature, extreme strength, and a tendency to shy away from human contact. Dutch colonists reported several sightings during the first half of the 20th century: they described a short hairy creature unlike the orang-utan or gibbon, but rather more humanlike, and capable of walking upright.


The nunda, or mngwa, is said to be a great feline lurking in the jungles of Tanzania, its size and strength considerably greater than any lion’s. Interestingly enough, hair samples of the creature were used to confirm the fact that it is indeed a new species of carnivorous mammal.

In 1922, William Hichens, Native Magistrate of Lindi, brought the creature to the attention of the European press for the first time, based on the accounts of several of his subjects whoclaimed to have been attacked by it. Scottish hunter Patrick Bowen attempted to hunt the creature during the 1920s; he failed, but nevertheless he was convinced by the animal’s tracks and hair samples that this was no species known to science. Given the rather large number of attacks on humans in the area, there have been many hunting expeditions since then – none of which has been successful yet.


The Largest Bomb Ever Detonated — The Explosion of the Tsar Bomba,

The early 1960’s was a time when Soviet leaders would stand at the UN podium and issue threats, while Soviet scientists and engineers pulled feats that were intended to make the West shit it’s capitalistic pants in terror.  One such event was the detonation of the Tsar Bomba (Emperor Bomb) in 1961, which holds the record for being the largest man made explosion in history.

Created while the Cold War was scalding hot, the Tsar Bomba was a hydrogen bomb with a massive yield of 50-58 megatons of TNT, about 1,500 times larger than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If that amount of TNT was stacked up into a cube, it’s sides would be as tall as the Eiffel Tower.  While this yield was certainly massive, the Tsar Bomba was originally designed to be 100 megatons, but was scaled down for fear that the plane which dropped the bomb would not have enough time to fly away and avoid the bomb’s blast.  On October 30th, 1961 the 60,000 lb bomb was loaded onto a modified Soviet TU-95V bomber piloted by Major Andrei Durnotsev.  The bomb was to be dropped at a testing site on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago because of its remoteness far from any population centers.

At 11:32 AM the bomb was dropped from an altitude of 10,500 feet and detonated at an altitude of 4,000 feet.   The bomb was released with a parachute so that the plane would have enough time to fly to safety.  The explosion that resulted was momentous, and Soviet jaws would drop at the sight of the fiery monster they had unleashed. The initial fireball of the blast measured around 5 miles in diameter.   It created a flash of light that could be seen from over 2,000 km away.  After the explosion, a mushroom cloud formed that was 64 km in height, over 7 times the height of Mount Everest, and 40 km in diameter.  Enough heat was produced by the blast that it could cause 3rd degree burns 100 km away.  The resulting shockwave from the blast toppled wood structures hundreds of kilometers away, and rattled windows as far away as Finland, Sweden, and Norway.  The shockwave traveled around the Earth three times before being fully dissipated.  Overall, the total amount of energy released by the bomb measure 8.1 on the Richter scale.  Yes, mankind’s largest explosion was the equivalent of a level 8 earthquake, combined with a blast of heat measuring near the temperature of the sun’s surface. 

Fortunately, no other bomb of its type would ever be built.  The bomb was so large that the Soviets had few planes that would have been large enough to deliver the bomb to a target.  Furthermore, the accuracy of new intercontinental ballistic missiles made such powerful bombs unnecessary as they could more than adequately vaporizes targets such as cities or military installations.  Finally in 1963 the Soviets and NATO nations signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which banned the above ground testing of nuclear weapons.

Cherenkov radiation - faster than light in a meduim.

Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (in this case the electron) passes through an electrically polarizable medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium - in cherenkov radiation, electrons are emitted faster than than the speed light travels in water.

light travels through water at 0.75c (thats 75% the speed of light in a vacuum). Matter can be accelerated beyond this speed  during nuclear reactions and in particle accelerators.

Cherenkov radiation is used in particle physics to identify types of particles. One could measure the velocity of an electrically charged elementary particle by the properties of the Cherenkov light it emits in a certain medium. If the momentum of the particle is measured independently, the mass of the particle can be computed by its momentum and velocity, and with this identify the particle.

The radiant blue glow of an underwater nuclear reactor is due to Cherenkov radiation. It is named after the Soviet scientist and Nobel Prize winner Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov, who discovered it in 1958 through experiment.


Some exceptional places to visit on Earth. Part 2

26 Italie: Santa Maria Island ~ The Monastery of Santa Maria dell'Isola was built on a rocky cliff near the beach in Tropea, Italy.

France 27: The Gardens of Marqueyssac ~ Marqueyssac gardens - Belvedere of the Dordogne are in the town of Vézac in a historic park of 22 hectares.

28. Philippinnes : Labassin Waterfall Restaurant ~ This restaurant in the Philippines offers its guests to eat their feet in the water. An artificial waterfall was built for the occasion.

29 Iran: The Mosquée Nasir-ol-Molk ~ The mosque Nasir-ol -Molk is a Shiite mosque in the province of Fars in Iran. It was built from 1876 to 1888 and is full of colors.

30 Russia: Pillars Nature Park in Lena ~ These natural stone columns measure several tens of meters high and are formed by a process of erosion.

31. Thaïlande : Le Temple Blanc Wat Rong Khun ~ Wat Rong Khun is a place of worship entirely white south of Chiang Rai in Thailand.

32. Singapour : Le Parc Gardens by the Bay ~ Green space with remarkable biodiversity, built for more than 625 million. This giant park measures 101 hectares and includes three gardens.

33 United States: Kansas City Library ~ A novel architecture for the library of Kansas City, which offers a facade shaped ledgers stored.

34 Ukraine and Russia: Mount Ai-Petri ~ Ai-Petri is a mountain 1,230 meters high located in the region of Yalta in the Crimea.

35 Egypt: The Library of Alexandria ~ The Library of Alexandria was built in 1995 and cost $ 220 million. It was inaugurated in October 2002.

36 France: Le Moulin de l'Abbaye ~ Le Moulin de l'Abbaye is a luxury hotel located in Brantôme-en-Perigord in the Dordogne. It is a luxury of the Perigord.

37 Pérou: Oasis of Huacachina ~ Huacachina is a village in the Ica Region, in southwestern Peru has an oasis. In 1999, only 115 people lived there.

38 Mexico: The Marieta Islands ~ The Marieta Islands are an uninhabited archipelago off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. It is an old military became protected national park area.

39 Sri Lanka: The lion rock Sigiriya ~ Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock) is a major archaeological site, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

40 Portugal: Le Fort of São João Baptista ~ The Fort of São João Baptista is a seventeenth century fort located on the island of Berlengas in front of the port city of Peniche in central Portugal.

41 Canada: Montreal Botanical Garden ~ The Montreal Botanical Garden is located in Montreal, Quebec and is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. It was created in June 1931.

42 Thailand: Phraya Nakhon Cave ~ A Buddhist temple built in the middle of the cave Phraya Nakhon Thailand is illuminated by the light of heaven.

Australie-Occidentale 43: Le lac rose of Middle Island ~ The Hillier lake on the island of Middle Island has a water pink, the cause remains unexplained. It was discovered in 1802 by a British explorer.

44 South Korea: Jeju-do Island ~ Jeju-do is a province and a sub-tropical island of South Korea oval.

France 45: The Ark Breakthrough Chartreuse ~ Discovered only in 2005, the double arch of the Breakthrough Tour is located in the Alps.

46 Turkmenistan: The Gates of Hell ~ The gate of hell (Door to Hell) is a hotbed of natural gas burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet scientists in 1971.

47 China: The sunken city of Shi Cheng ~ Qiandao Lake is based in the city of Shi Cheng, about 1300 years old, it is immersed for 53 years in the deep waters.

48. Maroc: Le Souk de Fes ~ In the souk of Fez in Morocco is one of the oldest tanneries in the world.

49 U.S.: The Fly Geyser ~ Fly Geyser is a small geyser in Washoe County, Nevada, which gives the impression of a brown ooze greenish color.

50 Belize: Le Grand Bleu Hole ~ The Great Blue Hole is an underwater cenote off the coast of Belize. It is almost circular with a diameter of 300m and 120m deep.

51 Brazil: Mount Roraima ~ The mountain also serves as the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.


Domesticated Silver Fox Experiment

Scientists have managed to domesticate silver foxes, making them more tame and dog-like by selective breeding. This experiment lasted over 50 years in the Soviet Union & Russia. 

Scientists grouped foxes into several categories. They ranged from Class III, foxes that would bite when stroked or handled to Class IE, or those that were eager to establish human contact. By selective breeding over several years, scientists saw extraordinary changes in morphology and behavior. The tamer wolves has unusually broad skulls, and as said before became more and more like pets over the years. (Video)

AU prompts from the desk of Hideo Kojima

you are being dropped into the russian rainforest of groznyj grad to locate and extract a high value target. You’re looking for a man named sokolov. He’s a soviet scientist trying to defect to the west and he needs an escort out of the jungle. You’ll be going in unarmed and practically naked.
Remember; this is a sneaking mission

you are dropped into the exact same rainforest to rescue sokolov again only this time you must eliminate the leader of a special GRU detatchment, the colonel of a splinter russian army, a team of WWII heroes who lead the allies to victory with supernatural powers and your former mentor, whom you are infatuated with. Your mentor also invented CQC and was the first woman in space. Finally you must destroy a secret research facility and a new soviet weapon of unknown properties. Faliure to do so within a week will result in the total annihilation of the west by soviet nukes.
Remember, this is a sneaking mission.

In Costa Rica during the US occupation you are hired to lead a resistance movement by the indigenous military. Supplied with arms and troops you must raid a U.S. facility which houses a new secret weapon based on the soviet plans from the sixties. Your mission is to destroy the weapon whilst rescuing the father and younger brother of the resistance leader.
Remember to use the Fulton recovery system.

As the leader of a paramilitary organisation for hire, and the worlds first PMC, you must travel to soviet occupied Afghanistan to seek revenge for an attack on your offshore oil rig base. The attack left you without an arm and a lump of moon rock embedded in your head.
Your mission is also to capture a nuclear bipedal tank with which you intend to unite the world in a manner fitting of your former mentor’s final wishes. You also have a wolf with an eyepatch as a companion.
Remember, somebody took your DNA and made twin clones of you.

In the distant future of the 1990s you are sent on a secret mission to the island of outer haven where the leader of the worlds first PMC is hiding a new secret bipedal tank with which they intend to unite the world with.
Infiltrate the island base, destroy the new weapon and kill the PMC leader.
Remember, this is a sneaking mission.

In the distant future you must infiltrate the secret shadow Moses island and destroy a new bipedal tank along with a group of terrorist leaders. You are up against super soldiers created through genetic manipulation, as is their leader who it transpires is your clone brother. Also rescue a weapons specialist from the UN and the daughter of you CO.
Remember all that now,
Because it gets confusing in a bit.

You are sent by a private agency to find proof of the US marine core manufacturing bipedal amphibious tanks. Infiltrate a cargo ship in the Hudson river and find photo evidence of the tank. Upload the evidence to your technical advisor via an “email.”
Remember, this is a tactical stealth action operation.

The president of the USA has been kidnapped and is being held hostage on a biological containment facility in the Hudson Bay Area. You are a bad enough dude to rescue him however you have never seen actual combat and your boss is your partner. Your blood had been replaced by bank machines and you are equipped with a high tech suit. A seal team has been deployed to also rescue the president but they are unaware of your existence. Your mission involves finding and rescuing the president along with 30 or so other hostages being guarded by soviet spec ops, a woman who cannot be shot, a bomb expert and an actual vampire.
Remember, this is real, and not a dream.

The la li li le lo have instigated a war economy which requires constant war monitored by nano machines. As an aging clone you most re-infiltrate the island of shadow Moses and upload a virus to disable the nano machines that control literally everything.
Remember, nano machines.

Your mission is to hunt down a group of Cyborgs working for a PMC who are collecting children’s brains for the purposes of creating an army of cyborg child soldiers. You yourself are a cyborg and against the wishes of your superiors must uncover a series of incriminating documents that show that a U.S. senator is behind the cyborg processing.
Remember, the memes are all that matter.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) was a Russian and Soviet rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics. His works later inspired leading Soviet rocket engineers and contributed to the success of the Soviet space program. Brains and fashion sense always make an irresistible combination!


[part 1] [part 2]  Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 1.04 “White Knights”
STEPHANIE CORNELIUSSEN (“MR. ROBOT”) GUEST STARS AS VALENTINA VOSTOCK – When Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) retreats behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1980s, a string of nuclear scientists begins to mysteriously disappear. The team follows Vandal’s trail straight into the heart of the Soviet Union in an attempt to find his next target. Ray (Brandon Routh) tries to bond with a beautiful Soviet scientist, Valentina Vostock (guest star Stephanie Corneliussen), in the hopes of finding out Vandal’s next move. When Valentina rejects him, it’s Snart (Wentworth Miller) to the rescue. Stein (Victor Garber) pushes Jax (Franz Drameh) to be better, which frustrates Jax and ultimately threatens the Firestorm matrix. Rip (Arthur Darvill) asks Sara (Caity Lotz) to train Kendra (Ciara Renée). Antonio Negret directed the episode written by Sarah Nicole Jones & Phil Klemmer (#104). Original airdate 2/11/2016.

A picture taken on May 3, 2014, shows people visiting “The Gateway to Hell,” a huge burning gas crater in the heart of Turkmenistan’s Karakum desert. The fiery pit was the result of a simple miscalculation by Soviet scientists in 1971 after their boring equipment suddenly drilled through into an underground cavern and a deep sinkhole formed. Fearing that the crater would emit poisonous gases, the scientists took the decision to set it alight, thinking that the gas would burn out quickly and this would cause the flames to go out. But the flames have not gone out in more than 40 years, in a potent symbol of the vast gas reserves of Turkmenistan, which are believed to be the fourth largest in the world. AFP PHOTO / IGOR SASIN

Hello everyone. I’m going to the Arctic this year, and I could really use your help.

A couple of months ago I was approached by an Arctic tour company, Quark Expeditions, about hosting a Generator show in the high Arctic, up north of Baffin Island (you may remember Generator as our variety show here in Toronto at Massey Hall). They have outfitted a Soviet icebreaker, brought aboard scientists and guests, and are preparing to allow us the opportunity to see an unparalleled part of this world and put on a once-in-a-lifetime show. How could I say no? The whole idea is impossible to resist.

With that said, the point of doing a show is to be seen, digested, and understood - not be kept isolated and esoteric. Experiences, especially those that are truly rare, are far better shared. I want us to do our best to share this as well.

My goal is to bring presenters aboard who are able to take the experience to heart, and create an artistic voice from the expedition. Writers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and others who are able to frame what they see there in an interesting way. I need your help in finding them.

Who would you like to see join us? I’d be happy to hear your recommendation. The criteria are that they are interesting people, create their own content, and preferably have a built-in audience to share it with. Thanks!

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Great Minds: Sergei Korolev, The Chief Designer

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