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N-1 Soviet Moon rocket (1969-1972): “ The Soviet Saturn 5 ” animation by Nick Stevens (2013), HD


Soviets on the Moon: Secrets of ‘Lunar Tanks’

The Russians may not have sent a man to the Moon, but 40 years ago, the Soviet Union guided the first unmanned rover to the Earth’s closest neighbor. The automatic remote-controlled robots also known as 'Lunar tanks’ roamed the Moon’s surface, revolutionizing space exploration.

‘Sign Of Honor’ - Soviet postcard commemorating the three USSR moonshots (Luna 1, Luna 2, & Luna 3) in 1959:

Luna 1 (January 1959) missed its intended impact with the Moon and became the first spacecraft to fall into orbit around the Sun.

Luna 2 (September 1959) mission successfully hit the Moon’s surface, becoming the first man-made object to reach the Moon.

Luna 3 (October 1959) rounded the Moon later that year, and returned the first photographs of its far side, which can never be seen from Earth.