soviet lit

Joseph Brodsky: Last Morning in the USSR, 1972. 

Brodsky with the help of his American friends escaped for USA in 1972 and never returned back.  It seemed that he never had regrets about that - at home he was subjected to repressions and was promised for more if he would not express emigrate. Twice he was put to mental institutions, charged with social parasitism in 1964 and sentenced and sentenced for that to 5 years (though he spent only 18 month of the term due to the protests of the prominent cultural workers).

I believe in anything that I can imagine, Peter. In wizards, in almighty God, in the devil, in ghosts, in flying saucers. If the human brain is capable of imagining something, then that means it must exist somewhere – otherwise why would the brain be capable of imagining it?
—  Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn