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Bet you didn’t think I’d do one of these comics ever again did ya

My own little take on that Soviet-German situation. Life is tough when you have virtually no political allies and your only friend Germany is starting to gain friends in the western world over the decade - I vaguely remember reading that the Soviet Union suggested a joint invasion of Poland several times(??) over the course of the 1920s in order to try and strengthen the ties between the USSR and Germany.
Nothing says friendship like a good invasion I guess!!!!

Although Germany was not quite recognizing the new eastern boarders, the Weimar Republic rejected the proposals.

Hetalia Families at Christmas
  • FACE: They just want to have a nice family Christmas dinner, but somehow it always gets ruined. America brought KFC as his contribution to dinner, France got drunk, England burned the house down...
  • Romanics: All about the food. Everyone pitches in to make a huge feast and have a good night. The wine is flowing but no one is going crazy with it or anything. Everyone scolds Romano for his language and someone probably makes Italy cry, but what else is new.
  • Germanics: Now this is a party. Austria has the big mansion, so it's always there, and literally everyone gets roaring drunk. Austria always makes enough desserts for an entire army, then spends the rest of the night playing Christmas carols. Prussia is reliably the first one to pass out.
  • Nordics: An actual cute, relatively peaceful and family friendly Christmas dinner, well, maybe except Denmark, filling the role of the drunken uncle. They have to celebrate on Christmas day rather than Christmas Eve because mama Finland is busy being Santa.
  • Soviets/Kievan Rus: Another drunken party, but it's less fun and more scary. A fight will break out, Belarus might pull a knife, the Baltics are cowering in the corner...
  • Asians: New to this whole Christmas thing. They could really care less about the actual holiday, but giving gifts is nice and they suppose it's family bonding time and stuff, even with no one really socializing most of the time.
  • Oceania: Beach party, bon fire, barbecue. It's summer down there so they spend it in flip flops and bathing suits. This all makes Christmas a lot more relaxed than it is for most of the other families.

If you follow me from the beginning, you know that I think that Ivan hated being RSFSR (aka Russia in USSR period). I feel like he hated seeing how innocent people were dying during the Stalin era. He was angry that he couldn’t do anything to stop that from happening.

However, I think that after the despot’s death, he began to think that maybe the union of soviet republics wasn’t that bad. 

Still, he will always remember how people suffered during 1927-1953.