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Александр Иванович Савинов (1881, Саратов — 1942, Ленинград) — русский советский живописец и педагог, член Ленинградского Союза советских художников.

Alexander Ivanovich Savinov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ива́нович Сави́нов, July 17, 1881 – February 25, 1942) was a Russian and Soviet painter and art educator who lived and worked in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad). He was a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists, regarded as one of the founders of the Leningrad School of painting.

During a recent trip to Vladivostok these beautiful young ladies showed me one of their school computers. And I showed them how to hack into American government networks. Russian education system too strong!

The holocaust in numbers
Total Deaths from Nazi Genocidal Policies
  • Between five and six million Jews
  • More than three million Soviet prisoners of war
  • More than two million Soviet civilians
  • More than one million Polish civilians
  • More than one million Yugoslav civilians
  • About 70,000 men, women and children with mental and physical handicaps 
  • More than 200,000 Romans , Sinti and Lalleri
  •  Homosexuals  12,000
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses 2500
  • Germans (political, religious, and Resistance) 80,000

People often ask me what is the best way to start doing electronic repairs or console mods.

I did a lot of youtube research on my vacations and found the channels of Luke Morse and Martin Retrogametech. They did tons of really interesting and inspiring in-depth videos on arcade and console mods/repairs, showcasing their well-described and very creative projects. I took most of my inspiration from them before I thought to pimp up my retro games collection and do some mods, improvements and experiments.

So first of all I had to refresh my basic school knowledge of physics, just to get a better understanding on how all these electronic juices flow. I think it’s very personal so I advice just to find some materials which are satisfying enough to read/watch, ’cause we’ll need to enjoy the process after all :) As for me, I enjoyed some oldschool soviet educational programs because I watched them in my early childhood, and I personally find almost any old materials better and clearer than the modern ones, at least on basic/fundamental topics.

Next you need to learn your basic tools, soldering iron to work with electronic circuits, and multimeter to measure them. Multimeters are quite easy to use, here is the best tutorial on them. Soldering is a tricky technique and requires you to do some practice and buy additional materials. Here are some videos on it, I carefully watched them, then made some notes to get the summary of all the details and aspects and after that did some practice on loose boards and components.

– Best overview: How and why to solder correctly
– Basic soldering lessons (almost every aspect in the great series by PACE)
– In action: soldering techniques, professional SMT soldering

France’s natal Sun is in Libra
it really is the city of love
The UK’s is Capricorn
regimented royalty  
Russia in Capricorn
conscription, soviet education model
most of the socialist countries - Denmark, Norway and Iceland are Sun Gemini. they are probably more interested in connecting people than corporatism. Iceland has recently positioned itself as an freedom of speech loving internet hub. very gem!

 'Red’ Hearts: most ex-Soviet citizens long for USSR

December 22, 2013 - Two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the citizens of the former republics of the former USSR believe this geopolitical shift was negative for their country.

A poll conducted by Gallup in 11 post-Soviet republics of 1,000 participants raised the question of whether they consider that the disintegration of the USSR , which occurred 22 years ago, has damaged or benefited the population of the newly independent countries that emerged from that collapse.

Approximately 51% of respondents, especially in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine, believe that the disintegration of the communist bloc has not proved beneficial , triggering violence and ethnic conflicts in the former Soviet Union, while 24 % rate the disintegration of the Soviet Union as positive. As regards Russia, 55% believe this geopolitical change damaged their country and only 19% of Russians believe that the collapse of the USSR improved their lives.

Via Communist Party of Cuba

Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas II and founded the Soviet Union, forever changing the course of Russian politics. But was he a hero who toppled an oppressive tyranny or a villain who replaced it with another?

Watch Alex Gendler put this controversial figure on trial in the TED-Ed Lesson History vs. Vladimir Lenin

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