soviet education

France’s natal Sun is in Libra
it really is the city of love
The UK’s is Capricorn
regimented royalty  
Russia in Capricorn
conscription, soviet education model
most of the socialist countries - Denmark, Norway and Iceland are Sun Gemini. they are probably more interested in connecting people than corporatism. Iceland has recently positioned itself as an freedom of speech loving internet hub. very gem!

Soviet Metal Working Education poster (1948)

Text: “I will be a Metal Worker!”

Bottom Text: “Guys and girls! Let’s help to build strong mass reserves of Soviet government. Join handcrafting and railroad schools now”.

A Soviet educational postcard from 1956. Drawing by artist G.Valk.

The face of the girl on the card looks strangely adult, so I wanted to send it to a friend, who I thought might like it.

But my friend is younger than me, she has never seen the cotton stockings, the Soviet little-girl underwear and the Soviet little girl dresses someone like me instantly remembers.

“No,” I thought regretfully, “the image would seem too exotic for my friend to find it appealing.” As I suspect my friend would need the props SHE can recognize for the images to work for her purposes.

Soviet children kindergarten education poster (1955)

Text: “Kindergartens and Pre-K’s - to our children”