soviet children


Most youngest child soldier in WW2 - Sergey Aleshkov (born in 1936)

Was found walking in the forest by Soviet troops and got adopted by one of the officers. During battles helped soldier with bringing ammunition. Was later wounded during Stalingrad battle and sent to hospital and never went back to the fields of war. When he grew up, became a lawyer (which in Soviet Union was basically a very basic profession, not much what it was in the rest of the world). Died in 1990, one year before Soviet Union collapsed.

‘kendisine sahip olmak için başkalarındaki irade eksikliğine bel bağlayan , başkalarının yarattığı bir şeydir.. efendi kölenin yarattığı bir şeydir.. itaat sona ererse , efendilik de sonra erer..’

Max Stırner

Görsel : 1 Mayıs 1927 - Soviet Russia

Dedicated to Victory Day 

The biggest human losses of World War II by countries from the anti-German coalition: 
Lithuania - 350 000
USA - 418 500
United Kingdom - 450 900
France - 567 600
Yugoslavia - 1 027 000
USSR - 25 000 000 deaths

Those photos are from a social action ‘Immortal regiment’ when people go in the street with the photos of their family members who died in this war fighting nazi. Every family here went through such loss. My great-grandmа one by one sent to front her husband and three sons, and only the youngest, my grandpa, came back alive.  

From the whole number of USSR human losses, military deaths number ~11 000 000. Other 14 000 000 (for instanse, the number of killed jews in WWII is 5-6 million) are soviet women, children and oldman that were captured and tortured to death in concentration camps, or died under air bomb attacks. (Did you know that slavs were estimated by nazi as subhuman race and until 1943 were obliterated as “useless material”?)
But these people didn’t give in, even when they had all the rights to surrender.  
They showed invincible strength and readiness to define their Motherland… (the Battle of Stalingrad lasted for 200 days and nights on more than 100 km2 of earth with thousands of tanks and planes. German army was higher by 83 000 soldiers than Soviet one, nazi’s aircraft was twice more than soviet. Stalingrad  was bombed endlessly for two weeks and was totally damaged. From the 70 000 of civilians who were not evacuated from the city less than 1000 survived.
Both sides together lost more than 2 000 000 soldiers. By comparison, in the largest and bloodiest battle fought by the US in WWII, the Battle of the Bulge, 19 000 died)  

When they starved to death, died under bombs and didn’t even have electricity during - 30 °F winter… ( The Siege of Leningrad lasted 2 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days. It was the longest and most destructive siege in history and overwhelmingly the most costly in terms of casualties)

When the nazi army incomparably surpassed them by number and weapons…(Pavlov’s house was held by 4 soldiers for 58 days against a heavy Wehrmacht offensive, and still wasn’t conquered. By comparison, the Battle of France lasted 45 days and the Battle of the Netherlands lasted 7 days )

They continued to fight against Nazi Germany, no matter what.

While adducing this numbers, I don’t mean Soviet Union won this war all by itself. The Victory would not be possible without the Allied Forces.
I just want to honor those people from my Motherland who overcame their own possibilities, who refused to kneel to invaders and died for the sake of humanity. Their feat should be remembered.