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Slavic time!

Days of the week series - Tuesday
Origin of the word - It is believed that the world Tuesday Among Slavic languages comes from Protoslavic word vtoroj meaning “two” or “the second”. 

Russian -   Bторник (vtornik)
Ukrainian -   Biвторок (vivtorok)
Belarusian -   Aўторак (awtorak)

Bulgarian -   Bторник (vtornik)
Macedonian -  Вторник (vtornik)
Serbian - Уторак (utorak)
Slovene - Torek
Bosnian - Utorak
Croatian - Utorak

Polish -  Wtorek 
Slovak - Utorok
Czech -  Úterý or Úterek

+  Lower Sorbian - Wałtora
Upper Sorbian -  Wutora
Kashubian - Wtórk


y'all can tell where I gave up

2P Childhoods

2p america: his childhood wasn’t the best, but not the worst either. England was closer to Canada, and France was never around. He actually never wanted to leave England’s side, but his 1p was adamant about it. He never fought, and actually hid at Canada’s house, he still has issues with his 1p because of that. 
2p canada: France never was the best role model, and England annoyed him to now end, always wanting to read to him and play. He was closest and still is closest to his 1p, he’s quiet and never judges him for anything, even if James does something stupid. 
2p england: His brothers are even worse than his 1p’s, one wrong move on his part and he would be knocked out, he never was strong enough to fight back so he just smiled and barred through it. He was never close to anyone in his childhood.
2p france: He has blocked all memories of his childhood out of his mind, his 1p was always loved while he was left in the dust. People would call him a witch, and he was burned at the stake after the French witch trials. (of course that can’t kill him, but it still hurts) He still has flashbacks and nightmares of his childhood
2p china: surprisingly, fairly normal considering. His “father” was an old man that took him in early on, the only issue he had in his childhood was getting close to someone and having to watch them slowly die.
2p russia: his childhood was the saddest of them all, filled with blood shed and loneliness, his scarf was a gift from 1p Ukraine, she saw him upset that he didn’t get a scarf like his 1p so she made him one as well. That was the biggest smile he ever made. (still has a little crush on 1p Ukraine from his childhood)
2p belarus: surprisingly ok, not the worst but no where near the best. She was always protected by her 1p, and she is still quite close to her. She had her share of pain and blood shed, but not that bad. Her 1p usually did all of the dirty work.
2p ukraine: ok, for a 2p, she had it easy. No major wars in her early years, annoyed that her 1p grew bigger breast than her during her teen years but has slowly come to terms with it, but that is about it.
2p lithuania: Darkest childhood of them all, he was seen as a witch and was burned and drowned more than once, more often than even Prussia! (which is a lot) many of his friends were murdered in front of his eyes because that was “what a witch deserved” part of the reason that he acts so tough and distant is because it was what kept him and others from being hurt. 
2p estonia: Being under soviet rule was hard on him, he still wakes up in a cold sweat with his scars on his back burning. When ever he did one thing wrong, he would be whipped, burned or starved. Since he is a country, it never killed him, but still. He has a missing finger on his left hand when he spilled tea one time. He can’t go into cellars because that was where they would keep him, and torture him.
2p latvia: Estonia took the brunt of the Soviet’s torture, but that doesn’t mean he got off scot free either, he has nightmares as well, not as many as Estonia but his fair share. DON’T WAKE HIM, he may hurt you. He doesn’t talk about his past, and will never talk about it. Don’t ask or he will close up.