Earlier this year, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. After 2 major surgeries and chemo he has tested cancer-free. He’s quick to point out that it will take 5 years of these tests for him to be declared “in remission” but right now, at this moment, there’s only one message In my brain and that is;

Dear Cancer - “Suck it.”

This envelope was sitting on the table today and I immediately recognized his handwriting and the way “everybody” is used. I chuckled because it is so like him to address a card that way, lol. The card said the perfect sentiments for this #thanksgiving and as I sat there reading it aloud to everyone at the table before we ate, I silently counted the miracles in my life. There are so many it almost makes me ache. This is it, the best I could ever hope or pray for. To say I am blessed is worse than an understatement, it would be a crime. I’m laying my head down tonight in prayer and my heart in full mode, though no dream I dream tonight could ever come close to my reality.
#soveryblessed #soverythankful #thankful #happythanksgiving #dearcancersuckit (at Saint Clair, Missouri)

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