sovereign class

Confession:  I once had a dream that a couple of Sovereign-class Reapers and Harbinger himself came to my small hometown of all places. I was observing their arrival from my window and thinking “Whoa, Shepard&co must be there somewhere, too.” Imagine my surprise when Harbinger said something along the lines of “This place ain’t shit, let’s go”. Well, fuck you and your dark space, too, sir.

sovereign-of-the-castle  asked:

Amanda's parents are actually pretty cool about their relationship (mostly as a way to make up for never being around BUT THATS ANOTHER HC) and know that Amanda lets Mike and Sam use their guest rooms, but they never talk about it. Amanda knows they know, but it's weird to talk about it, so out of respect she cuddles with them until they fall asleep and goes back to her room for the night. Mr. and Mrs. Hess appreciate this.

tbh i imagine it gets to the point where mr. and mrs, hess give all the gang their own set of keys. they’re not surprised anymore when they walk into the kitchen to find mike raiding their fridge. they’re not surprised when they come home and see sam lounging on the couch watching MTV from their huge tv. they’re definitely not surprised when they go to wake amanda up in the morning and see hannah groggily lift her head as well. at this point they’re just happy that amanda has found her own family of sorts, and that even though they weren’t around the rest of the gang was. they’re very appreciative of the gang, even if they don’t say it.