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The Italian battleships Conte di Cavour and Giulio Cesare at Napoli, 1938. On 9 July 1940 these two battleships and their escorts met with a small British fleet under the command of Admiral Cunningham. The ensuing engagement became known as the Battle of Calabria.

Initially the Italian heavy cruisers outgunned their lighter British opponents, who fell back. Cunningham in HMS Warspite, seeing his cruisers under pressure, opted to leave behind the flagging battleships Royal Sovereign and Malaya and move on the Italians alone. Though technically outnumbered, Warspite was the superior ship - and being Warspite she delivered. Opening up at long range, a 15″ shell smashed into Giulio Cesare after a near 15 mile flight (24 km). With one record setting shell fired from a range of 26,000 yards, the battle was over. The Italian fleet turned and made for Messina and under threat of land based air attack the British too went home.

I’m getting through the work day by thinking about how hilariously under powered the big scary Reapers are in any setting other than Mass Effect. Terrifying two kilometer long Sovereign class Reaper, meet 5.6 kilometer UNSC Infinity with four dorsal mounted top of the line MAC guns. That should be enough to tear through its kinetic barrier. Or you could just run them over with a CSO Super Carrier. 28.9 kilometers of “fuck you.” Or throw some smaller covenant ships (many of which are still larger than a sovereign class reaper) and just bombard it with plasma. Kinetic barriers are not designed for that kind of weaponry. Glassed Reapers have bad records. Throw a NOVA at Harbinger for fun. Orbital defense Super MACs could probably rip through a Reaper in one volley from a battle cluster.