Happy Lemon, Greenhills

On the prowl for the best tea house in town, I’ve fought long and hard to finally be able to set foot on Happy Lemon.

The battle against proximity was such a tough challenge to beat. If my body suddenly urged for some tea fix, I could quickly go to Moonleaf or Universitea, order what I want, and move on in my life.

But for the love of tea and the satisfaction of cravings, somethings have to be compromised.

I intended to have Rock Salt Cheese, because the rock salt cheese (DUH) is such a novelty and I’ve been reading/hearing a lot of good reviews about it. Sadly, the price of the product is too low to clear the market causing the unwanted shortage of the supply. (Human language: Out of stock!)

To be honest, I felt saaaaad. I travelled all the way from Diliman after my Economics exam to reward myself with the RSC, just to get there and be told that all RSC products are out of stock! Terror!

But in times like this and when there had been so much effort exerted already, the only rational solution is to try a different one and move on with life.

I had Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream + Pearl which caused me 110Php. Oh my God, I’ve never been so happy with pearls before! It was soooooo chewy that I didn’t want to finish my cup anymore because I know that it would make me sad seeing it empty. Yes, I get so emotionally weird like that!

But well, it was soooooooo good I couldn’t help but finish e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! If I could only eat straw and plastic cups, I would have probably eaten them too! Hahaha.

Red had the classic Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago for 85Php.

Nina had Cocoa Milk Tea with Puff Cream for 95Php.

It was a love at first taste experience! Or maybe I’m just so partial with such drinks. Tell me something I don’t know. Hahaha.

I’d definitely love to come back again and finally get to try something that falls under their Rock Salt Cheese category. PLEASEEE!

And maybe, the management would want to open a branch in Maginhawa so it wouldn’t be such a torment for us, good drinks addicts, when we crave for their products!

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Talk about hair issues.



                             Photo credits: Chino Aguinaldo



                                   Naging camera shy. Lol.

                               Photo credits: Thea Lavandero


I’ve been receiving that comment a lot lately. If you were a girl with long black hair that has the ability to fix itself (ay chos!), cutting it *very* short is somewhat a big deal. But eventually, I learned to get over it. So guys, let’s all move on!

Paradiso, paradishore

The beach was such a blast because it gave me the crazy opportunity to bond with my friends and be delusional about tan lines. What may come as a surprise is that we didn’t go just to bum because at around 9PM of June first (Our first and only night.), we had a super early celebration for Joy’s debut. We feasted over barbecues, hotdogs, a yummy chocolate-coffee cake, marshmallows and curly tops among others! A bon fire kept us warm awake until 3AM the next day and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best ideas for the night. Anyway, the beach also gave me the opportunity to resurrect my relationship with photography. Here are the photos:

I’m already missing the beach and it hasn’t been a week since I’ve been there!

In which I received a package

containing a book and a letter coming from…yes, from Asterisk.

Of course, I will not divulge the cheezy stuff he told me except for this.

Close to your heart is good, but closer to you is better.

Thank you, @soveraine for bringing the package. Lol, we even made you a human courier.

What’s on your mind:

I would like to announce that your next door Iron Jawed Angel, after a long time of being a paragon of love and life has been promoted into a higher status as.. *drum rolls + fireworks here*.. SOVERAINE (check: or click the picture and you will be directly linked into her new sanctuary).

It’s a paradigm shift for the brand new year :) I hope you’d follow me in this new adventure. Regular (look: not-so-regular) programming would be done there. So yay! See you there!

All the love, R

Photo by Regine Baretto David, Styling by Liz de Asis, Make-up by Kaycee Lim (aka the Powerhouse! <3)

What’s on your mind?

April 24, Sunday

Instead of spending my Easter Sunday with my family, I had a date with one of the awesome bloggers I know here in Tumblr, Raine. Nuks naman! Together with her Dad, Tita and Grandmere, we spent 2 hours in the movie world. Raine and I talked about a lot of stuffs just to catch up for how many months of being away from each other (Taraay! Pang-lovers ang effect).

See naman. (HHWT,PSSP) Holding hands while talking, pa-sway sway pa.

Heehee. Sorry tita! :)

Hindi na talaga kami pumili ng pagpipicture'an.

Kala ko ako ‘yung pinipicture, nagsmile pa man din ako.

Glad I’m with someone who take good photos. :)

Yuck are the nails.

Tea time at Moonleaf

I finally got to try Moonleaf in their new Maginhawa branch today! Haha. I’ve been hearing about it from a lot of people and I can’t figure out what kept me from going there, being a tea fanatic that I am. Just some random fact: I’m not so much a coffee person, I’d prefer tea anytime since it’s the healthier and yummier choice.

All the teas were under Royce’s name! I think she had Honey Milk Tea while Rei had the Caramel Milk Tea with nata de coco as an add-on.

I opted to have Yakult Jasmine Tea, being the adventurous customer that I always am. And to my surprise, it was love at first sip! I don’t wonder why they had to open a new branch just a number of steps away from the other one!

The barristas (If that’s how you call them!) were all nice and accommodating. AND they don’t insist you to try this or that while you’re making your mind with your friends, just like how other cafes do. I, sometimes, find it rude when they (barristas) intervene in the conversation. And while I appreciate it when they suggest, there are just times when I want the Ate/Kuya to be patient until I make up my mind.. especially when there’s no one next to me in the line! ;P

I find the interior design barkada/tambay friendly. It’s really the right place to hang out after a long day of acad works or to reward yourself after understanding the basic principles of Economics 100.1 you don’t expect you would! (The latter one is my own case. Haha.) But to be honest, I think the chairs say otherwise!

What’s also cool about the place is that they have these freedom cork boards where you get to pin all the stuffs you like! Spot the odd ones in the photos:

And a shelf for origamis!

As for the drink itself, I’m giving it an A+! The plus coming from the fact that they did not use crushed ice! Hahaha. And A because it’s basically how I like it, not too strong and not too sweet! Just enough to let me have a taste of both worlds; Yakult and Jasmine!

You definitely have to try it if you still haven’t! If I can only order teas and send them to everyone I love, I would really do it! Lastly, I extremely suggest you go to the new branch!

La Cour Royales Belge: La Famille Soverain en Vacances d'hiver
Le lundi, les Belges famille royale sont en vacances à la station suisse de Verbier, a pris la pause avant de photographes avec leurs quatre enfants. La saison de ski royale est sur!

Pendant une semaine, du 8 Février au 12, étudiants à travers le Royaume ont le “repos et de récupération”, également appelé “les vacances de Carnaval.” La famille royale de Belgique étaient désireux de rejoindre la station de ski de Verbier, dans le canton du Valais en Suisse, qui est maintenant une tradition annuelle. Chez des amis comme le soulignent les informations sur le site belge “” Mathilde et Philippe sont livrés à partir de cette Février 8 à traditionnelle photo de neige tournage avec la presse avec leur progéniture, skis aux pieds et casque sur la tête. L'année dernière, il a été annulé pour des raisons de sécurité en raison de menaces d'attaques terroristes.

Les différentes photographies prises montrent le roi et la reine et leurs enfants - Princesse Elizabeth (duchesse de Barbrant) 14, le prince Gabriel 12 ans et demi, le prince Emmanuel, 10, et la princesse Eleonore près de 8 ans- les poses couple et groupe glissement et boule de neige batailles.
Photo Credit: Paris Match.

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Pretty shore

Started June perfectly! Headed to the beach for an overnight stay at Joaz’s rest house.

Tine and I were the last to plunge in the water because we had our mini-shoot!

And then Joy joined the vanity fair.

The other half of BFF (Best Friends Forever - We’re so creative like that.) slash BFAA (Bubong Friends Alumni Association - BF was the idea of Steph and I really just wanted to add AA!).. some cheesy names we coin for our family.

From left to right: Avi, Joaz, Misha, Zae, Cjong, Joy and Steph

Making face because the sun was hurting my eyes so much *_*

I really look funny when my hair is wet.. but I’m posting it because I’m with Cjong and Misha! Haha.

I wish we had more of this instead of just updating each other through Facebook and spamming in Twitter! So much fun <3

Lady bag

Let’s try to get to know each other better, shall we? Haha.

I don’t really know how many people read my blog - if there are any(!), but I would like to know a little more about you my lovely readers! Haha. That sounds weird but I just have to put things in better perspective. Plus, I’d always think that readers are different from followers so I pretty much wanna see how many reads me.. but this is not all that obligatory! ;P

I am thinking of having a little show and tell since the simplicity of the game has the ability to show the complexity of one person. Here’s the topic: WHAT’S ON YOUR BAG? I’m excited to know what you have in there!


Here are the regular mess in my bag divided into two categories:


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Grain Drain

I am currently addicted to grains and analog-ish post-processing. It brings me back to circa dont-waste-that-film-or-else-I’ll-kill-you. I have long given up learning how to post-process flawlessly because it’s just so hard and sadly, I don’t have the patience yet. If someone is nice enough to help me, please send me a message! Haha. Thank you! Maybe if I’ll learn it with/from someone else, I’ll have the nerves to master it. Haha.

So my lack of decent post-processing skills made me settle to this one.  But guess what? Surprisingly, I love how the photos look!

My camera’s name is Chanse Edann Jo-Migelle Jr. He turned one last February 14.

(Photos by Glenn Tumaneng; Post-processing by Moi)

Good time invitations

I’ve been getting the best of the best invitations for the past weeks.

It started with an invitation to a Victorian-themed debut some weeks ago. (Which, I will soon write about because this blog isn’t just about food and my random photographs.)

Then, just this week, one of my best and most trusted friends invited me to celebrate the beauty of love and happiness when he told me that he had moved from “single” to “in a relationship” status with one of the wittiest bloggers I’ve encountered.

And just like the rain that wouldn’t stop pouring down the metro for the past days, the invitations just wouldn’t stop coming my way too.

Just this morning, I got a text message from an old friend asking me if I had a class or if I were busy today. My Photojournalism class lectures fall every Saturday of the week, but since the university is conducting its annual admission test today until tomorrow, classes were all suspended.

Classes? None!

But busy?

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Comfort zone

Before the move to the big city, I always considered my room to be my comfort zone. I never had the problem of bargaining one for my own because I’m an only child. And as we all know, in cases like that, there are things that you don’t have to ask for because they just happen (in a non-spoiled brat manner).

College brought a life less selfish (aka dormitory life). Ironically, when some kids are finally starting to enjoy the liberty of having their own rooms, I was just beginning to learn the art of peacefully sharing a space with another person.

What I long considered to be my comfort zone, my magic space, my happy place became less special, faintly personal. Because of that, what I barely find in space, I constantly find it in the presence of these three men: Edwin (the papa bear/the one I’m kissing in the middle set), Richard (the psychological brother + whose set I was not able to include, sadly) and Arbie (the guardian angel/the one in Google shirt).

Last night, the world had to witness it at the Philippine Daily Inquirer 25th Anniversary Exhibit, SM North Edsa, Annex.

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