Happy Lemon, Greenhills

On the prowl for the best tea house in town, I’ve fought long and hard to finally be able to set foot on Happy Lemon.

The battle against proximity was such a tough challenge to beat. If my body suddenly urged for some tea fix, I could quickly go to Moonleaf or Universitea, order what I want, and move on in my life.

But for the love of tea and the satisfaction of cravings, somethings have to be compromised.

I intended to have Rock Salt Cheese, because the rock salt cheese (DUH) is such a novelty and I’ve been reading/hearing a lot of good reviews about it. Sadly, the price of the product is too low to clear the market causing the unwanted shortage of the supply. (Human language: Out of stock!)

To be honest, I felt saaaaad. I travelled all the way from Diliman after my Economics exam to reward myself with the RSC, just to get there and be told that all RSC products are out of stock! Terror!

But in times like this and when there had been so much effort exerted already, the only rational solution is to try a different one and move on with life.

I had Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream + Pearl which caused me 110Php. Oh my God, I’ve never been so happy with pearls before! It was soooooo chewy that I didn’t want to finish my cup anymore because I know that it would make me sad seeing it empty. Yes, I get so emotionally weird like that!

But well, it was soooooooo good I couldn’t help but finish e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! If I could only eat straw and plastic cups, I would have probably eaten them too! Hahaha.

Red had the classic Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago for 85Php.

Nina had Cocoa Milk Tea with Puff Cream for 95Php.

It was a love at first taste experience! Or maybe I’m just so partial with such drinks. Tell me something I don’t know. Hahaha.

I’d definitely love to come back again and finally get to try something that falls under their Rock Salt Cheese category. PLEASEEE!

And maybe, the management would want to open a branch in Maginhawa so it wouldn’t be such a torment for us, good drinks addicts, when we crave for their products!

In which I received a package

containing a book and a letter coming from…yes, from Asterisk.

Of course, I will not divulge the cheezy stuff he told me except for this.

Close to your heart is good, but closer to you is better.

Thank you, @soveraine for bringing the package. Lol, we even made you a human courier.

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Good time invitations

I’ve been getting the best of the best invitations for the past weeks.

It started with an invitation to a Victorian-themed debut some weeks ago. (Which, I will soon write about because this blog isn’t just about food and my random photographs.)

Then, just this week, one of my best and most trusted friends invited me to celebrate the beauty of love and happiness when he told me that he had moved from “single” to “in a relationship” status with one of the wittiest bloggers I’ve encountered.

And just like the rain that wouldn’t stop pouring down the metro for the past days, the invitations just wouldn’t stop coming my way too.

Just this morning, I got a text message from an old friend asking me if I had a class or if I were busy today. My Photojournalism class lectures fall every Saturday of the week, but since the university is conducting its annual admission test today until tomorrow, classes were all suspended.

Classes? None!

But busy?

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The Ex Crush

Have I ever talked about the dude that I had an obsessive crush on in my past life?

Well, after accidentally opening a file folder in my external drive that contained parts of the memories we shared and hearing the corniest song from my iTunes (Clue: One More Chance OST), I succumbed to memories.

What followed after was the stupid idea of reaching my good old journal and re-reading all the embarrassing Dear Diary entries about the dude (some of them written with a bloody red pen!).

I didn’t realize how obsessed I was about him even if all that I got in return for all the crazy things and innocent efforts I exerted to make him think of me the same way I think of him were the warmest smiles and the sincerest eye-to-eye moments that used to melt my heart in a beat.

I want to enumerate some of the most stupid things I did as I always find happiness in scorning myself about my blunders. But then, that may only expose clues that will make it easy to solve the identity of the dude.

What made the dude stand out among the number of people I had a crush on was how flawless and perfect I perceived him to be. I got so obsessed that even his weak points became pogi points to me.

Day and night, I would hope to have candid encounters with him - in the cafeteria, in the library, in the grocery, in my dreams. Everywhere I went, I longed for his existence. Worst, I looked for his qualities in every person I met and be disappointed when I couldn’t find a point of parallelism.

And then, I just lost interest.

I don’t know the latest updates in his life anymore. Neither had I bothered to google him or try to find out if he had already found a girlfriend. Nothing. No crazy efforts, no whatever.

It’s not that I’m mad that he never eyed for me after everything I had done and, boys and girls admit it, every prayer I had included his name in. Just as easy as that, I don’t care about him anymore as much and as obsessively as I did before.

And what has this embarrassing realization taught me tonight?

That in life, there are people and frenzied moments that come and attack our sound judgement and our natural instinct for emotions, particularly of love.

That, there are phases (or meta phases) that happen in our lives that are not supposed to stay, torment and trick us as long as we think it would. Forever was not made for people to pity themselves for not getting any return in every investment they put under the words love and commitment.

That, it is always beautiful to have a crush on someone else. You get the feeling that the grass seems greener, the air fresher, the sky brighter and life a thousand times better. But there is a need to learn from the past blunders, such as over reading actions and constructing hurtful false hopes, to minimize the harm, in the event we don’t get what we want.

Lastly, that life is about moving on forward, not backward.