sovanmacha  asked:

Do you have any advice for incoming college freshmen :) thaaankks

ok i know i’ve joked about this before but this is my legit advice to all yall freshies:

  1. do NOT sign up for 8 am classes. you’re gonna think “oh since i did it in high school i can do it in college too” SKRRRT NO DO NOT DO IT YOURE GONNA WANNA KILL YOURSELF OMFG
  2. manage your time well. if you wanna do other shit thats totally cool but make sure you have time to study and shit
  3. actually fucking study i swear i learned this the hard way omfg i went through high school not giving a shit and still got A’s but that’s not how it is in college im telling you now omg just make sure you stay on top of your shit like you can fuck around but dont fuck around too much or else
  4. major in something that you’re gonna enjoy tbh like dont just major in, let’s say, biology or some shit coz you think it’s gonna land you a good job after college. you’re just gonna be miserable taking all those classes and do bad and youre gonna end up with a horrible gpa (trust me on this i was in the same boat my first quarter and i almost cried when i saw my shitty gpa lmao but it all depends on you tbh)
  5. if you wanna go to parties make sure you have someone with you like trust no bitch but your own bitch u feel me?
  6. lastly, uhhh have fun i guess but not too much fun youre paying hella money for this shit just make the most of it.