I secretly (I guess not so secretly now) think of myself as Hector the Collector.  One of the things I have been collecting for the past couple of years is vintage souvenir spoons.  I love looking at the spoons and thinking about the places people visited.  And they’re small, so it makes them easy to store…or at least it does when you don’t have a whole bunch of them.  So I was faced with a dilemma: what do I do with all these spoons? Well, I decided to make jewelry out of them; pendants and rings and things.  These are a few of my favorites of the moment.  The Prince William one made me laugh :)

I am going to be listing these on my eshop later this afternoon ( should you be interested in acquiring one.

entertaining, according to daisy de villeneuve

when it came to the uk launch party of our newest book, all in good taste, there were only two women for the job: jan and daisy de villeneuve, an iconic ‘60s-‘70s model and her illustrator daughter. together, this london-based duo has style in spades—and collective decades of entertaining experience—so we culled a few of daisy’s charmingly untraditional tips and tricks. (pick up your all in good taste for more!)

all-day entertaining
“as part of the RSVP, i ask my guests what time i should expect them in order to stagger arrivals. some come for tea at four o’clock before dinner, others for wine after dinner.”

the setting
“i use a colorful tablecloth with mismatched plates, old english souvenir spoons, plastic forks in shocking pink and lots of candles. then i go to the flower market the day of the party and pick up pink roses and place then in a big yellow jug with royal memorabilia, like princess di and prince charles mugs.”

the soundtrack
“i play mostly 1970s and 1980s music, with some early hip-hop so people don’t feel like they’re at a disco—ZZ top, the eagles, alice cooper, run-D.M.C., tone loc, dr. dre.”

just between us
“my new trick is to buy boxed wine, then pour it into vintage glass carafes and throw the box away.”

come one, come all
“at my mom’s, the door is always open. not everyone will know each other, but will have made friends by the end of the evening. same with me. and people can always bring guests—as long as they aren’t weirdos.”