I secretly (I guess not so secretly now) think of myself as Hector the Collector.  One of the things I have been collecting for the past couple of years is vintage souvenir spoons.  I love looking at the spoons and thinking about the places people visited.  And they’re small, so it makes them easy to store…or at least it does when you don’t have a whole bunch of them.  So I was faced with a dilemma: what do I do with all these spoons? Well, I decided to make jewelry out of them; pendants and rings and things.  These are a few of my favorites of the moment.  The Prince William one made me laugh :)

I am going to be listing these on my eshop later this afternoon ( should you be interested in acquiring one.

theamishpirate asked:

Witch headcanon: Ickle has a special metal she uses in crafting her enchanted keys. It's very particular to her magic. She calls it Ickle Nickle.

Dohohohooo you so cute e v e

Although actually, I can see those sorts of keys being a common item for most magic users to have–like you know how most souvenir shops sell spoons? I can imagine witches, excited to visit Bali, buying transportation keys and adding them to their key rings. Or wizards looking at their old keys from when they were kids and feeling nostalgic about where they used to live when they were little.

DIY Vintage Souvenir Spoon Keychains and Necklaces

DIY Vintage Souvenir Spoon Keychains and Necklaces

I love collecting all kinds of vintage things, linens especially. One of my favorite things to collect is vintage state souvenirs. I recently came across a lot of vintage souvenir spoons I couldn’t pass up. I have been wanting to make some keychains out of them, ever since I saw my neighbors key chain that was made with a vintage silverware handle. I realize some collectors would be shocked that…

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