souvenir of japan


Nice Things I Brought Back from Japan #1: 「おばあちゃんの料理・我が娘に贈る」(roughly translated: “Grandma’s cooking, a gift for my daughter.”)

It’s a recipe book, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it anytime soon, there’s too much I can’t read yet. I love cooking, and I love Japanese food, though. So just another reason to 頑張る💪!勉強しましょう〜^_^


july 4, 2017 || first day of school! everyone is basically the same ppl from last year [bc honours class and stuff], and aaaah we were so noisy!! the day was full of catching up with friends [consisting of students and teachers haha] and orientations!!

jeez this one teacher asked for his souvenir from japan in front of the other teacher i was so–

he’s great though, i love him, he’s like the older bro i wish i had ♡ he checks up on my friend and i, and he was so amazed when i read the japanese characters on the thing i gave him how cute 

that guide to aiming for honours is getting seriously long ahh pls tell me how long you want it to be!!

anyway, here’s our schedule! i smudged out the names of the teachers for privacy purposes.

Dating Amber

@little-septic-eye :Could you do a thing about what it would be like dating Amber? Idk if you’re taking requests right now or if you even do that sort of thing… but still! Worth a shot!

anon: How would dating Amber be like?

Here you are :) Ambruh is my ulti, so this would be … i cant even describe how much I’d hyperventilate tbh… 

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- so amber is like a bro

- but at the same time very girly when you get to know her

- she’s that kind of girl, who you just feel comfortable with

- you can let yourself go, you don’t have to dress fancy.. and:

- prepare for long nights of ….

- playing video games! :D

- You’ll play overwatch, even if you hate video games.

- Trust me, even if you don’t know to play it, It’ll be fun with her

- Casually staying in bed all day watching netflix together and chill

- you’ll only get up to order food or make popcorn

- other than that, you’ll snuggle up in your bed and relax

- so, you’re an introvert who doesn’t have a lot of friends?


- You’ll get to know everybody. Amber’s friends with people you wouldn’t even guess they had met ever before.

- That’s because she IS friends with many people she’s never met before!

- so don’t be jealous. Amber just likes company and is a little sunshine

- When you’re not hanging out @ home or are at work, you’re probably traveling or doing something with your 1000000 friends

- or both

- like I said, she’s popular

- has no problem with PDA

- she even does it quite often

- is more comfortable with it than you are

- I don’t think netizens/fans will be a real problem, they are still busy with finding out whether she’s a boy or not

- small hint: she is not

- that’s kind of annoying and saddening for her

- pls protect her from rude comments on her outer appearance

- this really gets her down sometimes, and she’ll let you know, so don’t worry bout that

- just buy her tacos and comfort her, and her smile will be brighter than the sun

- not  only because of the tacos, but more because she knows you care for her and that’s all she needs

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- your relationship is all about reliability and a strong bond

- she’d buy you tons of ice cream if you ask her to

- stays at home if you’re ill. 

- you’re the no. 1 priority for her, schedule can wait. 

- but if she has to go, don’t worry, you’ll facetime the whole time ;)

- and she’ll send a lot of selcas with the members

- sends you snaps even if you’re sitting right next to her

- always keeps you up to date

- gets you cute souvenirs when she is in Japan or the US

- or gross food she finds hilarious to prank you with

- oh i forgot to mention: this girl is a goddamn prankster

- she’s evil

- but because she loves you, she annoys the crap out of you 

- it’s her sign of affection (?)

- she loves you, you can be sure about that

- and she’ll show it 

 - she’s so proud to have you :’)

- so be proud too, she’s your soulmate!

A US Marine chooses a souvenir from a pile of surrendered Japanese officer’s swords.

Countless thousands of katanas, many family heirlooms, were surrendered to the allies by the Japanese. Although plans were set to return the swords to their owners, when MacArthur left Japan for the Korean war, these plans completely fell through. Many were stolen by American servicemen and taken home as souvenirs.