souvenir of japan

So…. I was gonna do this at 250 followers, but I hit 300 hundred while I was dying under school– but I’ve thought long and hard about what I can do to show my thanks for everything and I’ve decided I’m going to use my unique position of being a student in Japan to give back.

So I present to you!!! Mysteriousassistxnt’s SUPER MEGA ULTRA OMIYAGE GIVE AWAY

Wait what the fuck is that you ask? Well if you like and reblog this post you will get your very own OMIYAGE (souvenir) from MOTHER FUCKING JAPAN. That’s right. You heard it hear folks. Ever wanted something legit from japan but importing is expensive? Well now is your chance! I will be selecting three lucky people who like / reblog this post will be entered to receive something cool. Even better– I will let you choose the location you want your omiyage from and give you a bunch of pictures to boot!

So for example say little Sally wins and she wants an omiyage from Akihabara– I will go to Akihabara take a bunch of pictures for her and buy something from Akihabara. Easy peasy squeezy

I will choose the winners via random number generator

There are a few rules.

1.) You may like and reblog this post but you must be following me prior to the date this post goes up (12/26/2016 JST) – I’ll check so you can’t just follow me to get your omiyage and then unfollow. This giveaway is for my followers so I don’t want people hijacking it. If you reblog from a side blog– give me the name of your main blog if you are selected.
2.) No give away blogs
3.) The omiyage will be worth 1000 yen or LESS. If you have any preference discuss with me what you might want before i go out and get it for you. I’m not rich so you can’t ask me to buy you a fucking japanese 3ds sorry.

4.) You must be open to the idea of international shipping. I have to have some means of sending it to you.
5.) The area you want your omiyage from must be from an area within Tokyo. If you aren’t sure what’s around I suggest looking at and seeing some popular tourist spots.
6.) The winners will be chosen January 2nd

7.) You must be an rp blog. This give away is to celebrate all the great rpers I’ve had a chance to meet because of this fandom.

Thanks for being so great comrades!  Let the hunger games begin