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Road Trip with Monsta X

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Shownu -

  • Switches between him and Wonho in terms of driving
  • Mostly silent, but tries to initiate conversation with random topics
    • Makes a lot of the members go, “What?” And then laugh with Shownu
  • Asks the other members if they need to eat
  • Rather have all the other members eat the food they brought along the way instead of him eating
    • Feels grateful when Wonho or Minhyuk asks him if he wants his coffee
    • Even better when he gets to rest or strecth for a bit
  • Luckily, Wonho asks to switch at the right time when he’s about to fall asleep
    • Falls asleep on your shoulder in the backseat
    • Puts his earbud in your ear as the two of you listen to the soft music during your roadtrip
  • Likes to play simple games to pass the time

Wonho - 

  • Quite focused on the road; low-key cursing out the other members who are too loud
    • But he can’t help but laugh when someone decides to be stupid
    • Like those window wiping sounds
    • Lord help them all
  • Has you sitting in the passenger seat beside him, because he’s a bit lonely
    • Also, you’re the most sane person (or so he thinks) he can talk to
    • Is it also the reason because he likes you?
  • Likes to talk, like long conversations, when he’s driving
  • When he’s not, he’s playing games on his phone or hand games with I.M and Minhyuk
    • Pouts when he loses
  • Silently eats most of the pre-packed food Kihyun made
    • Yet no one figures it out it was him who ate most of it
    • Suggests for ramyeon at every rest stop
    • “NO.”
  • First one to get out when you arrive
    • Oh and he would document the trip along the way; pictures of animals in the countryside, and road signs

Minhyuk - 

  • Too lazy to drive; sometimes keeps to himself when he’s tired so he listens to music
    • Surprisingly (kind of), according to Wonho, he thinks Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Shownu will have a sudden change when they’re driving
  • Loudest kid when he finds something out of the ordinary along the way
    • “Why does that sign have a–” “MINHYUK NO.”
    • Almost plasters his face against the window as the car passes by it
  • Turns the atmosphere into Right Now again
    • Bobbing his head back and forth as he sings Rhythm Ta… AGAIN
  • Buys the silliest souvenirs at gift shops
    • Sometimes forgets where he’s at or where he’s going
    • Plays with those American coin machines where they turn pennies into flat football-shaped coins
  • Sings to his own music 
    • Doesn’t mind sharing it with you, though
  • Winks at you every time your eyes land on his
    • Holds your hand throughout the trip, even when he’s sleeping

Kihyun - 

  • Making sure everyone eats; knows all the rest stops wherever they go
    • Ain’t going back when one of them didn’t go and suddenly they need to
    • “We left ten minutes ago, hold it in.” “How far are we then?” “Two hours.” “I’m going to be dead by the time we get there.” 
  • Quite organized and has the trip planned
    • Until he forgets the skin products for the night
    • Oh jeez
  • Sings English songs along the way
    • Almost rips his vocal chords, too
    • It’s Wildflower, everyone
    • Jooheon tried, too
  • Worries for Shownu and Wonho when it begins to rain
    • Offers to drive
  • Cuddling with you in the backseat
    • Takes pictures of the two of you 
    • When you’re sleeping because he thinks it’s cute
  • Sings loudly when everyone wakes up

Hyungwon - 

  • Sleeps the moment he gets into the car
    • But he ends up having to get gas
    • And passes it too if you know what I mean *wink *wink
    • Silently freaks out when the pin starts going to the ‘E’
    • But if he’s driving, he’ll act like he can go for another twenty minutes
  • According to the other members, he can get pretty loud
    • Watch out for him and Minhyuk
  • Makes hilarious remarks or sarcastic comments when someone doesn’t know directions or questions where they’re going exactly
  • Looks like a boy who came out of a manga/manhwa when he sits next to the window
    • Starts a V Live for the heck of it
  • Likes to pat your head or draw on the iPad with you
    • Makes some “artistic” drawings of the other members
  • Cheering super loudly the moment they arrive or just waking up in the car, noticing that all the members left the van and just left him there

Jooheon - 

  • Likes looking out of the window, pointing at little sights here and there
    • Sticks his head out of the sunroof and notices the other cars behind him
    • Goes back in
  • Falls asleep with his eyemask for half the ride
    • Misses the rest stop
  • When he’s awake, he’s filming the other members sleeping
    • Well, except for Wonho
  • Drinks six bottles of water the whole trip– apparently he didn’t realize his predicament in the first fifteen minutes of the trip
  • Takes several selfies with you
    • One too many 
    • You can stop now, Joohoney
  • Piggybacks on you as you get out of the car
    • Please don’t die

I.M - 

  • Makes funny comments and jams out to the radio
    • Wears his shades and dabs uncontrollably
    • But usually just stares out the window
  • Does a lot of deep thinking than someone might imagine
    • Just to reflect on his career while the images of nature fly by
    • That kinda sounded poetic
  • Likes to scare you as you’re about to fall asleep
  • Buys like five bags of convenience store food for the rest of the trips
    • Including canned coffee, pretzels, the like
  • Low-key complains about how long the trip is taking
    • Checks his watch occasionally
    • Hoping that they won’t arrive late for their hotel
  • Likes to poke your cheeks and show you pictures throughout the trip

Admin Mochi

regarding the bts dread hat issue

as a barbadian who sees the rasta/jamaican hats sold in her own island as a tourist souvenir, i just want to say that in my, and many other caribbean armys, opinion, taehyung and jungkook did nothing wrong. they went to a jamaican restaurant and were given the hats as souvenirs from the jamaican owners. if they were to come to the exact same island of jamaica, or many other caribbean islands, they would have been given the same kind of hats. they’re sold here for the tourists and a lot of people make their living off of selling these kinds of things in the tourist industry places. if they would have come to the caribbean, a local auntie would have even braided their hair if they wanted. 

in this case, it really is an issue of cultural sharing. the jamaican owners gave them those hats as a souvenir for visiting their restaurant. it’s not like they decided to don the dreads to act all gangsta for a concept they’ll discard in 3 months. i know people have their own opinions, but i feel as if people aren’t listening to the actual jamaican/caribbean armys about this. the vast majority of jamaican/caribbean armys understand that the hats were given to them as souvenirs, or even gifts for visiting the restaurant, and these same kinds of hats are sold in caribbean islands frequently as a souvenir for the many non-caribbean tourists. 

i’d appreciate it if people listened to us more, all i’m seeing is people talking over us saying “i dont care if jamaican armys say its okay i know its wrong” when this is a part of the jamaican/caribbean tourist industry. our tourism industry is built on sharing our culture with visitors, and part of that includes hats like these as souvenirs. 

so yeah… i just wanted to give a little insight as an actual caribbean army into the situation. 

n3sh3r0x : HC!!! RFA + V reaction to Mc's fam being a bag of nutcases? Like they're 24/7 being lame and joking around and really inquisitive of MCs BF/GF

So my friend, @n3sh3r0x asked for this hc. SHE’S AMAZING GUYS!! Please follow her!!!

AND I’M SORRY but i really couldn’t imagine all of the families being a bag of nutcases. SO I DECIDED TO WRITE A “RFA+V+ SAERAN REACTING TO MC’S FAMILY”


- Sweet, sweet yoosung was pretty nervous when you told him that you wanted him to meet your family

-I mean…. who wouldn’t ??

-You father worked at this huge pharmaceutical company,  you mother was a cardiologist and to top it all off your sister was a lawyer at a big firm.

-Even you scared the living crap outta him when he first met you

-So when he first met your parents, he was shaking. Actually he was shaking for all the right reasons. Let me explain.

-Your father was immaculately dressed in his most expensive suit like show off much?, your mother wore a simple but beautiful gown and your sister??? Let’s just say that she wore a pair of sweatpants just to piss you off.

- Yoosung couldn’t stop laughing at this contrast. 

-As your father gracefully gave out his hand for a handshake, he was still laughing cause your sister was sticking her tongue out at you?? And you were being all cute, pinching her and making faces at her?

- Gosh ! Even the intellectuals weren’t any different , were they?

- “GOD DAMMIT! STOP IT GIRLS YOU ALWAYS EMBARRASS ME LIKE THIS!! I just wanted MC’s boyfriend to have a good impression on our family,” your father screamed.

- Your mum giggled, “Pay no mind to them yoosung!! We doctors must stay away from this lot at all times.”

- You mum really liked yoosung as they were both in the medical profession. She was a really chatty person. She blabbered on about how hard it was being a doctor. “I dunno how you did it yoosung,” she said, “I could barely learn how to treat the heart and you’ve learnt about how to treat the entire animal kingdom?” She sighed dramatically. 

- “HEY YOOSUNG!! Did you know that MC peed her pants in the sixth grade?” Your sister chimed in. “NO I DIDN’T,” you screamed and the two of you got into a cat fight. 

-Your dad sighed and apologized to him, “Welcome to the family, son.”

-Yoosung really did love your unique and wonderful family. And your family loved him more. 

Bonus: Your sister kept making passes at yoosung, vowing to steal him away from you when the two of you break up. She was just kidding! Or was she? Yoosung never knew about this. 


-Zen was really excited when you told him you wanted him to meet your family

- You used to tell him a lot about your family and he loved to hear about your two moms and you baby sister

- The whole day he was all like, “MC !! Should I wear this?? OR SHould I wear that??? Will you mom like this better.” 

- “JUST WEAR SOMETHING, ZEN,” you screamed.

-But it was so cute seeing him all excited.

- When you finally got to your house, he was so excited that he hugged both your mums. 

- “Nice to finally meet you,” He beamed, “I’m Zen.”

- “Wow I didn’t know my daughter was hiding such a handsome man,” Your mum giggled. “OH, MC~~” she sang. 

- You blushed so hard, it made Zen laugh.

- Your other mum laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh and Zen,” she said, “We have this really BIG fan, just dying to meet you.”

- Your little sister was clinging to your mum’s leg. 

- “Come on, sweetie,” you called her out ,”Zen has a little gift for you.”

- But she still wouldn’t budge

- Zen knelt down and took her hands. “Looks like there are two very beautiful princesses in this house,” he smiled. He placed a little crown on her head. 

- She gave a tiny little smile. “Lift me !!” she ordered.

- “The shining knight Zen at your service, milady,” he laughed as he picked her up 

-He refused to put your little sister down for the whole day. Your lil sis had such radical fun,  getting a piggy back ride from Zen.

- Your parents loved Zen!! He was so sweet. He always was so well mannered and complimented them on little things.  

-At the end of the day, Zen ended up wanting to create a family like that with you. 

Bonus: Zen calls both your mums as ‘mum’ and ‘mama’, the way you call them. They love it. And they were so happy when zen first called them that


-You pure beautiful Jaehee was only second to Yoosung on the nervousness level when she first met your family 

- “But MC,” she dragged, “Is your family really ok with this? Me being a….. girl and all.”

- “Hush, my dear,” you kissed her on the nose, “I should be asking you if you’re ok with meeting my crazy family.”

- This reassured her a lot. But she was still nervous about making first impressions.

- Your family was a big one.

-I mean a reaaaaalllly big one. With cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

-So when you first got to the door, a flurry of kids surrounded you and Jaehee. 

- “OMG it’s MC!” 

- “IS that MC’s Girlfriend?”

-” MC AND JAEHEE, come play with us!!” 

-The kids were really noisy but Jaehee enjoyed the racket. The kids started introducing themselves and Jaehee was trying to memorize all of their names. 

-”Ok!! YOu twerps !! We’ll come back to you later!! We are going to meet the adults so LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE,” you grabbed her hand pulled her out.

- “awwww MC you’re such a spoil sport.” You could hear all the groans and sighs. 

- Immediately after a group of adults surrounded you two. 

- “Is this the Jaehee??? “ your aunt literally screamed. 

- She pulled Jaehee closer, took a good and long look at her.

- “Tell me, Jaehee,” she said, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT UP WITH A WHINY CHILD LIKE MC. We still don’t know.”

-All the others nodded in agreement. 

- “STOP embarrassing me in front of my Girlfriend,” you stomped your foot.

- All of Jaehee’s nervousness dissipated. And she laughed. “Oh no!” she said and looked at you, “It has always been the other way around.”

-You blushed so hard. What did you do to deserve her? 

- Everyone from the teenagers, to the kids , to the adults and the elders took their turns with Jaehee.

- They really loved her. And really couldn’t understand why such a sweet angel like her chose you. You really couldn’t understand that either   

-Although she was drained by the end of the day, she was really looking forward to the next trip.


-Jumin was always so curious about your family

- Whenever he asked about your family, you would brush him off saying that you would tell him when you were ready.

-He also never really got why you were working, when he was there to provide for you?

-Although he was really curious, he respected your wishes and never delved into that matter again.

- Then one day you decided it was time he met you family.

- You were actually from another town. You were from a really poor family, with your father dying when you were only 16 years old. Being the eldest, you had to help your mother raise your younger sister and brother. 

- Jumin now understood why you had to work.

- “But I can provide for your family, Mc,” he protested. 

- But you flat out refused cause you didn’t marry him for the money. 

-So you took the weekend off from work to visit your family with Jumin. 

- “Jumin, just don’t offer my mother any money,” you tell him, “We are doing very well now! And my mother would refuse cause she’s such a hard worker.”

- Jumin nodded. But you were not sure about what his stubborn ass was actually going to do.

-When you got home, you little sister and brother excitedly hugged you. 

- “MC!! YOU’RE HOME,” they shouted. 

- “Mc, look!! I got the first place in my class this year,” you little brother beamed. 

- Your sister got annoyed. “But MC! I got first place on both my tests and my relay,” you sister stuck her tongue out.

- Your brother was about to retaliate when you mother intervened, “Mc and her boyfriend traveled a long way, kids.Let them rest.”

-They went back sighing. You laughed and hugged your mum. 

- “And you must be Jumin,” your mum said breaking the hug. 

-Jumin was so fixated at your house. It was so small. But it really was so warm and wonderful. 

- “Yes mam. I’m Jumin Han,” he said as he took your mother’s hand, “Pleasure to meet you.”

- You and your mum burst into laughter. 

- “You really dont have to be so formal, Mr. Han~~,” you teased. 

- The kids tugged at Jumin’s trousers. 

-They were really curious about this royal looking stranger

-Jumin was really surprised by the kids. They were so well mannered, smart and hard working just like MC.

-He really loved them a lot. And they liked him too.

-And MC’s mother had so much dignity and integrity. He respected her deeply. And your mother loved Jumin for his honesty and manners. And she knew how much he loved and respected you. 

- And the food your mother cooked for him?? Never had he eaten anything so delicious his entire life.

- Just sitting around with your family and eating with them, made him realise that money really wasn’t everything 

-After that, he never did complain about you having to go to work. But he insisted on helping out a little.

- He always did send your family little extravagant gifts and souvenirs. And demanded a monthly visit to see you mum and the kids

-He took you guys on a lot of trips. And the kids really enjoyed their time with him.


-Given his past, Seven really wanted a to be a part of a family

- So when you wanted to introduce him to your parents, HE WAS SO EXCITED, OVERJOYED, ELATED *add any synonym of your choice*

-You were from a middle class family

-Nothing special really

-You were the only kid.

- “Ok 7,” you warn him, “No funny business at my home… My dad is really strict.”

- “You betcha,” he sticks his tongue out.

-You sigh…. This was bad……… Really bad

-So when you get home, your father growls, “And what is the name of this boy MC? What does he do?”

- “Dad, this is Se-.. I mean Saeyoung and hes a hac-.. I mean a computer programmer.”

- “Why hello~~ sir,” 7 sang and let out his hand for a handshake.

- You dad looked at him from his head to his toe and sighed. 

- “I’ll be at my room if you need me,” he frowned. 

- 7 looked a little upset. Your mum sensed this too. 

- “Oh don’t mind that grumpy old man, Saeyoung, my dear,” you mum chimed, “I really dont know how I put up with him for so many years.”

-You giggled and held 7′s hand.

- “Don;t take it to heart, hon,” you laughed, “He’s what I call a Tsundere dad.”

- “TSUNDERE DAD??” he screamed. WTH MC 

- “The more he likes a person, the ruder he is to them,” your mum explained.

- Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing, “I’m starting to like your dad.”

-So 7 like usual, kept making his lousy jokes. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes while your mother laughed. 

-Your dad crept in. “OH, You all are making a lot of noise. KEEP IT DOWN,” he said as he sat across you guys with a newspaper.

-You all could not help but chuckle. Oh, the things your dad did just to spend time with you, without actually admitting it.

- “So saeyoung,” your dad started, “How much is it that you earn.”

- 7 sat up straight. “See Sir, it actually depends…..”

- “He earns a lot, dad,” you cut in, “Have you seen his car?” You showed him a picture of his car.

-You dad was impressed and interested but he wouldnt admit it. 

- “It’s a decent car,” he frowned

- The three of you were internally screaming. 

- All throughout the evening 7 made small talk with your dad. He followed him everywhere. Your dad actually showed him his precious stamp collection and LET HIM TOUCH IT.

- Saeyoung started called your mother as mum. AND YOUR MUM LOVED IT

- “Don;t call her that,” you father growled. 

- “But DAD~~~” 7 sang

- “DONT CALL ME THAT,” he shouted. But he was very happy, internally. Tsundere dad strikes again

-He really had taken a liking towards your dad.

- You dad called him annoying a lot but deep inside… lets face it! He loved Saeyoung a lot.

- When it was time to leave, your dad gave you a peck on you cheek as he said , “Saeyoung is good guy, mc. I like him.”

- You werent gonna tell saeyoung this but you had a feeling he already knew.  

- Saeyoung sometimes liked to visit your parents alone and spend time with them

ps…… If you;ve seen Saiki Kusuo then you’ll know about the tsundere grandpa…. that episode literally changed my life


- “V!” you proclaimed one day, “I want you to meet my family.”

- V was surprisingly very cool about this, “Ok mc” he said as he kissed you on the forehead.

-The only family you had left was your two brothers. They practically raised you. Everything they ever did was for you. You didn’t have one complaint in your life. One brother was a professional wrestler and the other worked for the government.

- The two of your brothers were dying to meet V. They planned on how they were going to freak MC’s boyfriend out cause they were both so muscular and buff. And not to mention tall. They were both wrestlers in high school and had so many medals, that you learnt how to count with them

-So anyways, they were really planning to freak your boyfriend out. 

-They wanted to make sure that your boyfriend was man enough. You were their precious baby sister after all. 

- Well, jokes on them…. V was blind. 

- There was no way V was gonna be intimidated my their looks.

- Their jaws fell to the floor when they saw V

- “Mc… is he….”

- “Yes, Im blind,” V interjected, “ But I can see a little with one eye”

- They regained their composure. But they still had to make sure that he would treat their precious little sister well

- “Well Jihyun,” you brother firmly held V’s shoulder, “If you ever do something to our sister then God help you.” 

-You were angered my your brothers’ rude behavior towards V. Before you could protest, V said calmly, “Sir, I wouldnt hurt a hair on her head. She is the love of my life.”

- Commence Jaw Drop

-You blushed hard….. as did your brothers. The line was delivered so cooly and calmly.

-”V~~” you hit his hand playfully.

- Your brothers laughed. 

- “I’ve been married for 5 years and never once have I said such a thing to my wife. We should learn a lot from you V”

- You brothers loved him. They were so boisterous and playful… so unlike V. They considered V as a part of their gang

-V loved it! He had so much fun with your brothers. All three of them got drunk in the end and you were left to take a drunken V home



- Your parents died when you were really young

-You were raised by your grandparents. 

-So when you asked Saeran if he wanted to meet your wonderful grandparents, saeran wasnt exactly excited. But he knew how much they meant to you so he decided to accompany you

-The minute you entered the house, there was the lovely smell of freshly baked goods.

-Your grandma and grandpa were so excited to see you.

-They were standing outside for nearly an hour just to see you.

-You were so happy to see them. Saeran saw immediately how your expression changed. Could you get any cuter? chandler voice

-You hugged them both and kissed them

-Your grandparents were equally excited to see saeran.

- They huddled around him.

- “MC told me that you really like ice cream, saeran,” your Grandma said, “So I made a lil cake to go along with it.”

- “Oh and dont forget about the sweater we got him dear,” your grandpa added.

- As you helped your grandma out in the kitchen, saeran and your grandpa took to talking

- You grandpa told him stories about the army. Saeran seemed very interested and excited.

-You could see them talking about random things under the sun

-He absolutely adored the food your grandma made and even wore the sweater they got for him

-He really enjoyed his time with your grandparents.

-He ended up wishing he could stay there more.

- When you went to sleep, your grandpa and saeran talked throughout the night.

-”Saeran…. in case something happens to me… the mc and her grandma…”

“Nothing will happen to you and if it does… I’m always here for them. MC means the world to me”

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! Is it alright to request some hc for Victor having a little sister ( not like super little, yurio's age maybe?) and just what would happen with that! Thank you!!!

Sure, this sounds sweet!

-God Viktor is such an overwhelming brother
-He’ll always get you gifts and souvenirs from the places he travels when on business
-BUT if you have the chance, and you’re not busy with school or shit, he will absolutely without a doubt take you with him
-”viktor im going to be so jetlagged”
-yeah okay GREAT
-he will, by all means, be super harsh on your work if you ask him to look over it
-But he means well, he wants you to produce the best stuff!!! And he knows you’re capable
-you punch him if it upsets you though, he’s your brother, you have those privileges
-(although this comes with revenge from Viktor who fuckin sets alarms on your phone for like 5 in the morning f uCK YOU)
-He’s awkward if you have problems, but that doesn’t mean he won’t listen!! 
-Viktor will definitely ask if there’s anything you want to do, to get your mind off it, because he’s good at distractions
-And he’ll ask you if it’s okay before he hugs you, because he wants to show you his support
-When he’s out skating, he’ll ask you if you could pick up some lunch for him, and if you bring the mcdonalds shit AGAIN he will never speak to you ever
-Viktor also encourages you to make friends with his rinkmates!!!
-Yurio thinks you’re alright, but you’re related to Viktor so he’s wary if you begin to show any Nikiforov symptoms
-Yakov tbh kinda avoids you, he’s too busy for more kids and honestly he just wants Rest
-Mila really gets along with you though!! And Viktor is super happy about that
-Georgi does his best to get along with you, and honestly becomes a little like another older brother

Originally posted by nikeforov

-haha excuse YOU *I’m* the older brother here
-you don’t care, and honestly like rub it in his face
-To which he pouts and never lets go
-So the next time he goes out of town he doesn’t bring you shit
-You completely hog Makkachin’s attention and now hes insulted
-In the end you both get along, it’s whatever
-He’s a good older brother, he’s just a little shit
-Like most brothers are

Over the Threshold

Summary: Dan and Phil have devoted this year to focusing on life things. Phil is pushing Dan toward the next big step.


“Jesus, Phil!”

Phil had reached around Dan to jam the key into the lock, whilst clamping his other hand over Dan’s crotch. The door opened onto dim hallway faintly illuminated by street lights.

Genre: fluff

Warnings: a swear or two and tiniest hints of smut

Word count: 1321

Keep reading

  • Star’s mom calls star and says "You’re coming home in 6 weeks”
  • They pack their things and leave in like 20 minuets.
  • Marco bought a really nice car with all the money he has
  • They just leave
  • Star likes to stand through the sunroof on the long roads in the desert (Y’all know the ones im talking about)
  • They go to thousands of canyons and small national parks 
  • They live off of gas station candy for a while 
  • Marco’s like “Im finding a diner we cant live like this for much longer”
  • they eat burgers in one of those 50s diners
  • they share a milkshake
  • omg they drive route 66 for a while
  • they stop at all of those stupid “world’s largest” places
  • They get stupid souvenirs from tacky gift shopssss
  • Star throws up on week three, “bad gas station sushi”
  • “This isn’t the world’s biggest McDonalds! This thing is PUNY
  • NYC
  • They go caving one time
  • Mt.Rushmore confuses the shit out of star 
  • She almost destroys Mt.Rushmore
  • Bungee jumping
  • Detours on back roads for the hell of it
  • “Earth is so beautiful…..”
  • Sleepy Star after hiking to one of the tallest mountains in NY
  • Seafood
  • Marco and Star spending the night in a one room/ one bed Motel
  • traffic jams
  • blasting the music in the car because they’re young and ‘Star doesnt have much time on earth she has to experience everything’
  • Using payphones
  • hopping park fences in the dead of the night
  • going to abandoned water parks
  • god damnit there’s SO MUCH you can do with this AU
Monsta X as Mystic Messenger Characters

requested by anon~

a/n: hi anon! so i decided that monsta x being as actual(idk) characters so i hope that u enjoy this! 


Originally posted by wonhontology


  • son hyunwoo would be a mixture of Jumin Han and V. 
  • he’d be really serious all the time, only thinking of the things that would help him in his company and those whom he hold close to his heart,
  • HOWEVER, yes however, Shownu still knows when to have fun and have a good laugh with the boys, especially when they’ll have the parties 
  • and of course, Shownu would also be one of the members who would have a lot of guests coming in thanks to his enigmatic aura. 
  • but then he’d only share confidential information to maybe Changkyun, or Kihyun. 
  • He’d be tight shut if he discovers an information that might cause a commotion among the members. 
  • Shownu would also be good in combat, 
  • and he’s ready to protect OC, aka. [y/n], from the threats that she would receive after entering Rika’s apartment. 
  • He also has a good sense of humor.. 
  • maybe changing his profile picture in the RFA app 
  • with a picture of him with a monobrow, a dark, full mustache and a bald head… (aka just like what Jumin did lol)
  • and he’s pretty rich…. like jumin… 
  • BUT he does have a good relationship with his father 

Originally posted by kihn


  • shin hoseok would be a lot like zen
  • but he’s a famous singer and songwriter, not an actor
  • he’s a sweetheart to be honest
  • shin hoseok knows that he’s handsome but it won’t be to the extent where he boasts and brings the attention to him
  • he’d literally listen to other people, giving them a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to every single problem they’ve bottled up
  • all of the guests that he’d be able to invite would be women and music companies
  • he has a soft spot for his family and friends
  • but due to the fact that he’s always focusing on other people
  • it’d be a big downside for him
  • he’d be bottling up his problems and emotions that would cause him depression
  • BUT BUT BUT BUT once he met [y/n], the OC, everything would change to be honest
  • he’s a really jolly person, always smiling and of course, his lisp won’t be gone
  • he’s also the big brother of the RFA members and he has a good relationship with Shownu despite the differences of their success and personal background

Originally posted by kihqun


  • lee minhyuk is definitely like Yoosung..he’d be that fresh college grad who’s practically addicted to playing to overwatch
  • the members would be curious on how he could be practically active on their chatroom all the time and play overwatch all the time….
  • but then since he’s practically addicted to overwatch, he would go out of his apartment…
  • and would probably just live off with some convenience store kimbap or ramyeon and some water… and iced americano
  • the boys would be so worried about him and his future to be honest 
  • like he’s spending all of his money on overwatch that he couldn’t even throw in a proper meal for himself
  • HOWEVER due to his addiction to overwatch, he’d also be able to meet famous players from all over the world
  • and would probably invite guests that…. are one of his kind…
  • he’s a real chatterbox and sometimes…. the member would mute the chatroom… since he’d be spamming them
  • and when he’s drunk, and he, idk knows that [y/n] is interested on another member, 
  • he’d probably drunk call that guy who [y/n] would be interested and bawl his eyes out, telling them to take care of [y/n] and whatnot, and would probably whine and act like a baby, telling his hyung aka Wonho to drink up since its his treat lol only to find out that [y/n] likes him lol
  • but then there would be a time when he finally removes himself from playing overwatch, socializing with random people, learning new hobbies like being a dog whisperer or something and even getting a job offering from SHOWNU AND KIHYUN BUT HED TURN DOWN KIHYUN SINCE HE OFFERED HIM TO BE THE ONE WHO CLEANS THE WHOLE CAFE…

Originally posted by aceyng


  • yoo kihyun would be like assistant kang or jaehee to be exact
  • but then i think he’s more like of a cafe owner but also in a joint corporation with shownu somehow
  • he’s practically really healthy that he would tell the boys to have a decent meal at the exact time for those meals
  • and he’d be practically like the mom… as usual
  • kihyun would nag at the boys, telling them to start looking for guests and even he’d organize the whole thing with [y/n]
  • but then he’d be really sensitive at times that he’d literally bark at the members if he finds something wrong about their choice of words or action
  • he’d also be practically overprotective with everyone especially with [y/n] but then.. at first he was cold towards [y/n]… lol
  • telling the boys to piss off and to not flirt with her, especially to uhm wonho or hyungwon
  • since it might “ruin” their names and dreams and whatnot
  • BUT THE TRUTH IS…. he likes you
  • like who wouldn’t okay
  • kihyun would also be like the ASSISTANT of shownu but it’s like the other way around since…. shownu would practically ask kihyun for advice and some ideas and if his project could gain a lot of positive feedbacks and whatnots
  • and of course, kihyun has a lot of connections, which means he has a lot of potential guests to invite

Originally posted by mybabyoppa


  • chae hyungwon would also be like zen but also a mixture of v
  • hyungwon is a full-time model, which a lot companies would die to have him, and he’s pretty quiet to be honest
  • he’d be the member of the RFA who would only speak up during important matters or when he’s teasing the boys special mention to wonho and kihyun ehe th th th th
  • but then despite him being quiet, he’s a good company for the boys
  • he may be quiet at the chatroom but when he’s on the phone or meeting the boys, he’d be super active and he’d practically speak up
  • when you first UNEXPECTED entered their chatroom, he wouldn’t talk to you to be honest since stranger danger
  • since hyungwon is also a famous model, it’d also be hard to contact him (just like v) since he barely has any time to check his phone due to his packed schedule
  • but even though he’s gone, he wouldn’t forget to bring back some souvenir and gifts for the members and he’d also be able to get those big time potential guests since who doesn’t want to be invited by this man???? and by wonho???
  • and hyungwon would also be overprotective like he’d literally tell shownu to bring him to [y/n] or to the members who are in danger
  • but then when he has his day off, you wouldn’t be able to get replies from him since he’d be catching zzzs or if the members are hanging with him, they’d be talking to him and if they remove their eyes off of him, he’d be asleep even if he’s just sitting down without any support from his back

Originally posted by kihqun


  • jooheon is also like yoosung but a little bit like zen in terms of ambition and dedication
  • just like minhyuk, he’s also a fresh college grad but he’s earned himself some reputation for having such charisma and strong appearance, giving off a cool vibe
  • but then he’s got a big heart, he’s really kind, loving and all that is opposite to his stage persona
  • he’s really jolly and upbeat when he’s with the members, or even he’s just talking to them
  • being a famous rapper with a lot of fans and a lot of well-known rappers as friends is also an advantage for jooheon since he can invite them to their charity party
  • since jooheon’s really close with the RFA members, he’d trust all his problems and secrets to them but those deep dark secrets are something he’d just bottle up
  • and when the members would find out about it, they’d never expect that from jooheon…. since he’s been having this happy and problem-less facade for such a long time (well he’s also like seven)
  • but then all those facade would disappear when he meets [y/n]
  • anyways, jooheon would also be the type of person to call the members from time to time, checking if their safe or any suspicious incidents that has happened and whatnot
  • and he get along perfectly with changkyun since their minds really connect when it comes to crazy antics

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • well let me tell you guys something, lim changkyun is like seven or 707
  • he’d be still a college student to be honest but then he’d stop since he’s already smart
  • he knows a lot of things that the members do NOT know about and the only person that he reports to would be shownu but then he’d slip sometimes and tell it to minhyuk, having that secret being spread within seconds
  • his house would be filled with advanced technologies and what not that he wouldn’t even dare to step out off of his house since who would not be entertained with all these awesome gadgets like c’mon!!
  • like he’d invite the fattest dog or cat to the party… who’s probably famous i guess
  • and since he likes children, he’d also invite the smartest kid in the world
  • and changkyun would also cross-dress to obtain certain information that needs to hide his identity….
  • and despite changkyun being busy with all his fancy gadgets, i think he’d still be able to throw a proper meal for himself.. unlike some people minhyuk this is for you sorry
  • and there would always be a snack that he’d always consume while doing his work and sometimes he’d just order some chinese food for his snacks or pizza idk
  • and guess what, changkyun will still have an awesome body since he works out during his free time
  • changkyun would also be that member to sprout out random facts in the chatroom, making the other members go ‘omg are u srs?!’ and he’s pretty secretive to be honest that it’d be hard to read him
Jimin misses you while he's on tour

“Hi. How was your day? I miss you.”

It’s been only a two days and jimin already wants to go home to you. He’d text you before a concert, after a concert, and basically every time he’s free. He would send you many short clips of whatever he was doing. Jimin would want to video call you anytime both of you were free, and he’d talk about his day and what new souvenir/gift he bought you that day. Jimin would want you to send him pictures and update him on your activities too.

Pentagon Yuto Boyfriend Headcanons
  • as your boyfriend, his love for you is totally unwavering
  • blushes adorably whenever you compliment him, especially in public
  • will surprise you by showing up at your door with flowers
  • brings you souvenirs and little gifts whenever he travels with Pentagon
  • often kisses your forehead or the top of your head
  • will never admit that he likes matching outfits with you
  • won’t really instigate skinship, but will go along with it if you start it
  • you get constant access to his aegyo
  • back hugs with his hands around your waist
  • likes to know that you’re safe, so he always walks with you or asks another member of Pentagon to walk with you when he can’t
  • very protective of you
  • trusts you and trusts his groupmates, so he doesn’t really get jealous when you hang out with Pentagon
  • when you go out on dates, there’s usually a sport or a game involved, like going bowling together or to watch a sports game
  • isn’t super worried about meeting your family, just really wants to make a good impression on them
  • he always thinks you look cuter than him in selfies
  • doesn’t text a lot because he’d rather be with you in person
  • but if he knows he’s going to be away for a while, he calls you everyday to check on you and hear your voice again
  • sometimes seems nervous around you but he’s just nervous that he’s not good enough for you
  • you’re his first priority and he makes sure you never forget that
  • your relationship is very steady and strong
Star Wars Preference - What Dating Them Would Include

Poe Dameron:

  • BB-8 coming to see you throughout the day to give you things such as crumpled flowers from Poe
  • Him getting a new jacket but you wearing it most of the time
  • “But I’m the best pilot in the resistance!” “And I’m the best thing that’s ever gonna happen to you!”
  • Him sneaking out a plane in the middle of the night to take you out on dates
  • Him bringing you back souvenir type gifts that reminded him of you from planets that he was supposed to be on a mission to
  • Poe teasing you just to get a reaction out of you
  • Making love
  • Kissing him hard whenever he has to go on a mission because you’re always slightly scared he’ll never come back 
  • “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” 
  • Him calling you ‘princess' 
  • You making puns out of his last name
  • Waking up in his arms while he’s humming a tune of a song
  • Him seeming like an outgoing guy but actually really struggling and being there for him whenever he’s having a hard time
  • Telling you stories from trips hes been on and exaggerating them because he likes watching your reaction
  • Basically being BB-8’s parents
  • Both of you getting jealous whenever someone else flirts with the other person 
  • Jealous sex

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo:

  • Him never wanting you to see him angry and always being scared of hurting you
  • “Your face will freeze like that one day.” 
  • Stormtroopers definitely hiding behind you when they have to deliver bad news to him
  • Him walking into meetings unknowingly with flowers and decorations in his hair that you put in there while he was sleeping
  • Angry sex
  • Holding him close to you because you know it makes him feel better
  • Being the only person that can call him Ben (but only sometimes)
  • Him smiling proudly whenever you get angry with someone
  • “Out of all the things you smile about.” 
  • Kissing his jaw
  • Him being very affectionate
  • Giving him a 'stern’ talking to when you think he’s overstepping the line… which happens to be a lot of the time 
  • Believing that there’s still some good in him 
  • Him waking you up in the middle of the night to ask you questions such as “do you see a future with us? Do you want to have kids some day?”
  • Commentating important meetings between the most powerful leaders in the First Order and all of them trying not to laugh whenever you say something funny
  • Having to reassure him about your love for him


  • Him getting shy and flustered all throughout the relationship because he never learned about girls in Stormtrooper training
  • Him definitely giving you piggybacks
  • Having to guide him in sex because he literally has no idea what he’s doing
  • Shy kisses 
  • Him grinning widely whenever you wear his shirts
  • Smacking his butt whenever you walk past him because his reaction makes you laugh every time 
  • Believing in one another
  • Him worrying that the First Order might go after you in order to get back at him for his 'betrayal' 
  • Always making each other laugh
  • Him realising he loves you and getting worried about it because hes never really loved anyone before
  • Him trying not to get jealous when other guys flirt with you but ending up walking over to you and casually putting his arm around you so they know to back off
  • Teasing him about his jealousy
  • Him telling you stories about what growing up as a Stormtrooper was like
  • Blushing whenever you get cuddly and affectionate afterwards because you feel so bad he had to grow up in the environment


  • Her being so protective over you
  • Little cute public displays of affection like her resting her head on your shoulder, you holding her hand and little cheek kisses
  • Tight, long hugs
  • Rey going bright red whenever you give her little compliments and you finding it adorable
  • Although your very quiet about your relationship, Rey makes sure that everyone knows your her girlfriend so no one 'mistakenly’ hits on you
  • She gets jealous very easily
  • You tickling her whenever she tries to be angry with you
  • The two of you play fighting with each other
  • Her telling you she loves you very quietly at night time and even in the darkness you can see she’s blushing
  • Her looking around the room for an empty chair and just sitting on your lap instead of there isn’t one
  • Being proud of one another
  • Having a personal vendetta on Kylo Ren for all that he put Rey through 
  • Always taking care of one another 
  • Her telling you stories about growing up on Jakku and both of you being so glad she doesn’t have to be there anymore

Mezen painted boxes and home utensils are the most famous and popular Russian gifts and souvenirs from Russian Mezen, it is the name of the traditional handpainting in the region of Arkhangelsk. It got it’s name after the Mezen’ river flowing into the White Sea, where villages produced painted utensils. The Mezen’s painting is the most ancient among other Russian applied art of the same kind. The craft has been originated at the time of the formation of the first Slavic tribes

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I love the idea that Cisco can be damaging while singing in the shower. He must have Cisco-d the shower to reinforce it. Also, interdimensional travel souvenirs as cheesy gifts? Yes! I kinda want to fic it now...

Cisco doesn’t sing in the shower: He Performs.  Also I’m glad you like interdimensional souvenirs!  If you fic it just make sure you credit where the idea came from.  <3

Imagine KNK at Disney World:
  • Youjin seriously contemplating getting those child leash backpacks
  • The 4 youngest fighting over what color Disney band they get to wear 
  • Getting sick after insisting on riding the Teacups twice in a row
  • Losing Heejun at least four times
  • The Most Dad you have ever seen Youjin; keeper of all the maps, schedule, fast passes, meal plan, etc.
  • Inseong singing every single Disney soundtrack. All. Day. Long.
  • Never getting over the Mickey Mouse towel decoration they leave on your beds
  • 5 grown ass men sitting through Muppets Vision 3D
  • The happiest you have ever seen Seungjun in his entire life
  • The other 4 having to physically drag Jihun on Tower of Terror
  • TORNADO POTATO!!! - Inseong
  • Youjin going on all the intense rides by himself
  • Sad!Seungjun after being told he can’t fit on the Flying Dumbo ride
  • Endlessly waiting in line for character autographs
  • Selfies. A million selfies.
  • At least 80 proof shots of Tinkerbell
  • Lots of ooo'ing and ahh'ing at the fireworks
  • Heejun singing “Its A Small World” over and over and over
  • Youjin having the time of his fricken life eating at every “country” in Epcot
  • Matching t-shirts and Mickey ears
  • Jihun getting seasick on the Jungle Cruise
  • Heejun making it his personal mission to find all the hidden Mickey’s
  • Seungjun buying a souvenir at every single gift shop despite there being, like, a thousand of them
  • The gift that is KNK on the Haunted Mansion ride
  • Buying all their on-ride camera shots
  • Everybody but Youjin crying when they have to leave

Please fire me. A professor just back from sabbatical emailed all the staff members and asked them to come into the main office at 10:00 a.m. He then doled out a souvenir for each person except me, even the receptionist who only started on Monday got a gift. I’ve worked in this department for 16 years. He even gave gifts to some of the grad students from the things he had leftover.


Therese eyes the gifts and souvenirs at the counter: fancy boxes of candy, souvenir key rings, pens. She lifts a can of specialty Virginia ham.

THERESE: Do you think something like this would appeal to an older woman?
CAROL: I suppose. Depends on the woman.
THERESE: I worked with a woman at Frankenberg’s - Ruby. But she
depressed me.
THERESE: She’s old. Alone. No money. It’s silly, I know.
CAROL: I think it’s a lovely gesture. Send it. Here.
CAROL picks up the order form and pencil and hands it to THERESE.

YJ!Aqualad and Oblivious!Crush

Requested by Anon.

Request: “Hi, I was wondering if you could do some hcs for yj!aqualad x superoblivious!crush. Good luck with your new blog! And thank you so much!”

A/N: This is mostly season 1, since I don’t think *spoiler alert* working with Manta would let him do this. Loved doing these!

- This boy. This poor poor boy. He’s got his work cut out for him.

- He’s normally so reserved and strong, but around you he just can’t keep his cool.

- Little glances when you aren’t looking, tiny smiles when you’re together, *Robin swoops in* “Is that a blush I see?!” “No.”

- It totally is a blush

- It gets worse when you notice.

- “Kaldur, are you sick? Your face is a bit red.”

  Kaldur: *blushes much harder* “I am fine.”

  “No you’re not! Look, your whole face is red now. Go and rest, I’ll call Aquaman and tell him that you’re sick.”

  “No, Y/N, please do not, I am not sick–”

  [He is too late. You have informed Aquaman and half the league. Kaldur’s already been confined to his bed by Wally and Connor.]

- After that he tries to at least hint to you how he feels.

- It doesn’t work. At all.

- He doesn’t cut you extra slack or anything, favoritism is a poor leadership trait.

- But he does try to interact with you more between missions and training. Fabulous. Now you two are best friends.

- He takes you to Atlantis fairly often, and you love it. But you think it’s really rad and it just ups his best friend meter. Romance level: 0

- He tried to get you little gifts and souvenirs from around the seas. Yay! Cool stuff, but Wally stole like half of it. Romance level: 0

- He tried “surface-dweller” techniques to get your attention. Thankfully not the pickup line. Anything but Wally’s pickup lines. He got you roses, but guess which villain showed up and made the roses grow mouths and spiky teeth? Romance level: 0

- Somehow, after many failed (and foiled) attempts at asking you out, he finally did it. But you thought it was just a best friend bonding session. Romance level: 1 (kinda)

- But lucky him, the team got called out on a mission. 

- He finally got the message to you on New Year’s Day

- You were his New Year’s kiss, and imagine your surprise when he gently pressed his lips against yours. Romance level: Over 9000

Bonus: if Kaldur still liked Tula, this would all happen a bit later, after her rejection when you were helping him with his heartbreak.

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heacanons for what a relationship with shikamaru would be like if the so was a female civilian?

Hey there. Once again sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

Originally posted by exodattebayo

Shikamaru with a female civilian S/O

  • Thinks civilians have a more slow paced lifestyle, so having a civilian s/o sounds great! He’ll be disappointed to find that aside from the combat, training and missions (most of which are replaced with something), it’s really not that different.
  • Wouldn’t proactively involve s/o with any shinobi matters unless he had to or s/o wanted. It’s not out of bad intent; He just doesn’t think it matters.
  • Related to the last one, he wouldn’t want to show off his Jutsu or anything to impress s/o either. S/o would really have to pry before he’ll agree to show them and again, it’s not out of bad intent. Showing off requires energy and effort, and probably finding someone spar with and eh… Shikamaru is fine with s/o seeing him as a normal shinobi, no matter what their idea of a normal shinobi may be.
  • Would worry and get overprotective whenever s/o would have to travel out of Konoha or anywhere risky. He’d insist on escorting them.
  • He’d bring back a small gift or souvenir for s/o from the places he’s traveled to on missions.