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Meet Fionn Whitehead, the Lead of Christopher Nolan’s Highly Anticipated Battle Epic ‘Dunkirk’

Bale. DiCaprio. McConaughey. And now, Fionn Whitehead.

The 19-year-old Brit (whose Irish first name is pronounced “Finn”) joins elite ranks as the lead actor in a Christopher Nolan joint, headlining the acclaimed filmmaker’s upcoming ensemble war, Dunkirk.

At this point Whitehead doesn’t have clearance to say anything about his character, Tommy. But if you happened to catch the intense seven-minute tease Warner Bros. unspooled on Imax screens in front of Rogue One, you’ll recognize him as one of the two poor chaps charged with hauling a stretcher over a decimated dock as enemy warplanes whiz by overhead. (While plot details on the film are also scant, we have WWII history to tell us the film is about the 1940 rescue of Allied soldiers cornered by the German army on a French beach.)

“It’s a suspense thriller,” Whitehead told Yahoo Movies. “It takes you there and you see this world through my character’s eyes and ears. And it kind of explores what it would’ve been like to be there at that time, on sea, land, and air. It’s all about survival, and the human urge to survive.” Whitehead was in Los Angeles this week where we got to know the fresh-faced star of Nolan’s fiercely intense-looking battle film. Here’s what we learned:

Dunkirk will mark Whitehead’s movie debut. The actor, who grew up in an artistic household (his dad is jazz musician Tim Whitehead) on the southwest edge of London in Richmond, performed on stage at the National Youth Theatre and Orange Tree Theatre, and was in the process of applying to drama school when he booked the lead role in Him, a three-part U.K. miniseries about a teen with supernatural powers. The casting director for Him referred Whitehead to agent Sophie Holden, who put him in contention for Dunkirk.

His hair almost got in the way of his dream role. Whitehead auditioned for Dunkirk over an extensive three-month period, with Nolan present at every tryout after the first. “For Him, they made me grow my hair out, and then they’d straighten it out every day because I’ve got quite curly hair when it grows out,” Whitehead explained. “And I remember turning up to do one of these auditions and I had this straight long hair, it just looked so ridiculous. And they’re like, ‘Um, Chris has asked if you could push your hair out of your face this audition.’ So they gave me a tub of wax and I’m slicking my hair out of my face in this ridiculous fashion.”

He was put through the ringer before production even started. “I was quite scrawny when I started out, so they saw that and realized that they might injure me in the whole process of shooting,” Whitehead laughed. So the upstart was dispatched to Dunkirk (where the majority of filming would be completed on location) two weeks early to work with the stunt team. Along with costars Harry Styles and Aneurin Barnard, Whitehead was put through a boot camp of sorts. “I did a lot of circuit training, did a little bit of boxing, did some weapons training. Then I went to the beaches and I was swimming in full war gear, which once it got waterlogged was about 60, 80 pounds. Running up the beach with stretchers with weighted dummies on them. It was quite a lot.”

Speaking of Mr. Styles… The One Direction singer also makes his film debut in Dunkirk, and Whitehead had nothing but props for the pop star-turned-actor. “He’s a lovely guy. Really hard working. There was no preferential treatment, and he didn’t ask for any. He was just a great asset to the team, one of the crew, no differentiation.”

The grueling shoot put things in perspective for the young actors. “Physically it was quite demanding,” Whitehead said of the five-month production. “So the toughest part was just keeping the energy up. Every night, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out… But that made it easier to step into the shoes of these people, knowing what they had to deal with and how they kept going.” Despite somber subject material, the cast tried to keep things light by riding bikes around set and playing the occasional game of rugby. They also learned quickly, though, not to pull any woe-is-me moves. “Any time any of us complained, somebody would say, ‘Well, at least you’re not actually there.’ And then everyone would feel so guilty and be like, ‘Oh yeah, sorry. I’m just going to crawl into a hole.'”

Whitehead abstained from fanning out over Nolan. Make no mistake, the actor was over the moon to work with the director of Memento, the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar. “He’s so present as a director,” Whitehead said. “He’s behind every shot and he creates this family-like vibe on set which really puts you at ease. It’s a very collaborative environment. I was quite apprehensive going in but that was gone straightaway because you’re in this safe space where you feel comfortable to try different things, and encouraged.” But he made it a point not to geek out over the filmmaker. “Nah, I kept it in,” he said. “I tried to play it cool.”

Bad Boy! Tom AU


Pairings: bad boy! tom x reader

Warning(s)?: mentions of ((drugs)), arguing (not between tom & reader tho)

Word Count: TWO MF THOUSAND (2k)

Summary: A huge fight between Tom and his parents breaks out, prompting them to kick him out, but he finds a temporary haven where he least expects it: with the girl next door.

A/N: there is a severe lack of bad boy tom imagines and i am here to deliver sisters!! btw let’s assume tom is like 17/18 in this? i saw the picture above and was instantly compelled to write an imagine. so i sent it to my friend kristine and asked her to make a storyline behind it. well she did and she’s wonderful and i took it and ran with it completely… whoops! i love you kris. and thank u taylor for proofing love you.


You and Tom Holland had a.. weird relationship. Ever since he’d moved all the way from Southwest London to the house right beside yours, you’d developed an almost affable bond.

And it wasn’t the typical next door neighbor relationship. You’d see Tom almost every night, whether it being because he needed late night help studying for his Physics exam, or if you needed some new song recommendations. His window was less than 25 feet away from yours, and yelling to him in the middle of the night seemed to become your specialty. His specialty was not following any type of rules or instructions unless he wanted to, and you’d figure this out eventually. You guys became close quickly, but that didn’t stop him from annoying you. It would signal a sign of the times if a day could pass without him blaring his rock (and sometimes rap) music loudly with his window open, or being loud when he chose to sneak out (or back in). And he couldn’t forget his signature wink at you when your sleepy head would emerge through your window with an angry glare.

You guys just had different likings, and rolled in different groups in high school. While Tom was more into things like smoking weed, or loitering around abandoned places with his friends, you had never really taken an interest in that stuff. Your hobbies were on the other side of the spectrum; your ideas of fun were reading for so long that your eyes started to droop or memorizing the lyrics to your favorite song in one night.

It was the summer before freshman year of college, and you planned on staying local but from what you’d heard around town, Tom had bigger plans, like moving away to NYC. And that was understandable, considering he never had the best relationship with his parents, which you’d come to figure out after living beside them for so long. They always fought, whether it was over things as little as Tom not caring enough to do his chores or things as big as him accidentally crashing his dad’s brand new BMW M3. But it was never as bad as it got tonight. You could practically hear every profane word that flew out of his parents’ mouths in absolute fury.

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requested: nope

warnings: nothing this is really cute (language is a given at this point)

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: it’s the first time you visit the holland’s at their home in london, and you’re trying your hardest to impress everyone. you aren’t tom’s lover just yet, but it’s obvious that you two fancy each other.

a/n: i’ve had this idea stuck in my head the entire day because it’s so fuckin cute. it’s pretty long, but i think it’s good. i hope u all enjoy! 

this is written in an american’s pov, but there aren’t any gender mentions in this, so it can be read in any gender once again!!

also, when i put things in parentheses, it’s usually me putting in my reactions. i do this periodically :-)

  • “y/n we don’t actually say that”
  • “tom, i have to get myself situated. with the boiling tea and crumpet chip biscuit whatevers.”
  • YEEHAW. you’re traveling to meet tom’s family back in london.
  • you’ve met harry, sam, and harrison already, but there were still three very important people to meet
  • you had met tom through a mutual actor friend who brought you on set one day
    • obviously it went like a fairy tale
    • your friend left you alone on set while they went to get snacks for you both
    • tom seen you, and came to tell you that only actors could be on set at that time
    • causing you to freak out, because UH, spider-man is speaking to you (ohMygOd, it’spEterparker)
    • which of course made tom cocky, and he was like “ayyyyy baby i’ll give u an autograph”
    • then your friend came back and officially introduced you two
    • and tom saying “you’re friends with y/f/n? i’m so sorry”
    • “i know. it’s tragic.”
    • “you two are perfect for each other” with an eye roll
  • so to say the least, you and tom had sparks from the beginning
    • not to mention the backhanded, sarcastic compliments that often lead to flirty and witty comebacks
      • “you’re cute, for 5′8″.”
      • “good thing you have a good personality because that outfit today was… :/”
      • “just wait until i see you again. you’re dead, holland
      • “well why don’t you come over right now and show me what you’d do?”
      • going over to play wrestle until you dominate him and straddle his hips while your breath is hitched and he’d just look up at you like “holy fuck
  • with the whole banter situation taking place, it kind of shocked you when tom asked you if you wanted to visit his family with him
  • like, REALLY took you off guard
  • because this was really domestic of him, and he hadn’t really ever showed that side to you
  • but nonetheless, you took the opportunity
    • took a bit of persuading to get your family to allow you, but eventually, everyone agreed. (boy it’s a good thing you got that passport that you totally didn’t get for the sole purpose of this occurring)
      • “as long as you call every morning and night, and text when necessary. and take pics.”
  • lots of preparation through facetime
    • “i heard it’s really fuckin’ cold in england. should i pack a parka?”
    • “y/n it’s not that cold. plus you won’t need two.”
    • “what do you mean i won’t need two if i-”
    • in a thick accent “peta parka.”
    • “….” deep sigh “can i get a refund for my ticket”
    • “don’t think so, love” in a soft laughing tone (AAAAHHHHHH)
  • after two or so weeks of packing and unpacking, and checking the checklist fifty times, it was finally time to depart to southwest london, darling
  •  this boy got first class tickets for the both of you
    • or at least that’s what he thought
    • he actually only got one for himself lmao
    • so instead, he swapped seats with the person beside you
      • oh my god shy hand holding on the plane would be expected
      • also cute little candids that would go up on each others instagrams wow
  • fast forward to arriving at the holland home
    • p.s., the entire car ride there was filled with little thigh touches to try and calm you down. but that only made you more nervous because god have mercy this beautiful boy wasn’t trying to act funny or anything like he usually acted, he was being genuine and that made your heart full
  • once at the door, you were greeted by nikki, dom, and a very excited tessa
    • “hello love! it’s so nice to meet you! tom has told us SOOO mu-”
    • DAD!!!!” would be said between clenched teeth while he would be blushing
  • with red cheeks of your own, you’d walk in to see the two brothers you had previously met, and a new face, who you recognized as paddy
  • sam and harry would say hello, but paddy would whisper yell to one of the brothers
    • “is that who tom calls his ‘babylove’?”
    • both you and tom would just stand there, his jaw would drop and one of your eyebrows would raise up
    • and you’d turn to tom with a huge smile and just whisper “babylove?”
    • and he’d blush even harder and be like “let me how you to your room!!!!!!!!!”
  • he’d bring you upstairs and into the guestroom so you could put your stuff up
  • then you’d follow him to his old room, and you’d sit on his bed and just have a look around while he piled his clothes into a hamper
    • hear me out
    • there would be little spider-man symbols across the wall, with some football flags strung up every so often
    • and you’d be like “you really weren’t lying about your obsession with spidey, huh?”
    • and he’d come and sit beside you and shrug while looking at his old decorations
    • you’d lean in and give him a lil kiss on the cheek before saying “it’s really cute, tom.” and he’d immediately light up and become a shy baby
  • then you’d hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and you’d pull away from each other with cute little grins
  • sam would look in and be like “mom wants to know what ya want for dinner”
    • and tom would turn to you and be like “well?”
    • and you’d insist that he choose, since he hasn’t been home in awhile
    • he’d say something he heard you talking about wanting to try
  • sam would leave and then you’d just nonchalantly grab tom’s hand and follow sam down
  • once down there, you’d be met by the family, minus nikki and sam who would venture into the kitchen
  • you’d let go of tom’s hand, and sit by paddy on the couch
    • little conversations would start up from dom
    • literally just things like “so tom said you can sing” and “tom said you guys met through a friend of yours?”
    • he wouldn’t even have to ask you questions directly because tom has told them virtually everything because the boy was swoon as fuck
  • but after a little while of tom and the rest of the family in sight getting caught up, you decided to slip out of view yourself and join nikki and sam in the kitchen
    • a “hey sweetheart! whatcha need?” coming from nikki
    • but you’d be like “i just wanted to know if you guys wanted an extra hand?”
    • sam would be like “hell yea y/n knows how ta cook”
    • but nikki would be like “that’s alright, it’s our pleasure to treat a guest of tom’s! thank you though, that’s really sweet”
  • so you’d walk back into the living room after a few “are you sure?”’s
  • and dom would be like “kicked out of the kitchen?” with a small laugh
  • and you’d answer with “yeah. you holland’s are stubborn.” 
    • which would definitely make tom pout, and your response would be to pat his cheek and say “pouting wont exclude you,” followed with a quiet “babylove.” while you dropped your hand
  • some time passed before nikki and sam returned, and nikki said dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes
    • those thirty minutes consisted of the family sharing embarrassing stories about tom
      • and him eventually hiding his red cheeks in the crook of your neck (sweet god)
  • soon, the timer went off and everyone made their way into the kitchen and got their plates
    • tbh i see the family taking all the seats around tom, so you’ll get to sit in between dom and nikki (i’d love that holy shit)
  • after dinner, you helped wash the dishes. that earned major brownie points from nikki and sam
  • it was getting kind of late, so the family suggested watching a movie or two together
    • oh my god tom would take you upstairs again and tell you to change into your pajamas because that was a tradition for movie night
      • wearing batman pajama bottoms knowing it would tease him
      • him refusing to let you go downstairs before changing into a pair of his spider-man bottoms
      • giving in once he gives you the puppy dog eyes while his forehead is pressed against yours
  • watching some sort of proper english movie because it was your first time visiting
    • angus, thongs and perfect snogging came into mind
      • harry loudly asking if you and tom ever snogged like that
    • cuddling with tom under a big blanket
  • when the family started to get a little drowsy, they decided to call it a night
  • everyone started to head upstairs, and you and tom did the same after grabbing a few snacks and some drinks
  • once in his room, you’d sit on his bed and just smirk at him until he’d ask what was up
    • and you’d immediately be like “what’s up with this lovey dovey side of you? you usually act like a sarcastic shit around me”
    • he’d just look down and press his hand against the nape of his neck and mumble “i like you”
    • and you’d say “well i got that part awhile ago”
    • but he’d sit there for a few seconds, trying to think of a way to say what he had in mind. he finally sighed and spoke out to you, “i mean, i think i’m falling in love with you”
    • and you’d sit there with your lips parted, and your eyes darting back and forth between his
    • he’d start to blabber on about how it was just a strategy that he used because he didn’t know how to show you how he really, truly felt
    • and you’d cut him off, and say “can i kiss you?”
    • and a few seconds of silence would take place before he would cup your cheeks and literally empty all the passion he held in his body out in one single kiss, while you would do the same
    • after you both pull away, he’d lower his hands and you’d both just sit and stare at each other
      • you’d raise your hand up and cup his cheek and rub your thumb across his cheekbone
    • eventually, you would say you’re tired, and press a small kiss against his lips before getting up and heading for the door
      • “goodnight, thomas.”
      • “goodnight, y/full/n.”
        • shutting the door and doing a happy dance all the way to the guest room

  • it’s sunday morning, and you couldn’t get any more sleep in due to the kiss from the night before still swimming through your memory
  • finally deciding on getting up and cooking breakfast for everyone to return all the love you were given the day before
  • carefully sneaking down to the kitchen
    • taking a long ass time to find all the ingredients you initially needed (oils, other stuff)
      • googling measurement equals because what american knows european measurements off the tom of their head
  • deciding on making some fancy omelette roll ups you once had with your actor friend
    • taking so much time to make everything perfect
  • when you finished making the omelette’s, along with some other sides, you would set everything out for easy serving, and then you would head upstairs again
  • since it was a sunday, everyone slept in
    • you’d gently knock on everyone’s door, and say breakfast was waiting for them downstairs
  • but when you got to tom’s door, you’d softly knock before heading on in
    • tom would be sleeping on the side of the bed that faced the window, and you would walk over to that side and crouch down
    • you would subconsciously lay your bent arm on the bed by toms face, and lay your head on your arm. you’d raise your free hand up to toy with a few loose curls while you looked over his features
    • he’d eventually wake up, and smile in a way that was really wide, but evidently tired
      • he would kiss your forehead and say “what a good way to wake up; an angel playing with my hair.”
    •  you’d giggle really quietly and stand up while saying “c’mon, babylove. i’ve made breakfast.”
    • and he’d pull you down onto the bed with him, and pepper little kisses against your shoulders, collarbones, neck, and cheeks before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips!!!
    • while he rested his forehead against yours, you decided to confess something you totally forgot to last night, “by the way,” you’d say in a really soft voice while swiping a messy curl from his temple, “i think i’m falling in love with you, too.”


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A Year Later

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: A little bit of kinky stuff, but nothing too extreme. Mostly just fluff.

Summary: You met Tom one day on the streets of New York City about a year ago. Now you travel with him almost anywhere he goes and he’s fallen for you.

A/N: I’ve been working on this for a bit. I just love Tom so much. By the way this imagine is written in both the reader’s and Tom’s perspective and it begins with the reader’s. I hope you enjoy. :)

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou

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Hello! These are all of my personal writing, whether they were posted on my main or on my sideblog. Enjoy!

Tom Holland:

Good Morning

Tom brought you home to Kingston with him to meet his parents and all that. This is after your first night staying there and the lovely moments just after the two of you wake up in each other’s arms. It’s pure fluff.

Good Night

He flew you out to Atlanta during filming just because he missed you so much. This is what happens right before you spend the night with him for the first time. It is also pure fluff.

Not so Lazy Day

You’re enjoying your precious time with Tom, enjoying the peaceful afternoon in bed, when his phone lights up alerting the two of you that he has to go to work. You don’t like it, and neither does he. It’s cute, domestic fluff and gives you all the feels.


This is a request from a writing prompt and is about Tom comforting you and loving on you after a run in with the paparazzi. You think about breaking up with him, it’s that bad. See what happens next..

#93 Part 1 ;  #93 Part 2 ; #93 Part 3 ; #93 Part 4

This is also a writing prompt request, but I made it into an 1800′s AU like in Pride and Prejudice but different. You’re a wealthy daughter to parents that mostly want to sell you to the highest bidder for more money. Tom is your stable boy. Love a good forbidden romance.

Beach Day

This is a fat positivity writing about a chubby lover of Tom’s being nervous about changing in the same room as him. He makes you feel loved and cherished and as wonderful as you are. It’s fluff.


A One Shot about coming home to Tom after he had been working out all day and what ensued after he felt a little frisky. It’s probably PG-13 but it doesn’t go the way scenes like this usually do.

How it Feels to Date Tom Holland

A sort of poetic, yet realistic look at what it would be like if you and Tom were together. It’s from your point of view and talks about some of the things you two go through to be in love. I love it.

Shuddering Gasp

There’s a storm raging in Southwest London as you and Tom enjoy the evening together in his apartment. You want to confess your love, but a twist of events leaves the both of you shaken up.

Smut 18+ Do Not Read Unless You Are 18 or Older

You and Tom went out to dinner on a date and head back to his apartment for a little dessert if you know what I mean…

After Party Smut 18+ ONLY

Tom flies out to L.A. with you for the MTV Movie and TV awards and the entire day he’s super frisky. IT all builds up into an after party scene. Enjoy?

Peter Parker


You are dating Peter Parker who is none other than Spider-Man himself, and since he likes you so much he’s constantly saving you. In this scenerio when something happens to you, and he swoops in to save the day, you’re a little less than thankful. Angst, action, romance. It has it all.

I Took the Bullet

This is my personal favorite imagine I’ve written so far. It’s really pretty but very very sad and it might make you cry. I recommend listening to sad music while you read to add to the experience.

The Big Secret

You confront Peter about why he’s avoiding you during school, and after you guys kiss a little bit you figure it out for yourself. You give him your heart and he doesn’t really return the favor, for good reason. You both end up crying. It’s not the best… but it’s different. Also, you aren’t yourself.

My Hero

A short instance about a sweet kiss you share with the superhero that rescued you. It was inspired after seeing the sweet kiss at the end of the movie IT (2017) and then I sort of just made it about 19-year-olds.


This was to celebrate my 50th follower loosely inspired by the song Moonlight by Ariana Grande. Your parents are top scientist at Oscorp probably which puts a big target on your head, so Spider-Man pays extra attention to you. You hate it, get mad, but then calm down and something weird happens. Read it for yourself!

Lovely Night

You meet a cute boy at a cafe and enjoy live music night, and then he walks you home. It is pure uncut, untamed, and innocent fluff. Makes my heart warm and tingly.

The Breakup

This is how you break up with Peter Parker.

Drivers Ed

This was a request based on a gif that you’ll see on the post. You help Peter figure out how to drive properly, he uses his Spidey Senses, it’s cool and tense at one little spot. You get some pizza. It’s fun.

Fire Starter Pt. 1

Peter Parker inadvertently turns you into a superhuman. It’s action packed and really cool and I’m excited about how it came out.

Into Your Scarf

You’re going on a date with your average boyfriend, Peter Parker. The two of you meet up at a diner for dinner when a robber storms the store. Peter must act fast as Spider-Man to save the day, but when happens afterwards when you start to suspect what’s going on with him? It’s cute.

A New Hero ; Part 2

You catch up with Spider-Man after a month of not seeing each other, which you didn’t really mind. You’re a hero in Queens, he’s a hero in Queens. You just know it’ll make things weird.

Study Sesh

Peter has a normal afternoon studying with you for an important test the next day. The two of you get along, and not once does he worry about the trials of Spider-Man. It’s just the two of you pining for a teenage romance.

“Protect Me”

Spider-Man is saving you, but you know it’s Peter because you’re dating, and you do not want to be there. It’s sad, but not heartbreaking.

Just Friends

Peter drops a notebook as he rushed home, and since you watched it happen and were right behind him, you followed him into an alleyway and saw something that you shouldn’t have- at least to Peter. It’s angsty, and also cute.

How Peter Parker Feels About You

This is in Peter’s point of view of what happens after the team gets back from D.C. and you’re there waiting for him.

The Family Series

Writings about interactions with the people that matter most in Peter’s life.

How I Chose to Feel Better

When your relationship with Harrison falls apart, it’s the most unexpected person who comes to your rescue

(2,750 Words)

Warnings: drinking, language, smutty smut

A/N: ok I made Harrison seem like SUCH A BAD GUY but it was the only way to make this request work lmao PLZ DON’T HATE ME

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Harrison and I were once the perfect couple. Every single day was perfect, so long as it was with him. Hell, even going to the DMV could be a blast if he would accompany me. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t picture what our life would be like: a bunch of kids, a big country house in Southwest London, and eventually growing old somewhere on a remote beach. That was all before he started prioritizing other things. The two of us would go out almost every weekend, c’mon, we were British for fuck’s sake. We would get completely wrecked, then poor Tom would have to drive us back to our apartment where we would have beautiful, loving, and filthy sex.

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humble beginnings pt.4 | tom holland

 part one  part two  part three

summary: finally finally finally final

a/n: the last part/sentence is a little cheesy (sorry i’m a cheeseball) ALSO there might be an epilogue?? maybe?? idk you guys tell me! (i might just write one anyways bc i feel like there needs to be a definite end, ya know?)

The light of your phone and the muted TV are the only sources of light in the living room as you do nothing to fight your temporary insomnia by thumbing through Instagram and distractedly replying to texts from your friends back home.


In a day’s time, you’ll be on a flight back to California, picking up life where you left off. 

Despite your eagerness to see your own family again, your reluctance to leave England so quickly doesn’t have as much to do with the rainy weather (though you’ll miss it) as it does Tom. You know it’ll take more than distance to ruin your relationship with him, but you can’t help but–

“Penny for your thoughts?” The playful lilt in Tom’s groggy voice is unmistakable as he emerges from his room, looking disheveled and unkempt, but awake nonetheless.

You swing your legs off the length of the couch to make room for him, instead folding them to sit cross-legged.

“Just thinking about having to leave in a few days,” you say, tossing him a closed lipped smile. “Why are you awake?”

He sighs and leans back against the couch cushions, tousling his hair before shooting you a teasing grin, “You’ve messed up my sleep schedule. I think now I’m on American time.”

You roll your eyes and tell him to shut up, watching his eyes close and the smile slowly drop from his lips; when a silence settles between you two, you’re left wondering if he fell back asleep.

“Are you worried?” He asks, albeit a little cryptically, eyes still shut. “About going back to California, I mean. It could just be me, but you seem a little anxious.”

As always, Tom hits the nail right on the head.

You laugh a little and it prompts him to open his eyes and turn his full attention to you. In the face of those warm brown eyes you know all too well, you can’t stop yourself from confiding in him.

“Yeah, I guess you could say I’m a little worried about leaving,” you sigh wistfully, remembering how at home you felt being back in Southwest London, surrounded by some of the people you love most. “But, I think what I’m most concerned about is not knowing when I’ll be back here. I don’t know when I’m gonna see you again, and that’s kind of…strange.”

Tom doesn’t disagree. After a lifetime of having you with him through everything, the idea of not having you at all leaves a bad taste in his mouth. But he senses your growing apprehension and he doesn’t want to exacerbate it by telling you that he’s thinking the same, morbid thoughts, so he attempts to alleviate the tension.

“Oh, come on, you’re not gonna miss me that much,” he says, teasing smile playing at his lips.

“But I will!” you say through a laugh. “Especially ‘cause I, like…”

You’re so close to telling him, but you’re quick to catch yourself and you trail off, leaving Tom hanging in suspense as you purse your lips in attempts to keep yourself from talking.

Tom prompts you to continue with raised eyebrows, doing his best to maintain an air of nonchalance, “‘Cause you, like…what?” 

He thinks he knows what’s coming next, but he want’s to be absolutely sure before he jumps the gun and ruins everything; he’s always had the inkling that you feel the same way he does. After all, to him, you’re an open book.

With a wave of your hand, you dismiss it, “No, nothing. It’s silly.”

Leaning ever so slightly closer to you, he urges you to continue, eyes brimming with an unspoken hope. An uncharacteristic seriousness commands his voice as he speaks just above a whisper, “It might not be as silly as you think.”

After years of growing up together, yours and Tom’s unspoken communication works like a well oiled machine and the next thing you know, you’re both coming to the same understanding and leaning in to close the short distance separating you.

And when your lips finally, finally meet his, a lifetime of memories with Tom flash behind your eyelids - from the playground, to high school graduation, to helping him search for his first apartment.

And when you feel him smile into the kiss, you realize that every moment, every memory, every thought has culminated in this. The slow, gradual transformation from best friends to lovers; it’s cliche and you feel like the protagonist of a corny romantic comedy, but because you’re with Tom, you don’t seem to care. 

He pulls away briefly, only to go in for another one, and another, and another until you’re laughing too much to kiss him back. 

Overwhelmed and a little out of breath, Tom slings an arm across your shoulders to tug you tightly to his side, undeniable grin working its way onto his face at the sound of your unfiltered giggles. It’s an awkward position at best, but it’s comfortable nonetheless.

Tom does the little work it takes to press an all but friendly kiss to the top of your head, speaking into your hair, “God, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

You laugh and tilt your head up, telling him that you know the feeling better than he thinks. And when he kisses you again, you remember the little boy you met on your first day of school, asking if you wanted to play with him, with sand in his uniform and the beginnings of love in his heart, you smile to yourself and think:

Who knew our relationship would have such humble beginnings?


For the second time that week, Harrison strolls into the living room to find the two of you asleep on the couch, except this time, there’s something notably different. He has a nagging feeling he knew what it was, but decides that whatever happened between the two of you in between the hours he went to bed and woke up must have been extraordinary.

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Tom Holland: Boxer

Summary: Tom Holland is a new boxer at your gym. Feat boxer!tom au & marital arts!reader 

(A/N: I’ve done karate for the past eight years and this! is! a dream! Thank you to @ballyhoobarnes and @tbholland for my inspiration to write my own boxer!tom )

Your favorite place to go was the gym. Except, your gym wasn’t typical. It had a boxing ring (equipped with practice rings), marital arts studios, and specialized weight rooms. You have been training with the professional marital artists for several years now; the studio was your happy place. It was a place for you to clear your head and forget the nuisances of daily life. 

The majority of your closest friends either were fellow marital artists, boxers, or both. It wasn’t abnormal for you to train with the boxers on random days or vice versa, as both sports had some overlapping skill sets. From years together, everybody at the gym was close-knit, so when a new member joined it was quite obvious. 

“Have you seen him?” your best friend asked while you two were getting dressed for lifting that afternoon. 


Tom,” they whispered; your eyebrow raised in question. “He’s new here. I saw him the other day… think he’s a boxer… and a cute boxer at that.”

“Hmm,” you murmured, putting on your gloves. “We’ll see, I guess. You ready?”

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Tom’s Little Sister | Harrison Osterfield

Summary: The reader is Tom Holland little sister and develops a crush on his best mate, Harrison Osterfield. Harrison brings reader to the Spiderman: Homecoming premiere and things start to develop…

Warning: Language?

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot (extended scene here)

Requested by: @neewtmas


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Switzerland’s Roger Federer kisses the winner’s trophy after beating Croatia’s Marin Cilic in their men’s singles final match, during the presentation on the last day of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, southwest London, on July 16, 2017. Roger Federer won 6-3, 6-1, 6-4.


                         Ode To Nature (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)

“Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (brand name Kew) is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. An internationally important botanical research and education institution, it employs 723 staff (FTE). Its board of trustees is chaired by Marcus Agius, a former chairman of Barclays.The organisation manages botanic gardens at Kew in Richmond upon Thames in southwest London, and at Wakehurst Place, a National Trust property in Sussex which is home to an internationally important Millennium Seed Bank, whose scientists work with partner organisations in more than 95 countries. Seed stored at the bank fulfils two functions: it provides an ex-situ conservation resource and also facilitates research around the globe by acting as a repository for seed scientists. Kew, jointly with the Forestry Commission, founded Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent, specialising in growing conifers.The organisation has an average of 1 million paying visitors per year. Its 326-acre site at Kew has 40 historically important buildings and collections of over 40,000 species of plants and it became a United Nations World Heritage Site on 3 July 2003

Purple Rain

Summary: Tom Holland wakes up somewhere he doesn’t belong and finds a girl who is like, totally, tubular.

Warnings: Language (some slang from the 80′s that some might find offensive)

Word Count: 2741

This photo got me feeling some type of way about an 80′s Tom so, I did a thing and it makes me laugh so don’t take this too seriously. Also this is going to have a few more parts to it so let me know what you think and if you’d like to be tagged. 


Tom was walking alone in the middle of the night when it happened. He always took the same shortcut through the alley to get home, but this time, he hit a dead end, meaning he must have gone down the wrong alley. He turned to walk away, when he heard Whip It by DEVO in the distance, it peaked his interest only because he didn’t think anyone would be listening to this 30 years after it was popular; it was DEVO and not even the good DEVO, nobody listened to DEVO. He followed the techno beat into a brick building next to him, the sound getting louder and louder with every step.

The sound took him up three flights of stairs before he found an empty room with a CD player sat next to the open window. Tom went over to the player to turn it off and look around, as he stood looking out of the window, he heard shuffling behind him. He whipped his head around and in that instant, he felt himself getting pushed out of the window he was standing in front of. Before he could hit the floor, he closed his eyes and braced himself for impact, but lost consciousness before he could feel the pavement under him.

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sam holland head canon-coffee runs in the rain

okay so this is my first time writing about sam so I hope it doesn’t suck!! enjoy and tell me how you like it darlings!! :)

a/n: this is pure sweet fluff and I’ll put this on my masterlist soon 

your dialogue/sam’s dialogue

  • it didn’t take very much convincing to get Sam to go to the local café with you in the rain
  • he only said yes because he loves you so much
  • so there you were running down the sidewalks of southwest London during the thunderstorm
  • when a particularly ear-splitting bout of thunder came, you freaked out
  • you squealed and buried your face into sam’s chest, wrapping your arms around him
  • somehow you both were still running
  • “oh, love”
  • “what????”
  • sam’s deep chuckles set his chest rumbling and he gave you a kiss on your hair
  •  finally, you had arrived
  • sam had sat you down at a table wrapping his coat around your body which was shaking from the cold
  • he also insisted on getting your drinks for you both
  • “sam it’s okay I can do it”
  • “no darling, I insist” and he swoops down and kisses your temple
  • omg I love sam he’s so sweet and caring where can I get one??
  • you drummed your fingers against the table, waiting for sam to come back with your drinks
  • “here you go y/n” he said as he handed you your hot chocolate
  • “thanks Sammy” he never got mad when you called him that bc again, so whipped!!
  • “you’re welcome sweetheart” he smiled warmly at you and leaned across the table to peck your cheek
  • okay headcanon that sam calls girls sweetheart like omg I can’t???
  • you both had light, happy conversation fueled by your warm drinks
  • when both your cups were drained you both noticed that the rain had stopped
  • you then walked home together with sam’s arm around your waist
  • like how cute is my boi sam tho???


The Color of Sunshine (th)

Cabbie!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k+

Summary: You collapse into the back of the first cab that will pull over for you, dripping wet from the rain, you immediately break into tears and beg the taxi driver, “Can you just drive? Somewhere? Anywhere?”

Warnings: This lacks a happy ending but it’s mostly pretty fluffy, tiny bit of language

Author’s Note- First fic! Yay, I’m excited! I know it’s pretty short but I hope you like it anyway :)

No masterlist yet | Ask Box

Rain pounded against the glass, blurring the roads ahead and turning streetlights into hazy glowing circles. The windshield wipers slid across Tom’s vision faster than his eyes could follow them, but still not fast enough to keep all the rain out of his way. He drove aimlessly, hoping to see someone waving their arms or whistling at him through the blur of his windows. Frank Sinatra drifted quietly from his radio, the only thing entertaining him as he turned down street after street. It was late, but that meant nothing in New York City, and it was pouring rain, which again, meant nothing.

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