southwest fashion

“Elegantly dressed negro woman (possibly one of Sadie Orchard’s girls)”, portrait of an unidentified African American woman from the mining area of Hillsboro and Kingston, New Mexico

Photographer: J.C. Burge
Date: 1885 - 1892?
Negative Number 076431

Postmodern Boa, by Navajo artists David Gaussoin & Wayne Nez Gaussoin

This piece is featured in the Peabody Essex Museum’s “Native Fashion Now” exhibit, on display Nov 21 through March 6. The exhibit features many of the indigenous artists we have posted on this blog, including Jamie Okuma & Patricia Michaels. Visit for more information. 


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.1.16

theme thursday: cacti finds

screen-printed ladies’ cactus tee in bloom pink by doopsdesigns

LOVE the alternative color palette for this fun screen-printed cactus tee! doopsdesigns sells different varieties of these cacti-adorned items — other tees and tanks, plus accessories and home items as well.