Reflection Canyon is one of the unique wonders in the Southwest. Located in a remote section of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Reflection Canyon offers unparalleled views of the Colorado River twisting and winding through colorful sandstone cliffs. After the tough hike to reach Reflection Canyon, photographer Wan Shi was rewarded with this spectacular shot. “This has to be the most colorful and surreal scene I have ever seen in American Southwest.” Photo by Wan Shi (

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Discovering #PlantsOnPink with Painter Stella Maria Baer

To see more colorful botanical posts on Instagram, browse the #PlantsOnPink hashtag.

Every week, we’re showcasing some of the most creative community hashtags on Instagram. Today we’re highlighting #PlantsOnPink. “I like the hashtag because it is a meditation on color,” explains painter Stella Maria Baer (@stellamariabaer). “I spend a lot of time thinking about the colors of the desert in the Southwest where I grew up. Adobe walls often show up in the #PlantsOnPink photographs, some from my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.” The cactus gardens of Arizona and California are the perfect place to snap a photo and contribute to the hashtag, but for those who can’t travel so far, Stella assures us: any pink wall will do.

A natural wonderland created by stone and erosion, Arches National Park offers unforgettable experiences. When visiting the park this summer, photographer Derek Cronk looked up and saw a shimmering rainbow framed in the massive window of Delicate Arch. “I felt lucky to be in such an incredible location as it was, but it took my breath away to be presented with such an amazing opportunity.” Lucky and good is a great combination. Photo courtesy of Derek Cronk.