"Everyone’s doing it" // I decided I’m going to put all my chores first today.. That means laundry (clothes currently in the wash), grocery shopping (sitting down now with a cup of joe writing my list), I’d like to go to the gym (two day hiatus thanks to migraines and nausea), maybe even clean and organize my room (I say this every weekend and it never gets done!) // #snow #viewfrommybackdoor #southsideslopes #winterwonderland #Pittsburgh #coffeethenimout

Really challenging workout today. I walked (ran what I could but it was pretty icy) down and up a Southside Slopes staircase that starts up at Patterson and ends at the bottom of Greeley and Josephine.. It was difficult, I stopped a couple times to catch my breath and got a couple decent shots of the city too! // now I’m off to the Strip District for the #stripdistrictmusicfest // #Pittsburgh #steelcitygrammers #viewfromastaircase #viewfromahill #southsideslopes