Watch: This is the fantastic new movie about the Obamas’ first date that comes out tomorrow

Everyone loves Michelle Obama. In Southside With You (in theaters August 26), a movie about the Obamas’ first date, producer and star Tika Sumpter introduces us to someone with whom America is less familiar: Michelle Robinson.

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Joaquin & the Southside Serpents

Bitch I have so many questions. What’s his story? How old is he? Do him and Jughead know each other? Is he a dropout? And if he is, would it be from Central since no one recognizes him. If he’s older, how old is he? Because I’m pretty sure Kevin is around 15/16. What if Joaquin is 18 or older? How important will he be? Do the serpents have anything to do with Jason’s murder or the Blossom family in general. Will Jughead find out about Hermione’s deal and if so will he be upset with Veronica? AhhhhhH

Read this fucking shit

Stop!!!! Talking!!!! Shit!!!!! About!!!! Shameless!!!!! You don’t know a shit about it!!! Stop giving out sentences if you didn’t watch all the seasons!!!!!! The show is trying to face the reality, the sad reality, the innate deterioration of a poor neighbourhood. Stop saying the producers try to make homophobic jokes, racist jokes and everything. If you don’t you, if you can’t accept that, well THAT’S THE FUCKING REALITY! We live in a world where an amount of people STILL THINK HOMOSEXUALS HAVE SORT OF A MENTAL ILLNESS BECAUSE THEY LIKE PEOPLE OF THE SAME SEX, STILL THINK BISEXUALS ARE CONFUSED, STILL THINK THAT TWO WOMEN HAVING SEX ARE GOOD TO MAKE A PIG EXCITED, STILL THINK THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE LESS WORTH OF WHITE PEOPLE. Guess what? THAT’S THE WORLD WE LIVE IN! A show like Shameless is not trying to spread hate or homophobia, IS TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT IS FUCKING SAD, FUCKING REAL, FUCKING DEGRADING, FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE THAT STILL IN 2017 WE HAVE THESE PROBLEMS. And what the fuck did you expect? CAN YOU FUCKING SEE WHERE THE HOLE PLOT IS SET? As far as I know, from the show, from what the show shows us, all the characters live in a poor neighbourhood, where you find violence, bullying, prostitution, loot and where everyone has guns, because yes, in a reality like that a gun is fucking necessary, but not necessary because there’s a low that allows to keep them, but it’s necessary BECAUSE THE PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE FORCES YOU TO HAVE A FUCKING GUN. You know, someone could knock on your door someday and treat you with a gun, what the fuck do you do? Will you call the police? The police lives in that neighbourhood too, what do you think the police would say to you if not “you live here and you don’t have a fucking gun”? Think about it. So, seriously, did you expect characters to be open-minded, patient and reliable in a reality like the one of the Southside? Did you expect the fucking freedom and freedom of expression people CAN have in a big city like London or something?
The thing that you don’t understand is that even if the show lets you see all of this at the same time IT IS TRYING TO SAY THAT THOSE PROBLEMS STILL EXIST, THAT THESE COMMUNITIES NEED TO WAKE UP, NEED A FUCKING HELP. Also what the fuck, in the show there are two gay characters. PAY ATTENTION AND WATCH THE SHOW BEFORE TALKING. Can you notice the fucking character development of Mickey Milkovich? How he went FROM being an homophobe, not accepting himself for being an homosexual TO completely dealing with it, accepting himself for who he is, growing up, getting along with himself, fighting for HIS LOVE, doing his coming out in front of his homophobic father and in front of A HOLE AUDIENCE OF HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE IN A FUCKING FILTHY BAR OF THE SOUTHSIDE. He said “I want everyone to know here that I’m fucking gay” do you even know how much important is this? Do you even know how much bravery and determination he took to say a thing like that? How much fear he had to come out to his father, because yes, he’s a bitch, but IS STILL YOUR FATHER AND YOU STILL FEEL YOU DISAPPOINTED HIM IN A KIND OF A WAY IF IT TOOK LIKE 20 YEARS YOU TO COME OUT. And you know what? As a gift, after his coming out, Mickey Milkovich got beaten up BY HIS OWN FATHER AND HIS FATHER SHITTY FRIENDS. SO YOU TALKING AND JUDGING A SHOW WITHOUT HAVING ANALYSED IT AND WATCHED IT WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION, BE CAREFUL BEFORE GIVING OUT SENTENCES THAT ARE BULLSHIT.