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Do we know for certain that the audition tape for the ghoulie is going to be the real dialogue for the episode? (In regards to Jughead having to start dealing if they lose the race.) They released that audition tape for Reggie and there's no way that's going to be a real scene. Even the Toni one seemed a little weird because Jughead's already been to Southside High. Why show him around when it's not even his first day?

i’m pretty confident that it is. the only reason i can think of that they’d give the actors made up scenes to read is if they were trying to prevent spoilers from getting out– but since we know the race part is true, the only part they’d be changing is what’s on the line. that doesn’t really make sense to me. if they were worried about spoilers, they’d have made the scene completely up. plus, we know betty and veronica are investigating the ghoulies/the JJ because fans took pictures of lili and cami filming a scene where veronica buys JJ from a ghoulie. that ties in with the part of the audition tape where they somehow end up with mal, and archie and jughead are surprised to see them 

i’m also pretty sure the scene with toni is real. it was said that she’s his peer mentor at southside high, which is what betty was for veronica and she gave her a tour of the school 

as for the reggie audition tape, they could have given them the same sides ross got when first auditioning for reggie. he wasn’t in the first ep much, which was all that was written when they started casting, so maybe they made up a scene for him. or it was a real scene that got scrapped because it was too raunchy for the cw 

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