Just One More. (Sweet Pea x Reader)

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Summary: Y/N suffers from many issues, however Sweet Pea is there to help her through.

Word Count: 1,004

Gif not mine. Requests are open!

Warnings ~ Self Harm, mentions of suicide.


Just one more. Every time is the last. I promise myself it will be the last. Although it never is. It’s a never ending cycle. A bad habit I’m unable to break.

The marks on my arms show my weakness. Blood drips from my wrist on to the tiled floor of Riverdale High’s bathroom. Grabbing a tissue from my bag, I wipe the blade clean. I dab the tissue on the wound and pull the sleeves of my sweater down. To keep it a secret.

When it’s over, I go back to class. I pretend to be normal. As normal as one can be in Riverdale.

Entering the cafeteria I spot my gang of antisocial misfits. The Serpents of course. Sliding into the seat next to Sweet Pea, he instantly wraps an arm around my waist. Pulling me closer towards him, close enough I can rest my head on his shoulder.

“I wish I was as happy as you two.” Fangs states, as I glance up at my beaming boyfriend.

Happy. Is that how people see me? I’m far from happy. It would be a whole lot easier if I could just be happy.

“You okay Y/N? You seem pretty quiet.”

Sweet Pea is concerned. Of course he is. I haven’t muttered a word. I guess when you can feel your sweater sticking to the blood on your wrist you can’t concentrate on the conversation taking place.

“I’m fine, just a bit under the weather.”

He nods, understanding my statement, believing that I’m telling the truth. I wish I could tell him the truth. Yet I can’t. I’m just not ready yet. Not ready to share my shameful secret. I’ve already put off having sex with him, just so he won’t see. I’m surprised he isn’t bored of me yet.

“So Y/N, you going to come to the Wyrm tonight?”

Looking up at Toni, I notice her eyes fixated on mine. Clearly working out that something is going on. That I’m hiding something.

“Probably not. I’m really tired.”

Her eyes narrow but she nods. Not taking her eyes from mine. Of course, the only other girl at the table can work out something is wrong. Sometimes I really do hate Toni. Although I suppose it’s a good thing she’s looking out for me. You don’t get many people like her around here. Loyal.

Once the finally bell rings for the day, I make a dash for the exit. Trying not to bump into any fellow Serpents. Or Bulldogs for that matter. The material of my sweater clings to my arm and I can tell it’s going to hurt when I peel it off.

I practically run to my trailer, flopping down on the sofa and pulling my sweater over my head. As predicted the soft cotton is stuck to my arm and it’s painful to remove. Slowly I manage to pull it from the sticky substance, throwing it in the laundry basket.

Running some cold water over my wrist, I rid my skin of the blood. Looking at myself in the mirror I can’t help but feel disgusted. Wearing only my bra and jeans, I can see all my flaws. The scars littered across my wrists. The stretch marks on my stomach. The size of my thighs. Should I go on a diet? Should I stop eating? Should I just die altogether? Maybe that would be the best option? Give up.

Climbing into the bathtub, I make myself as small as physically possible. Curling up into a ball. Tears spill from my eyes, I’m tired of holding it all in. I’m destroying myself and I don’t even care anymore.

I stop holding it back. I let all my emotions break free. It’s not my first breakdown. Though it’s been a while.

“Y/N, baby.”

The words ring in my ears. My limp body is lifted, placed on my bed. Opening my bloodshot eyes, I see Sweet Pea. He looks defeated and hopeless. It’s a side of him I’ve never seen.

Without realising what he is doing, he lifts my arms. Glancing down at the scars. The one part of me that I’m most ashamed of has finally been revealed.

Sweet Pea sighs, laying down next to me. His arms wrapped around my waist as usual. He doesn’t say anything, not that I want him too. He just simply lays there. Letting me cry in his arms.

Part of me is relieved that somebody finally knows. After years of internal torture somebody finally knows. I’m glad that person is Sweet Pea. I know I’m safe with him. He can protect me. Even from myself.

“I can’t do it anymore Pea. I need help.”

My voice is a whisper, barely that. Sweet Pea hums. Softly agreeing with me. He wants me to get help. I want to get help. I need to get help. It’s the only way I can pull through this dark time. The only way I could possibly be happy.

For the first time in what feels like years. I feel hope. Hopeful that I could possibly have a normal life. Hopeful that the pain will go away. Hopeful that maybe I can be happy.

“I love you Sweet Pea.”

I can feel the smile radiating off the boy. His grip around my waist tightens as he squeezes me gently. Careful not to hurt any part of me.

“I love you too.”

A soft smile appears on my face. Slowly manoeuvring myself to face Sweet Pea, I look up into his soft, chestnut eyes. One of my hands finds it’s way to his hair and I play with the strands at the nape of his neck.

“Forever and always?”

Pea looks down at me, a shine in his eyes. One I’ve never seen before. Pressing his lips to my temple, a buzz runs through my body. A buzz I hope to feel again.

“Forever and always.” He replies, pressing his lips to mine in a sweet but passionate kiss. A kiss fuelled by hope.

Toni: The stars are beautiful.

Cheryl: Yeah.

Toni: But do you know what else is beautiful?

Cheryl *blushing*: What?

Toni: Yo-

Sweet Pea: Me! I’m beautiful. Im fabulous. I’m tHE SHIT.

Mirror On The Wall - [Sweet Pea]

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Requested: No, but it’s based on the post by @nerdpeterparker: Is there any Sweet Pea smut where he just fucks “y/n” senseless in front of a mirror and makes them watch? Please tag me or send it to me. If there isn’t any, please write one.

Here ya go! Hope it matches with your expectations :)

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Warning: NSFW

Word count: 3K+

You felt his dark eyes on your as soon as you made your entrance in the Whyte Wyrm. They studied your body, watching the sway of your skirt that reached mid-thigh and the v-neck shirt you were wearing that led to a deep cut into your cleavage, yet showing off not too much at the same time. You pretended like you hadn’t even seen him at the pool table, looking handsome as ever. Or well, he looked more like a damn delicious snack too, but hey, you weren’t the one who was going to make the first move, especially not with Sweet Pea shamelessly ogling you like that. You made your way over to the bar, finding Toni in front of it with Fangs instead of behind the counter to pour everyone’s drinks.

Sweet Pea’s fingers curled tighter around the pool stick he was holding and he swore he heard the wood crack a slight bit under his crushing grip. His jaw slacked as he saw how Fangs’ swung his arm around you, his hand dropping to your hip and he was about to slam the stick down on the table and tell his friend to get his hands off you. “Pea, your turn”. Another Serpent nudged his shoulder and his eyes flickered back down to the table. “Nah, you can go without me”. Sweets replied and put the pool stick back in the corner where they were usually stashed. He slowly got over to you, letting his dark hues slight over your dreamily long legs, which were covered a thin pair of tights and some heeled combat boots on your feet.

“Jughead is on a nice weekend away with Betty, Veronica and Archie, did you hear about that?”. Toni started while put the strap of her drink between her lips. “I heard so, yes. I hope they’re having fun, and besides…”. Your voice faded away as Fangs rushed to get his arm away from you, a grin curling the Serpent’s lips as he looked at someone over his shoulder. You barely had any time to see who it was as the arm of the person pulled you into a firm chest. “And besides what?”. Sweet Pea’s baritone voice rasped and you could barely remember the words you wanted to say. “And besides it will be good to have no laptop for a weekend for Jones”. You finished and felt Sweet Pea pulled a barstool his way to sit down on it.

Toni and Fangs nodded and exchanged some looks as Sweet Pea’s arm was curled around the small of your back, his hand resting on your leg. You gave them a look back, shrugging as if it meant nothing, yet everyone in this room knew it meant something. You and Pea were like fire and gasoline ever since you two met. Every time you talked to a guy, he made sure it was him you’d finish the evening with and the other way around. People seemed to forget your name and just labelled you as ‘Pea’s girl’. “Don’t you have anything to drink?”. He asked and you turned your head to look into his eyes, only to find his face a couple inches away from yours. You shook your head. “But I’d like some, a whiskey coke would be perfect”. You sweetly smiled.

Sweet Pea chuckled and knew you would say something like that. He simply liked getting you all riled up and annoyed with him. He ordered your drink, popping the strap in it himself and shoving it your way. “Thanks, Pea”. You replied, keeping your eyes on his as you wrapped your lips around the strap to get a taste of the strong liquor. His jaw clenched at the sight and his eyes hardened, making you contently turn your head. “You’re such a tease already, doll”. Pea’s lips brushed over the shell of your ear as he pulled you closer to his chest. “I can either tease you too or you get into the restroom within ten minutes, baby girl, I’ll leave it up to you”. He hummed, only for your ears to hear. Your eyebrows raised and you shot him a flirty smile.

The Serpent’s large hand covered the half of your upper leg, his fingers tapping against your skin and you quietly clenched your thighs together at the thought of what he was going to do to you in the restroom of the Wyrm. You made yourself loose from his grip as soon as you reached the bottom of your glass. You placed it delicately on the counter and hopped off the barstool, smoothing out your skirt which Sweet Pea had slightly stroked upwards. You gave him a last look before you walked to the restroom, closing the door behind you and just moving towards the mirror to check your perfect make-up that was about to get ruined anyway. And you’d let it be ruined by him that way with love.

It didn’t take long before Sweet Pea came through the door, slamming it close behind him and he was in front of you within three steps, his hands yanking you into his chest again and not hesitating to bend down and capture your lips between his. You felt your back hitting the wall and you used the moment to curl your fingers around the lapels of his leather jacket, pushing yourself even more into him. “Did you lock the door?”. You mumbled against his lips and he stole a couple more kisses before replying to you. “No”. A short answer that made you pull back. “What if someone comes in?”. The salty tone in your voice made him smirk and he shrugged, taking your jaw between his fingers. Pea’s face became dark as he hovered over your again.

His eyes bored into yours and his hot breath fanned over your face. “I guess you had to think about that before you decided to tease me, princess. I hope you can stay quiet”. Your eyelids fluttered as his lips brushed over yours, almost kissing you, but not quite and you had barely even heard what he said as you felt hypnotized by his words. Sweet Pea twirled you around, bending you half over the counter with the sink in front of the mirror. His hand took a strong hold of your jaw again, forcing you to look at your reflection in it. “You’re not going to take your eyes off yourself tonight, angel, so you can see how gorgeous you are while I fuck you till you’re legs are shaking”. You were almost choking on your breath at what he said, nodding softly in response.

Sweet Pea latched his lips on the sensitive skin just under your ear, making your eyes fall close almost immediately, but you had to obey his request. His teeth bit down on your skin here and there, drawing the blood to the surface of your neck as he nibbled on the mark he had just left. Pea clearly took his time and it made you nervous and on the other side excited with the thrill of maybe getting caught. One of his hands danced over your side, pulling the shirt that was tucked into the skirt out to let his fingers wander under it, over your skin. A moan left your mouth as his palm cupped your cleavage, receiving a pleased hum that you weren’t wearing any bra. “Fuck, look at you”. Pea’s voice croaked, studying your reflection in the mirror.

Your lips were slightly parted and your hardened nipples were visible through the material of your shirt. “Already so worked up and I barely touched you…”. The words were just whispered in your ear and it made you grab onto the counter and let him continue the assault on your neck while his fingers rolled over your nipples. The Serpent moved your hair to one shoulder, his fingers combing through the strands made the goosebumps raise upon your arms. Sweet Pea’s hand wandered down your stomach, finding the curve of your hips and eventually finding the edge of the skirt. He rode the fabric upwards, cupping your clothed core. His teeth dug into his lower lip as he felt the wetness basically seeping through.

You whimpered at the friction you didn’t receive, bucking your hips for more. Sweet Pea let out a soft chuckle and then moved his fingers passed the elastic waistband of your panties, feeling your wet and swollen labia. Two of his long and slender digits stretched your walls, causing you to harshly suck in a breath. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist, keeping you pressed up against his wide chest and almost forcing you on your tippy toes. Your eyes glanced over at how his fingers plunged into your heat, pushing in knuckle deep before pulling back and letting a shiver run up your spine. Sweets’ pace was awfully slow, letting you wince and mewl for it. “Oh my god, Pea”. You whimpered, the words dripping like the sweetest honey off your lips.

The Serpent’s low growl in response made the heat in your lower abdomen coil even more, feeling yourself being pushed to an edge and you were about to be thrown over it. A breathless scream tumbled out of your mouth as his fingers curled up against the gathering of nerve endings inside of your lubricated walls. Fingertips padded against the spot over and over again and your legs started to turn into jelly. He caught his lower lip between his teeth at the sight of you in the mirror, fighting your heavy eyelids and your bee-stung lips parted to let the moans roam freely over them. “God, you’re beautiful”. His hoarse voice was laced with lust. The calloused skin of his large palm brushed over your swollen clit and it made you come immediately.

A scream torn from your chest as you came on his fingers, drenching them with your wetness. Sweet Pea howled at the contractions of your walls around his fingers, his hard length throbbing in his jeans at the thought of being buried deeply inside of you. He watched how you took his wrist and brought his hand upwards to your mouth. He groaned deeply as you wrapped your lips around his fingers to lick them clean, all while looking at him through the mirror. Sweet Pea pulled them back and hitched the material of your skirt further upwards, a grin showing up on his handsome face again when he briefly cupped your core, which caused you to let out a mewl at the oversensitive feeling. You felt his hands leaving your body, only to free his hard cock from his jeans.

You heard the sound of the leather unhooking from the clasp and the buckle unlocking from around his jeans, feeling yourself getting all hot inside at the thought of him filling you up. He hissed softly at the feeling of the colder air hitting his rock hard cock, which sprung up against his lower abdomen. Your eyes were focused on his beautiful face in the reflection of the mirror, however quickly shot back to yourself when he looked at you from over your shoulder. You forced the moan back when round, mushroomed head of his length moved between your folds. He gathered some of the natural lubricant before pushing in, making you gasp as the thickness was nothing compared to his fingers. Sweet Pea locked your jaw in his hand again, making you look at him through the mirror.

“Don’t forget…”. A whisper in your ear, his hot breath ghosting over the side of your face and his lips brushing over your sensitive, bitten skin. “Keep your eyes on yourself while I ravish you, baby doll”. You let out a needy whine in response, the words you wanted to say swimming around in your brain and they were unable to jump into the right order to roll out like a steady sentence. Sweet Pea’s lips were back on the curve of your neck, teeth biting gently onto your shoulder as he pushed himself fully in, letting you feel every ridge and vein on his cock as he slowly slid out to bottom you out again. Every nerve in your body felt alive, every sense fully active. Pea’s hands moved to your hips and his grip got more firm the harder he thrusted into you.

You were sure it would leave fingerprints by now, the bruising grip locking you in your place, but you were too aroused to feel the pain. The delicious pleasure curled up your spine and you felt as if you were choking on the smoke inside of your lungs as he had set your heart on fire, burning with desire. A snarl formed his lips as your walls squeezed him tight, pulling taught against him every time he pulled out to slam back in again. The pace was hard and rough, yet grinding and deep and you felt yourself floating away into a world were only you two existed. “Fuck, Sweets”. You whimpered. Sweet Pea pressed his mouth against your neck again, sucking harshly on your skin and he was resolute in his decision to fully mark you as his.

His breathing was rapid as the primal desire rushed through his bloodstream, needing to part from your neck when he let out a stream of profanities that made your bones shake in your body. Your eyes rolled back when the head of his cock grazed over the heavenly sensitive spot inside of you, sending your nerves into overdrive as the pleasure curled up your spine. “Right there?”. The Serpent lowly hummed in your ear and you cried out in response. “Tell me, doll”. His thrusts went slower, deeper, making your whole body tingle. He knew, he fucking knew how much he was torturing you know, forcing you to the edge and then pulling slightly back. “Yes, oh god”. You choked out and it was enough for him to pick up the pace again.

Sweet Pea’s mouth hung agape as he watched your gorgeous face contort with pleasure, your body weak against his as the orgasm washed over you. His hand clasped over your mouth at the sounds that spilled over your lips. Your thighs were trembling and you were glad one of his arms was swung around your waist. He gently thrusted through your high, letting you come down from the cloud you drifted on. You looked at him through the mirror with hazy eyes, knowing he hadn’t finished yet. You slowly turned around in his arms, feeling suddenly even more small as his tall figure towered over you. Longing for a kiss, you yanked him down by the collar of the plain, black shirt he was wearing, connecting your lips in a rushed and messy kiss.

The moan he let out vibrated against your mouth when your hand took a firm hold of his painfully hard cock, feeling him twitch in your palm as you stroke up from the base to the sensitive head. Sweet Pea had his brows furrowed when you pulled your panties back up and your skirt on its place, yet you surprised him by getting on your knees in front of him. His hands grabbed onto the edge of the counter when your plumb lips wrapped around his cock, placing soft kisses there and your tongue lapping the underside. It drove him crazy within a few seconds, his knuckles turning white from how hard he held the marble counter. Your hand aided the movements of your mouth as you took more him, tearing the moans from his lips.

“Jesus, babe”. He panted, his abdomen contracting as he spilled in the back of your throat, looking down at you when your lips were still tight around him, sucking him dry before swallowing and standing up to rinse your mouth at the sink. Meanwhile he was locking his belt around his jeans again, pulling the zipper up. Sweet Pea twirled you to his chest, cupping your face to kiss you again. Your hands leaned flat against his chest and you pulled away with a questioning look on your face. “What was that for?”. You asked, a smile curling your lips. “Just because”. He replied, his cheeks heating a slight bit up, yet it nearly wasn’t visible.  “Wanna get out of here and grab a bite at Pop’s?”. Pea asked, looking into your eyes.

You nodded with a wider smile and he went out of the toilet in front of you, his fingers laced through yours to connect your hands. Pulling you through the people rather quick, you were outside in no time. He walked over to his bike and threw you his helmet. “You know you don’t have to offer me dinner because we had sex, Pea”. You said before pushing the helmet over your hair. “Maybe I’m offering you dinner because I like you”. Sweet Pea said, his dark hues focused on your face. “And because every time you walk into school or the Wyrm or anywhere you come, I just feel drawn to you, Y/N”. He added, stepping closer to you. “Maybe I don’t want you to be just a hook-up”. His voice became softer as the space between your bodies was almost as small as a couple moments ago in the restroom of the Wyrm.

Your heart drummed in your chest, almost not believing the rough way the Serpent had fucked you just ten minutes ago and now he was truly expressing his feelings. Sweet Pea could see you felt a bit flustered and he easily drew you to his chest by placing his hands on your lower back. You let your hands travel under his leather jacket, as the zipper was still down, wandering your palms over his wide chest. “I have to admit that being Pea’s girl sounds like something I’d be very okay with”. You told him with a small smile. Sweet Pea smiled back at you and two of his fingers under your chin angled your face up to his so he could dip his lips down to yours for another kiss.

“Now hop on, babe. I’m hungry”. You playfully rolled your eyes as he locked the strap of the helmet underneath your face.

“And you know what…”. A grin showed up on his handsome face. “You can be dessert”.

Once Upon A Dream (Part One)

Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader/OC
Rating: NSFW, Mature
Warnings: Language/Cursing, Adult Themes/Situations, Emotional Stress/Angst, Gang Activity, Underage Drinking/Drug Useage (Party responsibly!), Rivalry, Smut!
Format: Part One of Three

Note: So this is a little something that popped into my head, inspired by the song, Wildest Dreams. Silly, I know, but some of those lines just seem to fit Sweet Pea so well. I couldn’t resist. This has a slight AU!Quality, where there is a strong football rivalry between the Southside High and Riverdale High. Cliche, perhaps, but I lovee it. There’s some Archie!Angst in the beginning, so if any of you are a sucker for that! This will be a three part mini-series, and should wrap up after the third part!

Looking at him, she couldn’t help but think he was beautiful.

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Sweet Pea Masterlist

-Word Of Mouth

Upon Cheryl’s urging, she took a harder look at her relationship with Jughead Jones, only to find herself surprised with how often things don’t quite add up anymore. Searching for her beanie-wearing boyfriend leads to a devastating discovery; one that she cannot come back from. In search of solace, or just plain distraction, she managed to barge right into the serpent’s nest with little thought to the consequences. That’s where she met him. With his dark hair and even darker eyes, the ink etched into his skin and more than one chip on his shoulder; Sweet Pea is nothing she had ever pictured for herself…

And perhaps everything she could ever want, or need.

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-Once Upon A Dream

It was supposed to be the perfect summer, but after witnessing a heartbreaking betrayal, she doubted it would amount to much. Enter Sweet Pea; the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He shows her that there is more to life than preformed plans and expectations, that it’s alright to let yourself go. She shows him that all those who come from the North side of the tracks aren’t complete assholes, and that it’s alright to let himself feel more than the anger that constantly simmers in his veins. When the summer ends, will their perfect affair end, left to live on in only their wildest dreams? Or, will life become a dream itself?

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-25 Days Of Festive Fucking

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