Let’s take a moment to discuss the crime wall please?

Sherlock’s wall is usually in place to help him organize his thoughts, and is normally full of miscellaneous pieces of information - newspaper articles, maps, etc. The only time we see the wall full of photographs like this is in TEH when he is organizing multiple members of the criminal underworld. Never more than one head shot per person.

Why then, are there so many repeated pictures of Culverton Smith? What possible additive information could he gain from having the same man’s face plastered up there over and over? Sherlock is fixating on him, and not in an organized fashion. His mind palace is not in good working order, and I would bet anything the Culverton Smith case is kicking his ass.

Not like you needed a mini meta to deduce that one, but there you go.

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Because our black girls are in some desperate need of Maxis Match hairs! I have one more hairstyle coming specially for them in the following days. The mesh was very ‘‘seamy’‘ so I had to work a lot on the UV and texture but I actually loved how it turned out! It looks better with baby hairs, but i’ll leave it up to you!

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Disabled for Random
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Maxis Natural Colors
  • Child to Elder
  • Not Hat Compatible

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Sherlock adores that violin. It’s an extension of his own being, a way to express his pent up torrent of feelings, passions, thoughts, and desires when words won’t do. That violin has been through a lot and has so far remained in one piece (as far as we’ve been allowed to see). I can’t even imagine the level of deep anguish and physical abandon that Sherlock must have been experiencing for him to break that string…


Repost Decided to do a bit of editing on the base game sleep shirt night top (that’s literally the top’s name shown on ss) ;u; anyway, hope you guys like it, I also switched up the catalog section so It can be worn either as an outfit or top but be warned -that as a top, some of the bottom might look funny on it. cheers! ♡

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