Kakashi did not wake up as pleasantly as he had intended to. A dull and monotonous yet constant banging against his front door made his right eye crack open and he let out a groan as he rolled over to catch a glimpse of the time. Not even 6:30 in the morning yet. “Hatake-san, please wake up!” A voice called through the closed door.

Rolling off the bed and walking over to the chair where he had put his clothes on before going to bed he quickly put on a sweater and his mask to cover his face and bare chest. The copy nin padded over to the front door with an audible yawn and slowly opened the door. “Good morning, Hatake-san! Hokage-sama wishes to see you immediately!” Some chunin quickly informed him and Kakashi simply nodded before closing the door once again.

What could she want this early in the morning? Anyway, there goes his plan of waking up a bit later than usual and having a nice breakfast before eventually going on a mission. Knowing about her famous temper Kakashi should better hurry up.

Standing in front of the Hokage’s office only mere minutes later the jounin lifted his hand to knock at the door before opening it and entering the office. “Good morning. You wanted to see me?”

#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him

Tea for Two [w/southernsassafrastea]

Tobirama always kept everything orderly in his office. When he was looking for something, it was never long for him to find. This was why Hashirama had him as the keeper of records, and explained why Tobirama used the library and adjacent  records room as secondary office.

Today though, he was headed to work on the important documents he kept in his primary office. He halted before he reached the door, however, and expanded his senses.
How could he not have expected the familiar small chakra there.

Sliding the door open, he blinked in silent surprise.
His desk was covered in a frilly cloth, and upon it sat a tea set. In his chair was one little girl, who had been sitting in wait since who knew how long.

The tip of tongue wet lips he was aware to be dried and there was a light intake of breath as he stepped in and closed the door.
“Early to rise today, little princess?" 

A Day at the Casino || Closed RP

Kakuzu opened the door to the Land of Fire’s largest casino, clothed in a black cloak and a scarf. He sought out the Godaime Hokage, knowing the dangers of allowing her to gamble. Horrid luck seemed to be genetic, as the miser defeated Hashirama in card games. Green optics narrowed at the thought of what state of mind he could see from Tsunade. He only hoped she was still coherent and sober enough to form sentences, let alone make good decisions. 

Every single person here is worthy of being followed by everyone. They are all strong inspiring writers that bring life into their stories. I have to say, I really enjoy roleplaying with these people. They make it enjoyable, fun, even inspiring. Seeing them roleplay has just taught me there is only one legit rule to writing. Have fun no matter what, because if it’s not fun then what is the point of doing it ? But anyways, this isn’t the best due to the fact that I did not have access to any Photoshop. But I hope that you’re happy with it, Merry Christmas and enjoy your New Years !


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Side Note

Well, I really don’t roleplay with most of my Senpais due to the fact that I just can’t get over my shyness. But every single person here deserves to be my Senpai and should never give up on writing, because it doesn’t just bring you guys happiness, everyone that reads what you write falls in love with your writing, your personality, with you.



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"I heard your secret's out, you show girl you.'" Tsunade said, her shoulder's shaking as she tried to hold in her laughter.

Orochimaru affixed his old comrade with a brief grimace. He was not so mad at the accusation, just damning the heavens that Tsunade happened to catch on and was getting a kick out of it. …

“My legs might be nicer than yours.”


Kakashi lifted his hand to knock on the door that lead into the Hokage’s office. Tsunade had summoned him only a few minutes ago and it seemed to be an important emergency since he was told to arrive as soon as possible. Gently knocking the copy nin opened the door after he heard the familiar ‘Come in!’ from the inside of the office. “Hello, Hokage-sama. You called for me?”

Cultures from an Era long ago - southernsassafrastea

Bowen Chuuno had found himself caught in a large forest for some hours now, wondering if he’d ever find a way out. He had been continuing in the same direction for the period of time he was in such a place. At long last though, did he find an opening and he picked up his pace with excitement, running out into a clearing. The joy of being out of that forest and into a place where he could fully see the sun gave him some joy. Of course, he had no idea where he was geographically, but it wouldn’t be too hard once he found somebody.. if he found somebody. For now, he just sat on the grass and looked at the vast field in front of him.

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⊕ (I'm curious LOL)

Send me ⊕ for a pro and con list about our characters sleeping together


  • Would fulfill a childhood wet dream
  • Boobs
  • She’s hot, I’m hot, it’d be hot
  • Could probably fuck her on the desk in her office
  • Boobs again
  • I get extra points for fucking the Hokage
  • Boobs a third time


  • I got nothing she should really just sleep with me

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♫ (bet they start singing ride of the Valkyrie)

Tsunade is Boss. No explanation needed. 

The birds are not particularly fond of Tsunade, though they are greatly amused by her. They think her explosions of anger are funny, but at the same time, they don’t like that Jun fears her. They dislike that she makes Jun worry needlessly, since they sincerely doubt that their gentle Nestling could do anything to make Boss so angry. They give a soft barking call whenever Tsunade is near, more for Jun’s sake then their own. It’s a warning call, but it’s meant to caution rather than invoke panic. 

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"Stop scratching or I’ll duct tape oven mitts to your hands."

“It’s so goddamn itchy, though!”

He winced and clenched his hands, holding them out in front of him as she continued to examine the rash that he'd claimed had come from falling into some poison ivy. He’d just have to have a quick word to his wife when he got home.

Because like hell was he telling the Hokage that he, a distinguished shinobi, had been reduced to a whining, writhing, itchy mess because of new fabric softener. 

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"I don’t know what went wrong."

Send one to see how my muse reacts.

A young Tsunade stood by the grave of her grandfather, Hashirama, with trails of dried tears on her little pale cheeks. Mito smiled in a saddened way at the sight as she walked closer and stood next to her dear granddaughter. She placed a gentle hand on Tsunade’s shoulder, remaining silent for a couple of seconds.

“I don’t know what went wrong.” She whispered as she felt her grandmother’s soothing hand on her shoulder.

“…We are shinobi, Tsunade. Our time comes when he least expect it. Even Hashirama has a limit to his time.” Mito said, trying her very best to hide her own pain and sorrow in order to appear strong enough for her. Tsunade has been their first granddaughter and as such, she’d been spoiled to no end but no one was as close to the girl as her grandfather. It was after him that she decided to start learning more about the shinobi art of healing.

“But I’m sure he would want you to know, that he’s proud of you and the person you’ve become. You will do amazing things, Tsunade. Your grandfather’s will burns brightly in you.”

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[Text] You need to come to my office, I managed to break the desk... [Text} yes I threw it against the wall again, I know you don't like using mokuton to make office furniture but it was an on purpose accident

Send my muse a text that they weren't meant to see.
Message Received.


To: Tsunade Obaa-chan

Eh... I didn't think you actually broke furniture, Tsunade Obaa-chan. I'm glad I wasn't there to see that... I think I'll just stay outside.

Message Sent.
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I get them. It makes me both uncomfortable and flattered, but mainly uncomfortable

// Since we’re all uncomfortable about it, I wonder if there’s something we can do.  I doubt we could honestly consider follows to be harassment. Could we all collectively (as the naruto roleplay community) choose to tag our nsfw stuff differently?  maybe with some symbols in front or something?  would that keep them from finding us?

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Tsunade leaned on the door jam and watched the kazekage slow dance with himself. He had a faint smile on his face, as if he was reliving a time that brought him happiness. She recognized the simple waltz, one that seemed to transcend borders. He faltered and shook his head, his steps becoming hesitant. She pushed away and walked to him. "It's quick quick slow." The Hokage said and held out her hand. "Here I'll show you."

Come to my inbox and tell me what your character would do if they walked into a room to find mine alone, slow dancing with themselves.

Gaara had been practicing for a long while. Sweating and panting while he continuously messed up the steps. God, he wished someone would just come and help him with it, but he was proud, almost too proud to go and ask. But as the door was opened he felt his prayers be answered. He turned a blush on his cheeks as he smiled bashfully.  “I wouldn’t want to take up your time. I’ll get it eventually.” still denying help, but he so needed it. He sighed. Giving in and smiling up at her, he took her hand. “Thank you.”