Another Chance (Modern Rp with southernsassafrastea)

Jovan was amazed at how long he had been thinking about her. That doctor. Boy was she a nice little thing… He couldn’t get her out of his head. He had heard about her in the news for her accomplishments in the office.

Jovan was in the middle of filling an order, pouring cold water into the order and the blowing the heated hole to enclose the special solution. He then put it into the freezer. He sighed before walking over and sitting down. The brunette used his cane and began to look up more on Tsunade. “…” He shook his head before getting up and grabbing his leather coat and something he made recently. He jumped onto his specialized motorcycle and revved the engine.

Closed RP: interdimensionaltraveller//southernsassafrastea

The Hokage wasn’t pleased. Bowen’s story had checked out. He wasn’t an enemy of the Leaf and she had begrudgingly given him permission to come and go as a civilian.  Tsunade snorted as she went of the measly file they had on him. It just didn’t sit right with her. The blonde pushed back from her desk to stalk out of her office. She was going to hunt down this traveler and try to figure out what was really going on.

She hit the streets with that goal on mind, hoping he was in the Village. 


What was there left for him to explain? He’s shown her the device, he’s explained to her his origins. His whole outfit and demeanor just could not fit with this era, so why would he be an enemy of the Leaf? Considering his background and job, he wasn’t here to make enemies either… he was here to make allies.

He wandered the village with much curiosity, admiring the buildings and the culture around him. He had no idea that Tsunade was searching for him…

Trading policies

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The Hokage wasn’t pleased to be heading to Kakuzu’s territory, but politics and future trading opportunities dictated that she put in an appearance and at least attempt to be civil to the leader of Takigakure.  Tsunade walked forward. Hopefully she would be able to get this meeting over with and get back home to the Leaf quickly.

She hadn’t met the ancient ninja, but his reputation preceded him, and none of it was good. She waited for her escort at the entrance to his village.

“This is going to be a pain in the ass.” She muttered to herself. 

The miser had sent a terrified Chūnin to greet the Hokage. The entrance to Takigakure was a cave and the village was essentially a sinkhole surrounded by tall cliffs all around. The Chūnin had walked through the cave and glanced around, “U-um… Hokage-sama?” He looked truly afraid of something, and that was the cruel dictator known as Kakuzu.

It was generally agreed that Kakuzu was decent enough at running the economy since his skill with money was unrivaled and his ability to gamble was one of the finest in the world. The former Akatsuki member and disciple of Hashirama Senju was a bitter and distant monster. The Chūnin wordlessly led the Hokage to the building in the center of the small tropical village.

Kakashi did not wake up as pleasantly as he had intended to. A dull and monotonous yet constant banging against his front door made his right eye crack open and he let out a groan as he rolled over to catch a glimpse of the time. Not even 6:30 in the morning yet. “Hatake-san, please wake up!” A voice called through the closed door.

Rolling off the bed and walking over to the chair where he had put his clothes on before going to bed he quickly put on a sweater and his mask to cover his face and bare chest. The copy nin padded over to the front door with an audible yawn and slowly opened the door. “Good morning, Hatake-san! Hokage-sama wishes to see you immediately!” Some chunin quickly informed him and Kakashi simply nodded before closing the door once again.

What could she want this early in the morning? Anyway, there goes his plan of waking up a bit later than usual and having a nice breakfast before eventually going on a mission. Knowing about her famous temper Kakashi should better hurry up.

Standing in front of the Hokage’s office only mere minutes later the jounin lifted his hand to knock at the door before opening it and entering the office. “Good morning. You wanted to see me?”

#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him

Tea for Two [w/southernsassafrastea]

Tobirama always kept everything orderly in his office. When he was looking for something, it was never long for him to find. This was why Hashirama had him as the keeper of records, and explained why Tobirama used the library and adjacent  records room as secondary office.

Today though, he was headed to work on the important documents he kept in his primary office. He halted before he reached the door, however, and expanded his senses.
How could he not have expected the familiar small chakra there.

Sliding the door open, he blinked in silent surprise.
His desk was covered in a frilly cloth, and upon it sat a tea set. In his chair was one little girl, who had been sitting in wait since who knew how long.

The tip of tongue wet lips he was aware to be dried and there was a light intake of breath as he stepped in and closed the door.
“Early to rise today, little princess?" 

A Day at the Casino || Closed RP

Kakuzu opened the door to the Land of Fire’s largest casino, clothed in a black cloak and a scarf. He sought out the Godaime Hokage, knowing the dangers of allowing her to gamble. Horrid luck seemed to be genetic, as the miser defeated Hashirama in card games. Green optics narrowed at the thought of what state of mind he could see from Tsunade. He only hoped she was still coherent and sober enough to form sentences, let alone make good decisions. 

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“Neh?” He looked up at the woman, wide eyes filled with curiosity. “What’s that weird mark on your forehead? Did someone poke you? There’s always a mark on my forehead after my brother pokes me, except mine’s red.”

southernsassafrastea and theblondesanin are two very amazing Tsunade blogs, even though one is semi established and the other is brand new, both seem to be very under rated, and both are amazing blogs that portray an amazing character, I look forward to seeing what either one posts, and suggest that others check them out and interact with them! -Anonymous

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“I’ll never forgive you.” She replied, her voice low. “You were his sensei and I trusted you to keep him safe. You killed him as good as those bombs.”

“You know that’s not true,” he whispers, voice trembling under the force of Tsunade’s anger and the heavy, heavy weight that was called blame. “There’s nothing that anyone could have done— it could have been anyone caught in that explosion— it’s just that it—it happened to be him—” he cuts off in a half-choked sob, biting back tears. The self-reassurance was half-hearted, the guilt gnawing at him like a dog on a bone.

Closed RP for Southernsassafrastea

Shino leaned against the wall next to the Hokage’s wall, a gentlemen had walked in moments before he arrived and he thought it would be polite for him to wait till he had left. An hour had passed since he entered and the Aburame was getting curious before the man left, he waited a minute before walking into the office and bowing. “Lady Tsunade I have mission reports to turn in.”

The Aburame pulled out stack of papers and a tiny black journal he usually had the Hokage sign as he turned in his reports. “Is there something you would like done today?”


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Naughty not so brave patient

Hospital check-up. Obito polished his glass eye once more, glancing absent-mindedly into it’s smooth, shiny surface. 

“Do you think they would like us to retreat from active duty again?” asked his precious but no anwser. Never. Mean piece of glass. Always like that. Silent, cold and ugly. How he does even care? He’s trying to be nice, that’s all. “It’s not my fault you’re stupid, precious. Shut up. No-one would listen to you, anyways.”

Chakra signature nearby. Slug Princess. Scarred male played with glass ball for a moment, before hiding it back, in place where it belongs, safe under piece of black cloth. 

Obito snorted twice, black eye glanced back at blonde medic-nin. Hokage-sama. What’s with that look again? He patted top of his head before stuffing both hands in his pockets. As a kid, he sustained really heavy brain injury. He acted a bit strange sometimes, but who doesn’t in that crazy world?

“Good morning, Hokage-sama.”

It's a.....


Fai wiggled and fidgeted on the hospital bed. Alone for the minute or two allowed for her to change into hospital garb, or in her opinion, a curtain. The dress just made her look so much rounder than she actually was, or maybe she was actually that round by now.

“Hmph.” grumbling to herself in the empty examination room, dangling her legs off the bed, setting one her hands on her swollen tummy to rub it gently. “Mommy is about to find out if you’re a prince or a princess. Too bad daddy isn’t here huh?” Just as her private moment ended the door slid open. “Morning Tsunade-sama!”

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Tsunade said Knock you Out (southernsassafrastea)

Minato Namikaze was training in a boxing gym. Punching at great speed at the punching bag, only before knocking it off its chain. Minato was a professional kickboxer nicknamed “The Yellow Flash”. This was due to every opponent he had ever faced all saw nothing but a yellow blur, right before they were knocked out. His jabs were so fast that many had said they didn’t see them till his fists or feet were coming back to him. Professionally, he was undefeated. 75 wins, 0 losses. However, he knew there was someone out there. A kick boxer named Tsunade who could give him the fight his body ached for. She was his rival, and he needed to get her back into the ring.

Based off what he remembered about her, she had become a emergency room medical doctor and quit kickboxing when she was younger. However, he had a feeling she still had it in her. If he wanted to speak to her, he would have to get into the hospital.  However, hospitals were known for tight security. Just walking in there would be impossible to see her, only patients had that right. So he decided to bring her to him.

A few hours later at the hospital, a nurse buzzed Tsunade. “You have a new patient. He says he has a huge migraine, and his vision is a bit blurry. His file is outside his room, room number 5. Please see him when you get a chance."