Being Raised by A Strong, Southern Woman

I was raised a certain way; I was raised to be respectful. Yes ma’am, no sir. I was taught to say thank you, even if it’s just to the boy bagging my groceries. To make sure a guest always had a drink, and friends always had a place to lay their head. I was raised in the church, if you were as well, you understand the significance of it. I was taught to respect my elders, to help anyone in need, never take anything for granted, the importance of education, and family always comes first. That if I could help, no matter the job, it is my duty to step up to lend a hand. 

There are two things that my mother always told me growing up that have stuck with me. First, treat others as you would like to be treated. Secondly, never get involved with a man who does not regard his mother with love and respect. In the end, he will treat you the same way. I am so thankful to have such a strong, amazing woman in my life that I am proud to call my momma. 

Sure, along with those Southern staples I also have the belle rules of never having a hair out of place, a chip in my polish, smudge in my lipstick, or a wrinkle in my sundress. Just because I may come across as high maintenance doesn’t mean I won’t pull my shoes on an help a neighbor break down branches after a thunderstorm, or a friend move into a new house. Not to sweep someone else’s porch, but more kids need to be raised like this. It hurts my heart to see this not happening in the upcoming generation.