IRAQ. Bashur (Southern Kurdistan). Erbil governorate. November 25, 2016. A displaced woman who was injured in clashes and fleeing from ISIS militants in Mosul, receives treatment at a hospital west of Erbil.

Photograph: Azad Lashkari/Reuters

IRAQ. Bashur (Southern Kurdistan). Nineveh governorate. Mosul/Mûsilê. November 17, 2016. An Iraqi special forces soldier holds a girl injured by an Islamic State suicide car bomb attack in Tahrir neighbourhood.

Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

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“It’s easy to do nothing, it’s hard to forgive.”

The point of the story is laughter, and Brewer shows a wicked facility with the pratfalls and plain speaking of the steel magnolias at the book’s heart.

Publishers Weekly review of Lunch With the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette by Killian B. Brewer

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IRAQ. Bashur (Southern Kurdistan). Nineveh governorate. Mosul/Mûsilê. December 2, 2016. A group of civilians pass close to the body of an Islamic State militant, while fleeing from Mosul due to ISIS heavy shelling in several areas under control of the Iraqi Army. Most of the fighting in Mosul has been taking place in the city’s eastern sector, where Iraq’s special forces are making slow progress because of fears over the safety of civilians still inside the city and spirited IS resistance. 

Photograph: Manu Brabo/AP

One of the things that I really appreciate about spending all this time in the mountains is being able to watch the sun set each evening. It’s not that the colors are any more intense than in the city, it’s the scope of the landscapes that stretch out in front of us, creating such incredible scenes. → Peter Schweitzer

I aten't dead.

So my followers may have noticed that my blog has been silent for about a year now. I wish I had a good excuse, but honestly, my life and mental state just got in the way.

A lot has happened in that year. I lost my job, got a new one, and lost that one. I broke friendships and started new ones. My house was severely damaged in a historic flood, and I repaired it (mostly).

My craft hasn’t stagnated, either. I’ve tried new things (Storm magick, guys! I actually did it! It was terrifying!), I’ve stepped away from the negative parts of my craft, and now I’m renewing my efforts to make myself more open with other witches.

I’d like to formally apologize to those of you who I failed to say goodbye to, and especially everyone who reached out to me during my hiatus and never heard back. I never meant to snub anyone.

A lot of asks have built up, and I’ll be making a concerted effort over the next week or so to get them all answered.

I’m reopening this blog to talk about what I’ve learned this past year. My successes, failures, regrets, and perhaps most importantly to my craft as it stands now, my fears and how I’ve dealt with them.

I’m back, y'all!

- Bayou