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Betting on aurorae in Iceland tonight (apparently they’re turning off the streetlighhts so as not to spoil the view) And who knows, we might get a flicker if that halo wobbles…

This is all about the “coronal hole” facing us on the Sun right now. The solar wind speeds up there and hits the Earth with a lot of extra mojo added…

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callout post for @faeriemeliorn

marine pretended to be #mature and wanted to talk to me about representation in sh
then started the pizza wars of 2016
is actually 90% thirsty 100% salty 
she’s also bad as maths
keeps captioning things like a boss 
refuses to accept magnus or harry would eat mushrooms despite harry cooking with them more than once
the latest discourse involved multiple people and whether pie can be savory or not (it can marine) or if mushy peas are the best (they are marine)
keeps talking to me anyway despite the fact we don’t agree on any foods
tells me to choke one minute and the next drops everything to find out sh facts even wiki doesnt know
proclaims every song i use in a gifset is ‘a bop’
final note: minty cornwall. u know what it means marine


1957 Mercury Montclair by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Auto Restorers Club of Southern Minnesota 40th Annual Car Show & Swap Meet Nicollet County Fairgrounds St. Peter, Minnesota September 2016 Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.