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She hadn't realized who's house it was, or for a matter of fact who lived there. She was simply checking things out, a whiff of blood burning through her nose. She took a peak through a door frame, catching mixed scars and bruises along a girls arms. "Rough night sweetie? You should take care of that before it stains your sheets. Not that they look all that expensive anyway..."


     Today had definitely been a bad day. Laying on her side, shirt tossed aside onto her floor, Wynn couldn’t help but be tankful that no one was home. Normally, her wounds would have healed quickly, but they were slow taking an agonizingly slow time for whatever reason. Did she had silver in her system? Honestly, she wasn’t sure.

     Exhausted as she was, the werewolf almost fell asleep in her current state - almost. The sound of an unfamiliar, female voice pulled her from her thoughts and caused her to sit upright. She winced, hissing in pain, but stared in wide-eyed fear at the strange woman. Who in the world-?

     ”H-How’d you get into my house?!”

Long Lost

     It couldn’t be true. The doctor must’ve made some mistake, or something, because it just didn’t make sense. When he’d offered to let the hospital take some blood, in hopes that he might be able to help Keyanna, he’d expected them to either say that it would simply work, or it wouldn’t. The news he’d gotten back had been shocking and entirely unexpected, and Kouga’s head was still trying to make sense of it.

     Keya was his sister in a way that was far more literal than he’d realized.

     His blood had been an almost perfect match to her, and it didn’t make sense. How? His parents were dead - at least, that was what he’d been told. They’d died in battle, when he’d been young, leaving him to be raised by the rest of the Eastern tribe. The wolf had never had a reason to doubt this information; he’d always believed that his tribe had been truthful to him.

     He wasn’t sure of what hurt more - the fact that they’d lied, or the sickening realization of what that meant about his parentage.

     After spending hours pacing in the hospital waiting room, he’d decided that something needed to be done. Keyanna was still out like a light, so it would be better to do this now, while she was still unconscious. He could talk to her once he’d gotten some answers of his own. With that thought in mind, he’d left to find another woman who would be able to give him some answers - he’d spoken to her once, told her off, and refused to help her. Keya had told him enough about her for him to dislike her on principle, but now he had a more personal reason to feel anger towards her.

     Her scent led him to a rather nice hotel. His sense of smell led him to where he needed to go, up on one of the higher floor. As he rode the elevator up, Kouga paced impatiently until the doors opened and he was able to scurry out into the hallway. He found her door quickly, pounding on it with frustration that was quickly building up. As soon as she answered, he pushed his way in, not giving her a moment to ask what he was doing there. He slammed the door behind him.

     ”You got some explainin’ t’ do!” he snarled, glaring down at her. There was a mixture of emotions flashing through his eyes, though the most prominent were anger… and hurt. His rage was winning out though, rising to boiling temperatures. “How, exactly, is it that I’m related t’ Keya?!”