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hi cj, you really inspire me to write. I<3 u, and ignore the haters, you are amazing :D

Thank you with all my heart, my anonymous friend, and thank you EVERYONE for your overwhelming support and kindness. I’m really struggling with words here. Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you …

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I was truly moved by all the messages I received. Thank you all for having my back. *hugs* 


So, aside from the obvious things (example: me - most people know I like tmnt, smut, shoes, and arguing), what are some of the other things you enjoy that most of us don’t know about?

I love to dance. All the time. Even when it isn’t really appropriate… okay, scratch that, ESPECIALLY when it isn’t appropriate, because that makes it funny. It makes me happy. I dance in the car, in the kitchen, doing laundry, at work. Everywhere!

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thank you Mama Blossom!!

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Received an anonymous request the other night: 

Can I have a Leo x reader one? With fluff? ^^ If it would be okay?

Admittedly this took far too long for me to get around to, and I sincerely apologize. I was a bit distracted and lacking inspiration. 

Without further ado, watch as I awkwardly attempt to force plot into a one-shot reader insert!!! Shout out to @southernblossoms @buru-banded-ninja-kitty @laced-up-and-honour-bound @thekunoichiinblue @aredheadwithasoul @bubbliciousfearless and any other Leo girls I forgot to tag!

Leonardo x Reader 

Warnings: None (unless you consider really sloppy writing offensive)

Words: 1618

You were unbelievably tired. The flight from Los Angeles to New York City had seemed to stretch on into eternity, no matter how many levels of Candy Crush you mastered in order to pass the time. Sleep eluded you for the entire six hours, save for a few moments of blissful slumber that were inevitably interrupted by a cough from your neighbor or a kick from the teenage girl behind you. The journey home from your impromptu business trip lacked all of the excitement and joy as a trip to the Golden State should have had, and you wanted nothing more than to settle yourself into a hot bath and then sleep for three days straight in a bed that didn’t remind you of a wooden palette.

Unfortunately, as soon as you had landed, you had to make do with a cup of subpar coffee, a greasy breakfast sandwich, and a seat behind your desk at work. The company you worked for was in the final process of buying out another smaller company, and as the supervisor in charge of the training of all new personnel, you were more than burnt out. Another four hours spent finishing up reports and you would be free to sleep as peacefully as your frazzled brain would allow.

You jumped slightly when your phone vibrated twice in your pocket, bringing you out of your reverie. A small grin graced your lips when you saw a familiar name across the screen.

Home yet?

Your cheeks reddened as you wiped the grease from your mediocre meal off of your fingers on a napkin near your keyboard and made to answer the text message. Your thumbs hovered over the screen for several moments as you contemplated your response.

For about an hour now, though I had to go straight into the office for a bit of damage control. Idiots in accounting still haven’t sorted out payroll.

I knew the place would fall apart if you left.

Your flushed cheeks became even warmer as your smile grew tenfold.

You had met Leonardo under very…unusual circumstances. It had all started when you answered a craigslist ad from a young woman by the name of April O’Neil. Her roommate had recently (and very suddenly, it had seemed) moved out, and she was in desperate need of someone to help with the bills. In dire straits yourself, you jumped on the ad as soon as you read it. After a few brief meetings, you felt comfortable enough with the arrangement to begin moving in. April was a news reporter and seemed to have her head on straight. Sure, she talked to herself in her room a lot, had the pizza guy on speed dial, and kept very strange hours, but she was kind and respected your work schedule. The two of you carved out a friendship over several weeks and everything seemed to be picture perfect. That is, until her turtle friends decided to pay an unannounced visit one evening.

After being brought back from unconsciousness and having a strong drink shoved into your shaking hand, April had explained to you why four enormous anthropomorphic turtles were climbing through the balcony door at two in the morning. Surprisingly enough, you accepted the explanation with very little fuss. You had grown up in New York after all, and if mutant turtles were the strangest thing you had to deal with that day, you were lucky.

The four of them were exceedingly grateful for your acceptance, the oldest in particular. Having similar temperaments, you found yourself drawn to his company, and he to yours. Over the last several months, you had grown very attached to the blue-clad turtle and cherished every moment you were allowed with him, from quiet nights stargazing on rooftops to rowdy evenings playing video games with his brothers and April. As a constant source of strength and inspiration, you felt comfortable calling him your best friend.

Another buzz from your phone reminded you that you had left him without a response for fifteen minutes.

I bet you are exhausted.

You knew it was his subtle way of asking if you wanted to see him. Though he was polite and direct with most things, you sensed that he had an overwhelming fear of rejection when it came to your friendship.

I doubt I’ll be able to sleep when I get home. Probably be six cups of coffee deep at that point. Be on the balcony at 1?

I’ll be there.

Silencing your phone with a happy sigh, you returned to your work. 

You could see the light from under April’s door as you strolled into your apartment some time later. The soft clicking of laptop keys filled the quiet home and you smiled to yourself. She had been working just as tirelessly as you had recently, hot on the trail of some new story. Setting your bags down in the living room, you rolled your shoulders and let out an enormous sigh. 

The place was a mess. Clothes were strewn around the living room and dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink. Pizza boxes were scattered across the coffee table, some of which were beginning to release a particularly foul odor. Judging by the sheer number of the boxes, it was apparent that April had been hosting a certain group of reptiles at least one night you were away. 

Despite your exhaustion, your type-A personality would not permit you to relax until you had cleaned up a little. Storming about the apartment and grabbing items to throw into the pile you mentally labeled “return to the boys,” you barely noticed the sound of the balcony door sliding open and shut again. 

“You work too hard,” came a smooth voice from the living room. You screeched and dropped a plate you had been about to put in the dishwasher. 

April poked her head out from her room, concern etched on her face. You waved her off with one hand, your other hand clutching your chest. “No need to worry, April. Leo just forgot to announce himself…again.”

Leonardo smiled sheepishly at your pointed stare after politely bowing his greeting to April. 

“Well, if I wasn’t going to be able to sleep before, I certainly won’t be able to now,” you teased. “Also, I work too hard? That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever heard it.”

Leo shrugged and retrieved a broom from the hall closet, presumably to help clean the mess he had inadvertently caused. “You just got home, you should be relaxing.” 

Placing your hands on your hips, a cheeky smile gracing your tired features, you stood in front of him. “Pot,” you said, placing a finger against his plastron before moving it to touch your own chest, “kettle.”

You finished loading the dishwasher and gathering up anything that didn’t belong in the apartment as Leo swept up the broken china. Once you felt satisfied that the place was clean enough, you looked at your enormous friend only to find that he was gazing your way too. 

“You didn’t have to invite me over, you know. You look exhausted.” 

You pursed your lips and sighed. You still had to unpack, prepare your meals for the remainder of the week, do your laundry…

“Do you know anything about shiatsu?” Leo asked, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

“Uh, only that they taste fantastic sauteed in garlic,” you responded distractedly, moving your way over to the bags you had abandoned when you arrived home. Leo’s large hand made contact with your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks. Your heart began to pound in your chest. His skin was so…cold, and yet not at all uninviting. 

Shiatsu. Here, let me show you.” In one easy movement, he had spun you around to face him and taken both of your tiny hands into his. Before you could protest, he was speaking again and pressing his thumbs into your palms in gentle, soothing circles. This was the most physical contact you had ever shared with him. 

“The great martial arts masters believe that energy, ki, flows through the body in specific pathways, or meridians.”

The sensation of his thumbs rolling over the very sensitive skin of your palms left you reeling. His rough scales felt so foreign, and yet you couldn’t help but notice how right it felt to have your hand in his. 

“Much like meditation, shiatsu massage can help redirect that energy flow when it is disrupted. Like when we overwork ourselves,” he chuckled warmly, a playful reprimand shining in his bright blue eyes. He pulled on your hands, gradually stretching your wrists before returning to the soft palm massaging. 

“There are stimulation points,” he continued, his voice low and his breathing steady, “and there are sedation points. The palms and wrists are sedation points.” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, his unique scent filling your senses and lulling you into the deepest state of relaxation you had felt in days. 

And before you knew it, it was over. He had released your hands and taken a step back from you. He wore the smirk he reserved for the times he was able to educate someone about martial arts or Japanese culture and your heart swelled at how proud he was. 

“Repeat those movements a few times before going to bed or whenever you’re feeling stressed and you should have no problem relaxing.”

“Doctor’s orders?” you asked lamely. The empty space he had left on your hands felt cold and electrified. 

“You bet.”

“Well then, I think you should demonstrate a few more times. Just to be sure that I’m doing it right.”

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Hey guys they called me back to do some paperwork and some drug tests and stuff like that and long story short i got the job and i have an orientation next Saturday am just super happy i got the job @saismatters @southernblossoms @justalilwriterblog

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Hey there! I know we don’t really know one another but I enjoy reading your interactions. Sometimes things slow down and it’s okay if you take some time for yourself. Just know you’ll have people always happy to see your writing.

Hey there, thanks for that nice little comment! It’s an honor to know you like my writing. I’ll stick around and maybe after school ends I’ll be more active with roleplaying. Arigatō!

(Random) Leo Headcannons

-He writes poetry for his s/o. Sometimes it’s super deep and passionate, others it’s totally cheesy and embarrassing to read .
-He mainly watches movies at his s/o place (finally some peace and quiet).
-Leo loves his s/o’s stomach; it’s just a part he’s drawn to. Size, shape, it don’t matter. He falls to his knees to kiss such a tender spot on his lover.
-Classic romantic. Roses, gentlemanly af, he’ll make your leg pop when he plants that first kiss.
-It’s easy for him to get the ladies smitten, but he doesn’t realize this. He’s just being his sweet self, but lo behold he’s too smooth for his own good.
-Once he’s aware of his feelings, and his crushes feeling, he isn’t the same kind of smooth. He overthinks a little, he stumbles on his words, he apologizes a lot until finally just being straightforward.
-He really wants a fireplace. He needs that aesthetic in his life.
-Leo is the bro who genuinely has dreamt since he was a kid of being a family man one day.
-After dinner at his s/o place, he cleans. He does the dishes, wipes the counters, etc etc. They have to stop the cleaning machine before it’s too late.
-Leo practices Japanese a lot with Splinter, and if his partner was fluent in Japanese or learning he’d practice with them. He pushes his brothers to join him too.
-Splinter and Leo are gossip buddies. Also, Splinter comes up with the best, sassy remarks ever and Leo uses them on his brothers later as if he came up with them.
-Leo is the bro who cries over books and movies; he gets invested way too fast and poor thing.
-Leo is the pickiest eater. Not that he’d turn down something his partner made for him, it’s more he has a set diet that he keeps too.
-He doesn’t like staying up late unless necessary. Like his diet, he has a set sleep schedule.
-He’s prone to getting cold very fast. He’s a blanket hogger, and a body heat seeker. His favorite thing to do is big spoon all over his lover and just stacks blankets upon blankets over them both.
-He loves socks, by him some socks, knit him some socks, all the socks.
-Leo has a deep attraction for pearls - they’re so elegant and captivating to look at on his lover (cough @southernblossoms cough)
-He is bad at taking selfies… Like really bad. His brothers tease him about it. He’d eventually have Mikey teach him how to take better ones.
-Dom Leo is all about words; his goal is to see how aroused he can get his partner without touching them more than he has too. He’s methodical, he speaks in that sensual authoritative manner.
-He’s the kinda Dom who wants to say “I’ve experienced this before, you’re safe/can trust me.”
-Leo’s sub side is an important part of him that isn’t shown often. It’s a huge step for him to take, to trust his s/o to have so much control over him. When he finally finds someone he can feel safe and vulnerable with, he wants them to test his limits evertytime.
-Leo is big on aftercare. He’ll even do aftercare before anything begins. He genuinely treasures everything his partner puts up with, inside the bedroom and outside of it.
-Seeing his partner cry utterly breaks his heart. If he’s the cause of the tears, oh man…
-Leo patrols many red light districts or any neighborhoods housing women/girls in that situation. He’s broken up one to many physical disputes already, and now he genuinely feels he needs to watch out for these women/girls. I even believe he’s broken his “stay in the shadows” rule to comfort some of them or give them his number in case they feel endangered and need help. He’s protective over many of them, taking down descriptions of the lowlifes who’ve beaten or assaulted them to make sure they’ll pay their dues.

So I’m seeing a lot of negativity on my feed in this fandom, and that makes me sad, because I know some wonderful and talented people here.  So I just felt the need to do a quickie little gratitude to a few of my faves (certainly not all of them, but just off the top of my head).

@dorkinhighheels: She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading the work of.  I absolutely can’t put her fic down once I start reading it, much to my sleepy chagrin the next morning after a binge-reading until the wee hours on a weeknight.  She’s always so friendly, and was so welcoming when I first joined this community, and she’s beautiful and unique and I love her enthusiasm and absolute love of this franchise.

@winnyverse: Winny’s writing and musings always set my imagination on fire.  She’s one of my favorite people to headcanon and brainstorm with, and she welcomes people with open arms into the fandom.  And she also does really awesome action figure dioramas that I’m obsessed with.

@gladrial: Another blogger that I met early on in this community, who, like the previous two, was (and is!) very welcoming and talented and devoted to her turts and friends.  ^_^

@loonilum, @southernblossoms, @laced-up-and-honour-bound: Some of my favorite RPers to follow, who are super sweet and encouraging and just generally good people to have in the fandom.

@theycallmeraph @purpleproblemsolver @blueyesofjustice @orangecrushninja: Seriously some of my favorite (separate) RPers of the brothers.  They’ve all got the characters down pat and they’re super friendly and interactive.

@fear-the-antiverse @gladiatorsofelegaus: I absolutely adore these RP blogs, both of which are ridiculously interesting AU’s and are written SO well, and run by very nice people, based on the messages I’ve exchanged with them.

Obviously there are SO many more, but tbh I’m at work and being super sneaky about writing this anyway.  For anyone I missed, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO HARD and you’re wonderful and don’t let assholes get you down.  <3 <3 <3