Southern Ohio Gothic

- A road closes near your home. They’re putting in another roundabout. The roundabouts are growing in numbers, soon it’ll be time.

- The skyline or gold star debate continues. We all know the answer. We weep for the poor misguided souls of the damned.

- Mr. Redlegs’s face haunts your dreams. His lifeless baseball face smiles at you. You can never escape him.

- Chocolate buckeyes are the food of the gods. The sweet ambrosia graces your lips. You crave more. There is never enough.

- You’re a Bengals fan. They’re still terrible. You cry into your hands.

- Cincinnati is slowly becoming inaccessible. The roads close and never open again. Farewell Cincinnati.

- There’s corn. The corn stares into your soul. You can never escape the corn.

- Everyone keeps moving to Ohio. The schools are flooding, more houses are being built. Everywhere you go, there’s screaming. Why move here? Why would you come to corn Hell? Leave while you still can. L e a v e.

Question for Southern Ohioans...

I’m probably just sending this question out into the unanswerable void, but I guess it’s worth a shot: does anyone know what if anything remains of the abandoned Americana Amusement Park in Middletown, Ohio? Is there anything left worth exploring/photographing, or has it all been taken away? Is it even still accessible? I’d really like to take a trip there this weekend and poke around a bit/try to get some good photos, but it’s a 2 hour, 90 mile drive from where I live, so I’d like to make sure the trip is worthwhile. And for whatever reason, I can’t find much in the way of updates or photos past 2000. A lot can change over 12 years…does anyone have any info for me? ^^;

This is one of my favourite creepypastas, and because I can’t find any version of it that wouldn’t be impossible to read on this format, I’ve transcribed it directly from the screencap I have of it.

Story originally appeared on /x/ on October 10, 2013, and was written by a user known only as hawkeye !!ASKzWwNPKxw. Accompanying photograph was taken by me and isn’t associated with the piece in its original form. Aside from grammatical corrections and a quote from the author from a reply to another user at the end, the story appears exactly how it does in the original image.

It’s long, but well worth the read, and has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. For those of you that have experienced something like this, it’ll hit even harder.


Human Nature

So, first let me describe how I’ve spent the last three summers.

>Live in Ohio
>Be camp counselor at INNAWOODS camps in hocking hills region of southern Ohio
>Clear creek valley is one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire world. (Not kidding. More than some rainforests)
>Nearest civilization is town of Rockbridge (TINY) many miles away.
>Everyone lives in cabins with no air conditioning, power, or lights
>I’m assigned to the older boys, because I’m better with the bushcraft
>Teach then bataonning, fire building, debris huts, edible plants, the works.
>One night every week, we camp out, use the skills, and sleep under the stars
>Every week, each cabin has to do a “Camp Improvement Project” (chores)
>Little kids pull weeds on what few (unpaved, barely maintained) paths we have
>Big kids (14-17) use saws, rakes, and shovels to clear out new campsites, or refurbish old ones
>There’s always been a rivalry between the older boys and girls, especially among the counselors

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