Southern Connecticut Gothic

•Everything here is stagnant, even the running water, even the blood in your veins
•The factory burned down this year. The factory burned down last year. The factory will burn down next year. You sleep with a matchbox.
•You are driving. You pass an antique store. Three minutes later, another. And another. Soon the road is all antique stores. You keep driving
•Tourists come to see the leaves. They leave when they see the people
•The Sound is at high tide. You wonder why the air still smells low.
•Yale looms threatingly over New Haven, its church like steeples like some terrible old parasite. The Yalies never stray from here.
•"Don’t go to the Valley" someone jokingly warns. You laugh. “DON’T GO TO THE VALLEY” someone screams, an unseen force dragging them away.


America’s Most Overpriced Cities 2015

While many of these cities offer a plethora of universities, arts organizations, top-notch health care institutions, and strong start-up culture, if there’s one thing they don’t offer it’s a cheap cost of living.


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Like You A Latte (1/4)

A/N: Still playing catch-up! As a little side note, all of these fics I’m posting for AU week are completely written, I just ran out of time editing them in their entirety so I’ve broken them up, but they will be posted regularly!

CS AU Week - Day 3: Beloved Tropes

Summary: A horrible bout of writer’s block brings novelist Killian Jones to the charming little town of Storybrooke, Maine, where single mother and coffee shop owner, Emma Swan, proves to be the exact spark of inspiration he needs to finish the first book in his new series. (Coffee Shop AU)

Words: 2,294 | Rating: T | ao3

Day One: Crossover - It Was Real (It’s Real) Prison Break AU

Day Two: Canon Divergence - Hold Your Breath, It Gets Better Captain Wench AU

He’s loved words from the moment he could form them, loves the power in them, the cleverness, the way that they can express, the way they can challenge the mind and create entire worlds. He’s always had a knack for them — for structure and delivery, for creativity and conveying emotions and clever plot twists — so it wasn’t very surprising, then, that his path had eventually led him into the publishing field.

He likes to tell stories, to entertain and imagine and draw people in with carefully constructed sentences into carefully constructed worlds — at least when he’s not in the worst bout of writer’s block he’s experienced in his entire life.

He’s not positive how long he’s been staring at his laptop, but his eyes are near crossing and he’s got a monster headache brewing right between them. He tries not to sigh and let his frustration get the best of him, but this is the mental block from hell and he’s got a first draft deadline for the first book in his newest and highly anticipated (but hey, no pressure) trilogy arriving on swift wings, which he’s fairly certain he’s not even going to make at this point.

He doesn’t notice someone’s even looking over his shoulder until he hears the quiet, contemplative hum near his ear and he jumps in his seat, nearly toppling over from surprise. His head whips towards the sound and the last thing he’s expecting to see so close to him is Emma Swan, the gorgeous coffee shop owner and second shift barista who’d taken his order earlier (hours earlier to be exact, if the sun now dipping below the horizon is anything to go by).

She’s blonde, and despite all of his poetic way with words, of course he would only be capable of stating the obvious, but it’s the first thing he’d noticed the very first time she’d taken his drink order almost a week ago.

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A call for help

I’m not really sure how to even form this post, but basically my parents have kicked me out of the house, I won’t get into the situation now, but I’m really screwed. I have somewhere to stay tonight but from this point on I don’t really know where I’ll stay or what to do. If anyone has any advice please message me, I have little money but not enough to afford my own place by any means. I live in the southern Connecticut region so if there’s somewhere you know or anything like that, please help!!