On this day in music history: April 13, 1987 - “Tango In The Night”, the fourteenth studio album by Fleetwood Mac is released. Produced by Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Dashut, it is recorded at The Slope in Los Angeles, CA and Rumbo Recorders in Canoga Park, CA from November 1985 - March 1987. With the members of Fleetwood Mac wanting to work on solo projects, and focus on other creative activities, the band wind up taking an extended hiatus. In late 1985, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham begins working on what is to be the follow up to his second solo album “Go Insane”. When Buckingham invites band mates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie into the studio, the project soon morphs into the first new Fleetwood Mac album in five years, when Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie join in on the proceedings. Nicks is absent for a majority of the eighteen months it takes to record “Tango In The Night”, having been on the road promoting her third solo album “Rock A Little” and spending a stint in rehab. She spends a total of only two weeks working on the project. Though the sessions yield a solid album, unresolved past issues between band members, with some still struggling with substance abuse, come to a head during recording. That combined with the burn out experienced by Buckingham having shouldered most of the burden production wise, he refuses to embark on a tour to support “Tango”, and quits shortly afterward. He is replaced by guitarists Rick Vito and Billy Burnette, and Buckingham does not return to the band for ten years. The album is released to solidly positive reviews and becomes the bands second largest studio set behind “Rumours”. It spins off four singles including “Big Love” (#5 Pop), “Little Lies” (#4 Pop), “Seven Wonders” (#19 Pop) and “Everywhere” (#14 Pop). The albums cover art work inspired by French artist Henri Rousseau, is painted Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong, which is a painting that Buckingham has hanging in his Southern CA home. To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the albums’ release, “Tango” is reissued and remastered on CD and vinyl. Released on March 31, 2017, it is issued as a two CD deluxe edition with the first disc featuring the original twelve song album. The second disc featuring thirteen bonus tracks including demos, B-sides and alternate takes. It is also released as a three CD, DVD + vinyl LP Super Deluxe box set. It features the aforementioned contents plus a third CD featuring fourteen bonus tracks including the original 12" extended mixes edits and dub versions previously on vinyl only. The DVD includes the music videos four all five singles, plus a new high resolution 5.1 surround remix of the album. The set also includes a 180 gram vinyl LP with the newly remastered audio and a 12" x 12" booklet with photos and annotation. “Tango In The Night” peaks at number seven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


On this day in music history: April 15, 1995 - “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan hits #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B singles charts on April 1, 1995 for 7 weeks. Written by Montell Jordan, Oji Pierce and Ricky Walters, it is the debut single and biggest hit for the Los Angeles, CA born R&B vocalist. Born Montell Du'Sean Barnett, the 6’ 8" tall singer attends Pepperdine University in Southern, CA, graduating with a degree in Communications in 1991, before beginning his music career. While being managed by radio DJ Paul Stewart, Stewart plays Jordan’s demo for Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, who immediately likes what he hears and makes a deal to sign the singer to the label’s RAL (Rush Associated Labels) imprint. A long time fan of rapper Slick Rick, Montell and producer Oji Pierce write a party song around a sample of Rick’s classic “Children’s Story”. For several years, Def Jam had turned down numerous requests from other artists to sample the song, before granting permission to Jordan. Once the single is released in early February of 1995, it is an overnight smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #93 on February 25, 1995, it races to the top of the chart seven weeks later. After fifteen years as a recording artist, Montell Jordan leaves the music business in 2010 to become a minister. “This Is How We Do It” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Hey everyone! I wanted to give an update on the road trip that I mentioned a few days ago. 

It’s going to be a 3 week trip with Michael Flugstad, who is doing a project for Oberto. It’s basically a lifestyle photography assignment that he was hired for. We are flying down and starting in Southern CA and then working upwards towards Oregon and Washington with a bunch of stops at some timeless locations in each state. It will also be in a Land Rover Defender :) I’m going to be taking tons and tons of photos and sharing them on here and on my Instagram. Michael will be documenting the whole thing as well, he’s going to be doing photos, video, and vlogging. 

The trip starts on July 24th, stay tuned! :)

caitlin farmer headcanons!!!!!!!!!

  • is a huge huge jock and plays like a billion different sports; she grew up playing not only volleyball but soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, and (gasp!) lacrosse
    • secretly thinks lacrosse is superior but would never tell the smh team that
    • she only plays volleyball in college bc that’s what she got a scholarship for; she loves all sports pretty much equally
  • was also in marching band in high school (she plays the flute) but Cannot sing at all- this does not stop her and chowder (who also can’t fuckin sing) from belting top 40s tunes at the top of their lungs together and giggling and generally annoying every other person in the vicinity
  • pansexual as FUCK
  • chowder is her first bf; she’s only ever had gfs and nonbinary datemates but basically she didn’t even think she liked dudes that much until chowder bc every other guy she’d encountered before him was a total asshole
  • is from southern california (orange county) and this is a big point of contention with her and chowder, him being from san francisco which is northern ca
    • “southern california is just better! admit it!! we have better beaches and it’s actually nice out all the time! we have disneyland!!!!!” “yeah but! people are just nicer in the north!! also we have alcatraz and pier 39 and cable cars!!” “are you trying to tell me alcatraz is better than disneyland” “AUGH”
  • gets REALLY mad when people assume she’s straight, especially if they’re assuming she’s straight bc she’s dating a dude
  • has 2 older brothers
  • is good friends with both march and april; now that march and ransom are dating, caitlin and her constantly gush about their cute bfs while april is just in the background like “ugh we get it stop”
  • really, really good at math. she’s getting a bachelor of science in mathematics with a minor in child & family studies bc she wants to be a math teacher
  • LOVES children. literally she loves kids so much. she’s very sad she has no younger siblings but she spoils her little cousins a lot whenever she sees them
  • really loves comics and superhero movies (she doesn’t discriminate between marvel & dc) but hates heternormativity and sexism so it’s a struggle
    • black widow is her fave but she also really loves wonder woman and mystique
  • used to feel self-conscious about how tall she is but now she’s like “fuck yea im cute” 
  • real big one direction fan; her fave is harry and she was really upset when zayn left but still loves all of them and bought zayn’s album when it came out
    • she has a very friendly leopard gecko at home in california named harry and was very sad when she couldn’t bring him to samwell with her
    • when people ask if he’s named after harry styles she’s like “yes of course” and if they make fun of her for it she’s like “excuse u. harry styles is beautiful and so is my gecko”
  • completely just. doesn’t understand poetry. not that she hates it or anything, but she’ll read a piece of poetry and be like “yes. what does it mean”
    • it infuriates nursey that she has no concept for what a good poem is; he purposely writes terrible poems just to make her read them and see what her reaction is and it’s always the same “ah. nice”
  • no joke, her favorite food is ice cream. she got a part-time job at ben & jerry’s and it’s the perfect job for her bc she’s very friendly and she gets an employee discount (she’ll eat ice cream in the dead of the massachusetts winter she doesn’t care she just loves ice cream)
  • a big ol awkward nerd who doesn’t know how to process affection so every time chowder says she looks nice or he likes her eyes or he loves her she’s just like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and he’s like “omg just say thank you” and she’s like “no i’d rather just squish your face while yelling it feels less awkward”
  • is weirdly good at beer pong? like, really, really good. she has never not sunk a ball. it makes lardo very proud

Some excellent territorial pushups performed by a tiny but impressive agamid, the Western Fence Lizard. Caught this dude strutting his stuff last week in Laguna Canyon, but these guys are plentiful everywhere here in southern CA. It’s not really visible in this video, but the males have incredibly vibrant blue patches on their bellies that they incorporate into their displays. #lizardbehavior #fencelizard #workit #pushups #threatdisplay #territorial #sceloporusoccidentalis

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Team Status Updates

Work Brother is going to be on vacation next week (taking the family to Disneyland and visiting friends in Southern CA) and Annoying Coworker - who took yesterday off because she’s incapable of working an entire week ever, I guess? - asked him for the millionth time where he’s going and “can I bribe you not to go I mean, I’m TOTALLY KIDDING I’M JOKING” because she’s all stressed that she has an intense week ahead of her. Not sure what the hell he could do to help and also: shut the fuck up and let the guy take his wife and kid out of town. He puts up with our dumb asses and always offers to bring us coffee. Dude needs a break before he snaps. Plus this chick is constantly taking time off to take her dogs to the groomers, have someone come look at their A/C, roof, a new gardener, whatever so I worry about her work-life balance the least of everyone in this building.

It’s kind of hilarious/concerning to watch Annoying Coworker flip her shit about having to work hard/possibly put in extra hours over the next week. We all do it from time-to-time and yet she acts like she’s being personally victimized when her account has a busy spike. A busy spike she knew about, at that. 

Loud Coworker has decided to cite her “strong feminist ideals” as the reason she thinks it’s not cool for Work Brother to call his daughter’s behavior “bitchy” yet she has no problem calling her friend who was sexually assaulted a “whore.” So, that’s fascinating. 

I realize this is all terribly fascinating.

Eating Disorders

A rotation in eating disorders was added to our clinical schedule this year. I have always been extremely interested in the treatment of EDs and it was my original plan for my elective hours. Sadly there is only one residential treatment center in the central valley, which was unavailable, and around here there is no other form of treatment that utilizes an RD. I really wanted the experience of the inpatient setting, so I stayed in southern CA with family for a week to get experience at a residential treatment center.

This center was specifically for children and teens, and it was at max capacity of 6 while i was there. All of the residents were girls, though they take boys too. Most of them were 13-17 years old. The main types of EDs were represented - anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder. One of the days I was able to visit a similar treatment center for girls with other types of mental health issues. I mostly shadowed the RD since most of the work done there is most effective after some rapport is built.

Menu planning and the exchange system were utilized to teach and enforce ‘normal’ eating. All food was measured and portioned, but nutrition information was not known to keep from an obsession over calories or another nutrient like fat or sugar. The girls were expected to finish their meals, and if not, they were supplemented with a drink. They also had “kitchen skills” when they get to prepare food, and “fun food” where they eat a particularly challenging or unhealthy kind of food. I also got to sit in on group counseling and one-on-one sessions. 

The main team consists of counselors, an MFT, and the dietitian. They hold a weekly meeting to update each other on the girls’ progress and discuss the treatment plan. If the girls are doing well, they get a pass to spend a few hours with their family. They also participate in challenges meant to get them out of their comfort zone and improve self-control. We took the girls to a restaurant to combat the fear of other people seeing them eat. This is also confronted when they have a family meal. They also may have individual challenges, such as putting a person who struggles with binge-eating in a room alone with their binge foods.

Overall, seeing this process was absolutely fascinating. It’s a very specialized area of dietetics and as a student/intern you don’t receive any training related to it unless you seek it out. My heart broke for the girls and their situations. It was hard to leave after getting to know them. Even with intensive therapy and constant treatment, many won’t recover. Some were even in treatment for the second time at the age of 14. Some girls arrived very committed to recovery, and others had no desire to recover even if it resulted in death. Insurance coverage was also a major barrier and often meant treatment was shorter than it needed to be. It’s an intense job, but I hope I am able to experience it at some point while my life is flexible enough to allow for something so demanding. I’ve discovered that I’m very passionate about diet culture and the way we talk about weight, and how it affects children and teens. It truly is important work and I hope we can expand resources for diagnosis and treatment moving forward.

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