Seminoles and Christianity

Tribes of Indians in Oklahoma began to be Christianized mainly through the efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention, Home Mission Board as early as 1846. Baptist missionaries came to the Oklahoma Creek and Oklahoma Seminole tribes in the 1870′s.

on the way to my grandmas theres a bunch of southern baptist-esque signs about jesus christ i wonder if i could get pics of them…


Watch this conservative Southern Baptist Republican from Alabama talk about her trans daughter. It’s really beautiful.


Overwhelmingly, the Southern Baptist Convention has adopted a resolution saying that trans* people are a result of human fallenness. They assert that “gender identity is determined by biological sex and not by one’s self-perception” while at the same time trying to couch it in language to make it seem less hateful. 

“The denomination wants to have it both ways, welcoming in everyone, and yet denying the realities of their lives” concludes GLAAD. 

The new SBC President, Ronnie Floyd, wrote the book on being an anti-LGBT Christian. Literally.

Floyd is the author of The Gay Agenda and says gay people are “Satan’s con job" and that homosexuality is "just an idea.” 

So in case you thought that 20/50 US states extending marital rights to gay people means that the battle is over, think again. —GCI

The times are changing ...

and it makes me very happy.

Four years ago when I was in high school and went to Wednesday night youth services at my church, being gay was just wrong. I remember when I was a sophomore in high school and our student leader was asked if being gay was a sin. He took a minute (probably thinking what the Southern Baptists would want him to say) and said he didn’t think it was a sin but he equated it to lying or stealing.

That made me sad. Why would our leader say that? That was my first taste of leaders fucking me over. I’d later experience that there are a lot more people who will lead you into wrong places.

Anyway, the point of this post.

So, this same church that I used to go to has evolved evidently. Last night a friend of mine who still goes to youth services posted a photo of a teen gay couple. And they were welcomed.

It makes my soul glow. It makes me have a renewed faith in humanity.

It’s nice to know that this church I left not so long ago has grown above the Pat Robertsons and Shirley Phelps of the world.



[Millennial Gospel: John the Baptist] For an ongoing project created by shakespeareandco and sarahtaylorgibson

Awake O Sleeper! 
There will come a day my God will come

and put me in my place.
My God I pray you’ll call my name
instead of turn away.
Let no man bring me harm,
I bear the marks of Jesus


A Trans Christian’s Open Letter To The Southern Baptist Convention by Vivian Taylor

Dear Southern Baptist Convention,

I know that you are considering passing a resolution against transgender identity this week at your meeting in Baltimore. In anticipation of this vote, I write to you as a fellow believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, the person to whom I have given my heart and soul and whom I spend my life serving.

I was raised Southern Baptist in Stanly County, North Carolina, in a devoted Christian family…

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Photo Source: Matt and Cyndi Maxson