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Southern/Suburban Gothic Prompts

- The long grass waves in the fields as the sun goes down, making a sound like it’s whispering. You don’t want to know what it’s saying.

- The streetlights always flicker twice – once as you pass under them, and again just after. You wonder if they flicker every time something passes underneath them, but you don’t want to turn and find out.

- He’s the perfect southern gentleman: gelled hair, soft eyes, a gentle accent that makes you almost sleepy. The first time he kisses you, when he bites your bottom lip, you could almost ignore how his teeth feel too sharp. Almost.

- The storefronts wait empty; the wind blows the doors open and shut, open and shut. Everything looks deserted, but you know it’s not. They’re lying in wait, is all.

- You pass an alleyway and there’s something waiting – something with bright eyes and an eager smile. You pass without a second look. As long as you don’t look, you’re safe.

It’s a scorcher of a day, good grief!
I could use some cold liquid relief.
Lemonade? Overplayed.
Water? Why, I oughta–!
What this thirsty southern gal needs
Is to be sweetly iced tea’d.

Long Island style? No way, I’ll pass!
And keep lemon away from my glass–
That tart, tangy twist isn’t for me.
Make mine purely simple as can be:
Just tea itself, water…but that’s not all…
I want sugar, Sugar, sure as my drawl.

If there’s no sweetness in that first sip,
A second one won’t pass through these lips.

—  Sugarfree is not for me


1. put on your favorite sweater. you know, the ones with the little carrots on them? yeah. that one. for extra coziness levels dig those fluffy socks out of the bottom of your drawer too. the fact that they smell a little stale doesn’t matter. they’re going on your feet anyways

2. put the kettle on the stove. make a cup of your favorite tea. mine’s earl grey with lemon and honey. play your favorite playlist while you wait for the water to boil. something quiet and acoustic, maybe. make sure, though, that when you go to drink your tea, you don’t rush and burn your tongue.

3. grab your notebook, your sketchbook, or maybe just your computer again. whichever suits you. write some poetry. a few lines of that song you never even really began. doodle some flowers. water lilies and briars. let your mind wander on the pages, down misty roads and ancient libraries. rainy nights are for emptying your soul into the world and watching the water wash it away.

4. pamper yourself. rainy days are few and far between, so make it a day for yourself. put on a polishing face mask. paint your nails. do what makes you feel like the best you. while you’re waiting for the face mask to dry, wash some clothes. how many time have you worn that shirt already? when you feel like you’re ready to go to bed, finish off your tea, and put the cup in the sink.

5. curl up beneath your comforter. close your eyes, and when you wake the world will be exactly the same but still somehow different. maybe it’s the fact that the concrete is wet, or maybe it’s the new grass springing up in your yard. logically, of course, it’s because the dust in the air was cleared by the water droplets, but new beginnings and new feelings sound so much more romantic don’t you think?

—  E.H.
southern gothic: part one

-there’s an overpriced boutique next to every grocery store. they all have names related to plants. they all sell raincoats and yeti cups and you can get everything monogrammed. no matter what kind of coupons or deals they dish out, you always feel like you’ve spent too much. no one knows how long they’ve been open, but the stores seem to maintain their novelty with a vice grip. the teenage girls who work there say they go to your school, but they’ve been seniors for years now.

-your parents and the parents of your sister’s boyfriend are good friends. you go on week-long vacations with them to florida. during boating season, you go to the lake with them. their grandma is now your grandma. soon you name their new puppy. how long has it been?

-a sheriff’s car from a different county always seems to be cruising down the street or parked next to you at trader joe’s.

-chick-fil-a is the centerpiece of the south. everyone around you is addicted. the kids at school risk getting in trouble to leave and get a milkshake and that chicken sandwich. when asked where you want to go for lunch, there is only one answer. there’s a chick-fil-a on every street. you never lose sight of that white and red cup because more often than not there is one in your hand. how long have you been sitting at this table? the kindly woman who cleans tables asks if you need more coke. you say yes and smile at her. when she comes back, she pats your shoulder and asks about the family. you thank her. it is ALWAYS her pleasure.

-your teacher is either your neighbor or they live two hours away. it is certainly a miracle how they get there so early and leave so late. sometimes you stay after to help them and they never talk about going home; they always divert the topic elsewhere. when you leave school, your car is the last one in the lot.

-the lady who works in the overpriced boutique has a daughter a year younger than you. she had the same teachers as you did last year. it turns out that the lady went to the same high school as your mom. they both talk in loud, southern accents endlessly, blocking the section of brightly colored tumblers. you lose track of time and forget why you were shopping there in the first place.

-you ask your mom why you and so many other families travel to florida at the same time during the summer. she shifts and smiles uneasily. later, you hear her talking to your dad about planning the family vacation to destin. all the rental houses are full. the panic in their tones is evident. they call the neighbors and ask if their condo will be empty. they beg. it doesn’t matter where we stay; we just have to go to florida during that week.

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Oh, no, I the seasons thing, I always laugh bc there are soooo, so many RotG fics where Jack is like, 'oh, yeah, seasonal spirits all get a break for six months and hibernate and stuff,' and I'm like, 'But, but, what about the southern half of the world??'

Oh pfft we all know the southern half of the world doesn’t exist.

Right now I am drifting in the liminal ether and sipping tea and just pretending Australia is a real place but kangaroos are fake and the platypus is a lie and all we have is the Northern Hemisphere.

Ain’t Much of a Grammar Lesson

Okay, y’all, I’ve been seeing a lot of misuse of the misuse of the English language. In particular, the gorgeous Southern-ism, “ain’t.” Supernatural writers, I’m looking at you extra special! :D If you’re gonna use my native dialectic and colloquialisms to ruin proper English, in the way of Dean Winchester and co., please take some of this to heart:

Ain’t ain’t a catch-all contraction. Even the most Deep South country folk don’t even use it all the time, even when appropriate.

Anyway, here are the generals which it replaces:

Is not
Are not
Am not
Has not
Have not


“I ain’t (am not) reading that 50 Shades shit.”

“No, we ain’t (have not) ever been there before.”

“That ain’t (is not) gonna work.”

Now, people can get tripped up by the above, because it’s a picky rule, but ain’t, is usually not used to replace:

Haven’t we
Have we not


“Ain’t we (haven’t we) done this before?”

“Ain’t we (haven’t we) talked about this?”

Those is incorrect. If you’re still trying to remain colloquial, your character would be more likely to say, “we done this before, right?”

In fact, I’d suggest when in doubt, avoid the use of “ain’t” in a question. That’s often where people screw up the usage most.

In conclusion:

If you’re not a regular user of the word “ain’t,” err on the side of less is more. Most people don’t use it to replace every instance where it’s possible. People tend to use it more when there aren’t a lot of hard consonants in the sentence, it’s being spoken quickly, and/or short sentences, like the above examples.

Of course, these aren’t absolute rules of usage, naturally. It’s a colloquialism, and like all colloquialisms, can be extremely difficult to perfect, even for native American English speakers whose dialect doesn’t feature it in its normal lexicon.

As always, keep up the practice! If you have any questions, my ask box is always open! :D

A Queen's Reminder

So, I started to start to write it all out

Then I realized that I’ve written it all before.

Several times before.

Last year.

And the year before that.

And 3 years before that.

So, I just re-read my words.

I was trying to etch it into my mind.

Burn the word deep into my skin.

I want them to stain my tongue

Like Spaghetti sauce in a cheap container

That was never built to contain my love.

You weren’t even Ziploc.

You were barely Great Value.

Hell, but it wasn’t your fault.

I was foolish enough to think that you could love me

Without first loving God.

So, because you didn’t know God

You could never know how to treat his children.

You could only know the surface value but never the depth of

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Romans 12:9 Love must be sincere; Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

Mark 12:31 The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself There is no commandment greater than these.

Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Patient, Kind, does no Envy.

Does not boast, is not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, always protects, trust, hopes, preserves, and never fails.

Never fails.

Never Fails.

But this failed.

It failed from the tops of mountains.

It failed from heights unimaginable.

It failed so hard the ground shook.

And it rattled me awake.

It rattled me to my senses and I looked to my Creator

To remember, finally, my name.

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you,

Before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

He made me in joy.

So, even when you tried to strip me of my happiness,

I still smiled.

He made me with freedom.

So, when you tried to trap me in fear,

I still had my wings.

I am a child of the King.

I just had to be reminded that you were just a jester.

And I am a Queen deserving of a true King.

By Toni Jo @etherealsylph