southern wear

but just like imagine zuko returning to the Southern Water Tribe and wearing those big furry parkas to keep warm and asking Kanna about betrothal necklaces and she teaches him how to make them. it takes him a lot of time and trying to be sneaky around Katara. After he’s done it just looks terrible because he’s not gifted with making jewelry and carving and making intricate details, but he tries to make it meaningful.

So he shows it to Sokka who, of course, makes a joke about it’s quality and how he never knew Zuko was so cheesy (Steam?! Like cooking? Geez, Zuko!) and he’s kind of nervous asking Hakoda about it until he finally does and the poor guy bursts into tears because his strong baby girl is finally FINALLY growing up and moving forward with her own life and it’s so emotional to him because he’s reminded of his days working on Kya’s necklace and he’s just so happy and doesn’t even care how it looks because he can tell Zuko tried his best and put alot of thought into it and—

I just love Zutara and families okay????


Jesus what kind of fucked up soap opera circus have I just gotten myself into. Who are these lunatics?? What is Candy Southern wearing and how did she become leader of the Defenders?? Does she have super powers now?? I could not possibly be more confused if I woke up tomorrow with my face stapled to the carpet. (New Defenders #152 – Feb 1986)

Confederate naval and marine personnel. I’m a big fan of all these uniforms, even if Southern sailors hated wearing grey at first (sailors were supposed to wear blue).

CORNELIA ADELAIDE DU VANG is one of the counselors for THE DRAGONFLY CABIN. she is nineteen years old, working on her bachelor’s degree in screenwriting and history. she also has a strange addiction to coffee, snapchat, and locking herself in dark rooms for long periods of time while doing research and writing her own scripts! applicable tropes that apply to her include; the southern bell, the woman wearing the queenly mask, and the go-getter girl! for more information, continue on down below!

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University of Southern California Co-Eds wearing their “Senior Plugs” (top hats, usually as beaten up and weathered as possible, which were traditional senior class garb, while freshmen wore beanies and sophomores wore pork pies), 1902

Over a thousand girls in Kenya have participated in a ceremony that serves as a safe alternative to female genital mutilation. The ritual, used by the Maasai of Esiteti in Southern Kenya, entails bead-wearing, singing and dancing.

“We enjoy the new ceremony because it doesn’t interfere with our health and education,” says Emily Nenkai, a ten-year-old girl who has participated in the celebration of womanhood.

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Cultured, Black intelligent southern boys who wear grills and talk with an accent but respects women, dresses nice, funny, smells good, has ambitions and homicides the pussy on a regular.