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Whenever the other wears the other’s color, they love each other a little bit more.

My headcanon is Katara as a Fire Lady only wears her husband’s colors during important/formal events (and Zuko respects her choice) as well as Zuko humbling himself with not wearing his crown and only wearing Southern Water tribe clothing during their visits in the south. Her betrothal necklace is carved from gold and bronze (cause zuko’s a doting lover) with the shape of the flower Milk Vetch cause I love its meaning

I live for the concept of McCree wearing those Southern Girl shirts as a joke. You know the ones, with fifty different fonts in five different colors that say things like “Texas Princess” or “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” or “Relax, Cowboy, I was looking at your gun”. He wears them all as a joke cuz way back in the Blackwatch days, Gabe saw one and commented on how it fit McCree’s ugly ass cowboy aesthetic, and he bought them out of spite. And then it just carried on over the years so now people always try to find the ugliest ones they can to give him for his birthday or at Christmas. Hanzo hates them at first but gets used to it, because it’s funny as fuck and stupid and he’ll be damned if Jesse doesn’t actually fit them in a terrible way. Eventually Jesse buys him one (its a tank top that says “I don’t wear bows, I shoot them” and Hanzo hates it but loves it at the same time and wears it to bed each night.

can i just say that i’m so happy that we’ve taken the phrase “y'all” away from the rednecks that sing songs about the american flag and beer and having sex with banjos and other stuff that pander to the group of southern americans that wear confederate flag nightgowns

so good to see “y'all” be saved from that life, what a blessing

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My hair is super short now and the only downsides are a) bedhead and b) all the pretty girls think I'm super butch and expect me to make the first move

a.) Bedhead isn’t a downside. Just embrace it. Or maybe don’t. I literally don’t own a comb, so maybe don’t trust me.

b.) Wear full southern belle garb and loudly talk about your want for lady suitors while your bedhead sways coquettishly in the breeze created by your ornate folding fan.

On Sansa’s hairstyle and clothing style

It is so interesting to observe how Sansa dresses and does her hair throughout the series; because as Sansa undergoes her journey - starting with Southern dreams only to have them crushed and progressively returning to Northern realities - so do her hair and clothes follow and parallel this journey.

At the start of the show, we see Sansa wearing a pale blue dress with a heavy fur coat when she greets the royal family when they visit Winterfell. Her hair is let down. Arya is also wearing blue. This is the most Stark Sansa looks before a long time. Observe though that out of the whole Stark family, Sansa is already wearing the most pale of the coats - her parents, her sister and her brothers all wear darker tones. This marks her as the least of her family bound to their Northern roots. Indeed Sansa is presented as the child leaning the most towards the South and the one that could easiest adapt to it. Sansa is quick to shed her coat and upon arriving at King’s Landing, quickly adopts a Southern style, favoring a flowery purple dress that would easily please House Tyrell - a motif that she displays from the very beginning of the series. She still likes to wear pale blue though and although her septa points out she also quickly adopted a southern hairstyle, she still lets her hair down sometimes. She wears it southern-styled more heavily - and happily - towards the end of Season 1 as a way for her to get inspiration from Cersei.

Following the death of her father and with her dreams shattered, we see Sansa still choosing to wear southern colors - pale pink and blue - and she still sports a southern hairstyle very often. This reflects her initial fear of being left alone as hostage in King’s Landing; thus she keeps dressing like she does belong to the court as a means to protect herself, a way for her to blend and fit in. Notice though that as she finds some footing - learning to not give into Cersei or Joffrey but not yet standing up to them - she subtly starts to detach herself from the Southern culture. When the mob attacks the King, she is wearing her hair southern-styled but finds a way to have them semi-let down and after the riot, she lets them down entirely, simply tying them lightly behind her head while also dismissing explicit southern colors, choosing instead a more neutral violet colour - warm enough to fit the South but dark enough to stand out as particular.

This trend continues during Season 3 where we constantly see Sansa wearing the same purple dress, a rich contrast to Margaery’s pale dresses, the likes of which Sansa wore previously. In doing so, Sansa subtly reaffirms that she is alone here, that she does not belong in King’s Landing and that she knows it. Sansa copies Margaery’s hairstyle but it allows her to let her hair down. Never once during her time in King’s Landing do we see Sansa wearing sleeveless dresses like Margaery; she always has clothes with long sleeves. Furthermore, Sansa does not really care anymore about appearing like a proper lady and even less a Southerner. The only time Sansa dresses Southern style again is for her wedding. Being married to Tyrion and effectively becoming a Lannister, she once again sports a Southern hairstyle and wears a very Southern golden dress. Notice in the next episodes that she quickly reverts back to her previous purple gown and hairstyle even though she is now Lady Lannister.

It is during Season 4 that we see Sansa change her clothing style the most drastically. At Joffrey’s birthday, Sansa - reeling from the news of her mother and brother’s deaths - does not even bother to do her hair and simply lets them down. She makes one last effort and sports a Southern style for the last time for his and Margaery’s wedding but still chooses to wear purple instead of warmer colours. Following her escape, she regains some sort of freedom and we see her wearing a cloak - not yet a fur coat but this is a first, more explicit step towards her Northern roots. We also see Sansa’s hair braided for the first time, in the style of her mother. In the Eyrie where Sansa regains strength from the snow and the cold and under Littlefinger’s tutelage, she starts finding confidence and learns how to stand up for herself; she lets her hair down again and sews herself a new dress - a dark one this time - effectively shedding purple and abandoning the Southern style at the same time .

In Season 5, Sansa returns to her Northern roots but finds that she cannot fit there completely anymore. Her hair - dyed black - is tied at the back of her head and let down and she wears her black dress and a black cloak, embroidered with light fur - the first time since Season 1 we see Sansa wearing fur. Back in a much changed Winterfell, Sansa adopts heavy greyish dresses, more plain and practical and far from the warm-coloured, light and adorned gowns from the South. Even for her second wedding, Sansa sports a more Northern hairstyle and she is all in white - a cold colour - and she wears fur again. Following this, she is often seen with a dark grey cloak and a plain greyish gown. Sansa has stopped alltogether caring about appearing beautiful and ladylike; throughout the season, we see her starting to own up to her Stark heritage and stand up to people on numerous occasions (Theon, Ramsay, Myranda).

Sansa finally embraces her Northern heritage. Her hair in Season 6 is braided in the style of her late mother; notice that in all her political meetings (with Littlefinger, with the Northern houses, with Ramsey) she always braids them and with the exception of her brief stay at the Wall, no longer lets them down - a sign that she has stopped being a child. She is wearing a heavy fur coat - her first real Northern-style fur coat since the first season. Notice this time her clothes and the coat are not pale anymore; they are fully dark. In doing so, she regains her full strength and confidence. Her choice of color is important here; she does not  simply go for the black/grey or even the blue - she chooses a dark green, as a way to also show her Tully heritage. Furthermore, Sansa is affirming her position as Lady of her own House, sporting the Stark wolf embroidened on her clothes. This enables her to assert herself as a leader of the two Houses. This shows how well she now understands the tactics of politics. At the end of the season, now that she has reclaimed her home, Sansa feels comfortable enough to let her hair down again - like her mother before, the previous Lady of Winterfell - sporting a Northern hairstyle.

Overall, Sansa finally looks the most Stark she has ever looked, the looks of her parents and her siblings  at the start of the series - the last time they were all standing together as a family.

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Can you share your thoughts about the Harper's Bazaar's article? Sam never talked about MM during an interview, but this time he acknowledged their relationship

He’s never talked about her before. And he hasn’t talked about her now either, anon, it’s just crafted to make it seem that way. Let me explain:

The whole article, both halves, the parts from during the press tour and the parts from after are filled with direct quotes which seem to be directly related to the question under discussion In this article Sam is literally being allowed by the interviewer to tell his own story in his own words with those quotes. Quotes from Sam are featured in the answers to every question and including them makes for a lively and very believable article
But look at the two mentions of MM, both from the second part, and you find that the style changes dramatically. The author literally steps outside of the style and story of the article for a paragraph to insert some stuff about MM. And suddenly Sam isn’t telling the story anymore, this author is. Thats telling.

In the first mention of MM there are no quotes from Sam explaining or gushing or even talking about the holiday in France. Just the bare “fact” stated by the author in a listing of Sam’s activities after the press tour: “a five day vacation in the south of France with his girlfriend, actress Mackenzie Maury, some prep for season 4 of the show, and an incredible, really, really amazing three day event in Glasgow for his charity”. First off the idea is clear here that the charity event was the most important thing he did during that week he was gone, (or the most important one that he can talk about anyway) which isn’t very complimentary to Miss Mauzy and/or the South of France. And if you recall, anon, the only pic he or she was able to muster up of the occasion was one of him standing alone in southern France wearing a several years old hairstyle and a shirt from the same pre MPC time period. And that’s not to mention that if the holiday was intended to be publicly known about as it was clearly intended to be from both Sam’s and Miss Mauzy’s posts then there is no reason that a nice shot of he two of them couldn’t be featured as well. And some gushing as well too, at least as much as over his MPC gathering would seem in order here, no? But it wasn’t. (It seems to me that he probably did have a five day holiday but it was probably not in the south of France or with MM). And no direct quotes from Sam are included pertaining to the holiday either, not even the second hand sort that the author included about the MPC gathering as being “incredible, really, really amazing”. That sounds like the MPC was actually talked about by Sam and the interviewer at some point and the summation of his response was given but not a direct quote. But nothing at all is personalized with either a quote or a summation about the MM “fact”- not the “girlfriend” or the “vacation. Sam’s voice wasn’t part of this part of the story, even indirectly. It’s all the author here. The MM stuff sounds to me much more like information that was got from the publicist during her meeting with the author prior to the interview as the parameters of the interview were set out: what is out of bounds topic wise and what is to be included etc. No quote from Sam and no authors summary of his reaction or discussion either- The MM stuff stands out plainly as one of the few points in the article that doesn’t have something said directly or indirectly by Sam included with it and that is very, very telling to me anon: it says to me that Sam didn’t say anything about either a girlfriend or a vacation to the author during their interviews. That info was got somewhere else.

The second mention is just as telling, anon.
First the author makes it plain that Sam Heughan “manages to keep his private life relatively private” and then turns about to Miss Mauzy who since she is being talked about here is apparently not part of that private life. The author then states that “Heughan doesn’t divulge much about Mauzy” other than that he met her at an industry event and that she’s had to deal with a bit of social media trolling from his fans “initially it’s upsetting but ultimately it doesn’t mean anything, it feels like a schoolyard thing”. And that is the only quote from Sam about MM. It’s not very personal at all and it’s conveniently just as valid wether she was being talked about in the context that she’s a girlfriend, or a colleague. Actually both facts attributed as being mentioned by Sam here and pertaining to MM are more valid for a colleague. And notice that the author does not use the word girlfriend on this passage at all- instead MM is simply referred to as “Mauzy” and to me that’s telling too. To me it says that the author and Sam didn’t discuss MM in the context of her being his girlfriend, that they only talked about her in the context of her as being someone he knows from having met her at an industry event and that she is being trolled by his fandom- and for me the upshot of that “trolling” bit is that the trolling is only happening because she’s obviously not part of the private life that he keeps so relatively private or she wouldn’t be out there posting things and getting in gossip columns with pap pics- in short that tells me that if she was part of his private life she would never be put out in the fandom eye to be getting trolled in the first place: instead their relationship would be kept private. And whatever this thing is between Sam and MM is anything but private- that was apparent in the first MM mention- the bit about the “holiday” that so obviously would not have been mentioned by the author, or posted about by MM or Sam, if it was part of his actual private life.

So the upshot that I got from reading the article is that Sam would not discuss his private life but that he and the interviewer had quite a lively conversation on many other topics about which Sam was quite excited and eager to talk about and that at some point in the conversation an actress that Sam knows named Mauzy was discussed and Sam said only that she was someone he knew from an industry event and that his fans have been troublesome to her- and also that it didn’t matter. Which is odd since any small insult to Cait has always been dealt with, and promptly too! You would think someone who is being put forth as a girlfriend would merit at least as much concern. But instead that quote feels more like it’s saying “the trolling? It’s meaningless, it’s nothing, it’s just all in a days work for her”. Which is what I think too after reading this article. The rest is Just a bit of sleight of hand to make it seem like Sam said the “girlfriend” word, but I don’t see any evidence that he did, or that he ever talked about a holiday in France or claimed MM in any way here other than admitting to knowing her from that long ago party meeting which is nothing more than the simple truth.

It seems very much that Sam’s private life remains private, anon, and to me this article is just more evidence that MM is not part of it at all but instead is part of his public one. And is also perhaps a very useful cover for his private life, and his private holidays…

I tried to draw a humanized Lightning and Sally sort of on a lake dock. I only did the waste down since I’m still trying to get drawing faces in a side view right with out it looking weird. And their humans since I can’t draw cars. I can barily draw humans. But I did my best. Any conductive criticism is welcomed.

Not Guadalupe!

There is no doubt that almost everyone in the world is familiar with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It has been the face of the nation of Mexico for centuries. Many different groups have used the image for their causes, whether it be Hidalgo or the Zapatistas, it has united the peoples of Mexico for centuries.

The image comes to us by way of an Aztec (Mexica) Indian named Cuauhtlatoatzin. Having just converted to Catholicism he also changed his name to Juan Diego. The name Cuauhtlatoatzin means “Speaking Eagle” or “He Who Speaks Like An Eagle.”

One day when Juan Diego was on his way to attend Mass, he was met by an apparition of a young heavenly woman on the hill of Tepeyac. This hill was also the site of a temple dedicated to the Aztec mother goddess, Tonantzin, which means “Our Sacred Mother”. When this young heavenly woman spoke to Juan Diego she spoke to him in his native tongue which was Nahuatl. She did not speak to him in Spanish. She identified herself and gave Juan Diego her name. It was a name in the Nahautl language. When Juan Diego gave that name to the Spanish they could not understand it. The name that was given to them sounded like Guadalupe which was a river in Castile, Spain. The name means “Wolf River”. Why would this heavenly girl call herself “Wolf River”? Well she didn’t. The name that Juan Diego gave them sounded like Guadalupe to the Spanish. The name was familiar with them because many of the Conquistadors, including Hernan Cortes, came from this area. The Nahuatl language does not contain the letters ‘d’ or ‘g’ so Juan Diego could not have given them the name Guadalupe.

There are two names that have been proposed and one accepted more than the other that could be the actual name that the heavenly girl gave to Juan Diego. The first is Tlecuauhtlapeupeuh which means “She Who Comes From The Region Of Light Like An Eagle Of Fire”. The second and more accepted name is Coatlaxopeuh which means “She Who Crushes The Serpent”. It can be said then by combining the two names that she is ‘an eagle who crushes the serpent.’ This image recalls the eagle and serpent perched on top of the nopal cactus which was sign to the Mexica as where they should build their civilization. Now we know it to be the image of the Mexican flag. Was the sign of the eagle and the serpent on top the nopal cactus a prefigurement of the apparition of Coatlaxopeuh to Cuauhtlatoatzin on Tepeyac? Is Juan Diego the one who ‘speaks like an eagle’ speaking for the ‘eagle who comes from the region of light and crushes the serpent’?

The image of the tilma will always be said to be a type of message to the Aztecs. Every image on the tilma was a symbol or hieroglyph that meant something to the Aztecs as they did not have a written language, but rather used images to read and write. And this is true. Everything from the stars to the moon to the colors she wears represented something to the Aztecs. The sun that is surrounding her represented the Aztec sun god Huitzilopochtli. Because she is in front of the sun she is saying that she is better than their sun god. She is wearing the stars on her mantle which represented the Centzon Huitznauhtin who were the 400 Stars of the South. She is better than those gods because she is wearing them. And then finally she is on top of the moon which represented Quetzalcoatl. Because she is standing on the moon she is better than Quetzalcoatl.

THIS IS WRONG! Nowhere in Aztec literature/codices does Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent represent the moon. Quetzalcoatl represented the planet Venus as the morning star. The moon was the goddess Coyolxauhqui not Quetzalcoatl. This is where the connections meet.

The name given to Juan Diego by the heavenly girl on Tepeyac was Coatlaxopeuh. This was near a temple dedicated to Tonantzin the mother goddess. This name was more of a title and was applied to a few different mother goddesses. However, it was more commonly applied to one in particular that of Coatlicue which means “She Of The Serpent Skirt”. Coatlicue was also given the title Tonantzin. This name was also given to Our Lady of Guadalupe and is still used today.

The people of Mexico still call Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin. They are used interchangeably with no ifs, ands or buts about it. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, more correctly named Coatlaxopeuh, is not an image of dominion over Aztec gods, as some would like to think, but of one showing a family. YES! A FAMILY. Tonantzin, who is also ‘sacred mother earth,’ was the mother of Huitzilopochtli, the sun, who she is in front of. She was also the mother of the Centzon Huitznauhtin or the 400 Southern Stars which she wears on her mantle. And she is also the mother of Coyolxauhqui the moon. The sun, the stars, and the moon were all children of mother earth. The image is that of a family. Mother and children. This is why Quetzalcoatl does not fit in here. He is not a member of the family. He does not fit in, but he actually does.

Quetzalcoatl was not originally a god of the Mexica (Aztec). He was a Toltec god. Huitzilopochtli was an original god of the Mexica. He in fact led them to where they should build their city of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. He was there from the beginning. And this would include his family: his siblings and his mother. Quetzalcoatl was not a part of this sacred family. And this is why she comes as ‘one who crushes the serpent’. He is not a part of the family.

The “One Who Crushes The Serpent” came with a message of family. Hold close your family. Keep them together because there are horrible times ahead. This is the true message of Coatlaxopeuh to Cuauhtlatoatzin. This message still holds true today. The Spanish came with weapons – guns, swords, and canons, but what was the most dangerous weapon was their lust, heartlessness, and greed. We see that today with the immigration laws and how they are trying to split our families up. Stay true to yourselves and your culture. Stand together and fight. Stand together with each other. Stand together with all Mexicans because we are all one big family. Look to hope. Look to Coatlaxopeuh.