southern water tribe waterbending

What went down in Moana
  • Gramma Tala: imma terrify the s**t out of some little kids
  • Chief Tui: you're a very bad example for my daughter
  • Gramma Tala: ikr
  • Moana: *is cute and helpless, wanders to the ocean*
  • Sea turtle: *is cute and helpless, fails to wander to ocean*
  • Moana: holy s**t birds, don't eat the turtle
  • Birds: fine, whatevs
  • Ocean: thanks for the turtle Moana
  • Moana: no prob
  • Ocean: I am the last waterbender from the southern water tribe, and I—
  • Moana: skip the exposition please
  • Ocean: ok yeah, anyway you helped the turtle and so you're definitely worthy of this incredibly important and dangerous magical artifact
  • Moana: kk cool, imma drop it on the beach
  • Ocean: no come back you little s**t!
  • Gramma Tala: ooh, shiny!
  • Tamatoa: did somebody say shiny?
  • Gramma Tala: not yet Tamatoa, go away
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, wanna hear a song?
  • Moana: sure, as long as it's during a montage
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, come and see this big stack of rocks that every chief put here
  • Moana: wait, so every chief we've ever had has placed a rock here?
  • Chief Tui: yeah
  • Moana: and what happens if a future plot point suggests that not every chief lived on this island?
  • Chief Tui: ok, go away now
  • Heihei: *eats an entire f**king rock*
  • Villagers: yo some serious s**t is happening to everything
  • Moana: this is definitely related to the one obscure legend my grandmother told me ten years ago
  • Chief Tui: Moana don't you f**king dare
  • Moana: *f**king dares and also wrecks her boat*
  • Gramma Tala: whatever just happened, blame it on the pig
  • Ocean: no, defs blame it on Moana
  • Moana: what are you doing, Gramma Tala?
  • Gramma Tala: I'm crazy, so go into this cave
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: hey Moana, we were voyagers
  • Moana: thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: no prob!
  • Moana: hey Gramma Tala, we were voyagers!
  • Gramma Tala: yeah, no s**t
  • Moana: hey Dad, we were voyagers!
  • Chief Tui: f**k you Moana
  • Moana: so how do you explain that stack of rocks
  • Chief Tui: I don't?
  • Gramma Tala: *conveniently dies*
  • Moana: welp, bye
  • Ocean: oh no, not you little s**t again
  • Moana: f**k you ocean
  • Ocean: here have a big f**king thunderstorm
  • Moana: *wrecks her boat, again*
  • Moana: fish pee in you, all day
  • Ocean: bacteria s**t in your mouth, all day
  • Maui: A boat!
  • Moana: holy s**t who are you?
  • Maui: I'm glad you asked because I wrote a song about that
  • Moana: I don't f**king care
  • Maui: well, I'm stealing your boat
  • Moana: does that boat even work? I wrecked it
  • Maui: idk, bye now
  • Ocean: *puts Moana on the boat*
  • Moana: you wanna come on my quest
  • Maui: no
  • Moana: please
  • Maui: ok fine
  • Kakamora: *attack*
  • Ocean: *smashes Kakamora boats together*
  • Moana: that was convenient
  • Ocean: ikr
  • Maui: you wanna get my fishhook
  • Moana: oh hell yes
  • Maui: here's a cliff, don't climb it
  • Moana: *climbs it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a thousand foot drop to the realm of monsters, don't jump off it
  • Moana: *jumps off it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a giant carnivorous plant, don't jump in its mouth
  • Moana: *jumps in its mouth, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a terrifying sloth monster, don't antagonize it
  • Moana: *antagonizes it, doesn't die*
  • Tamatoa: HEY GUYS
  • Moana: do you wanna talk about yourself?
  • Tamatoa: ok let's begin with the fact that I'm a fabulous shiny shimmering cinnamon roll
  • Maui: you're really not all that great
  • Tamatoa: m*********er I sparkle with the light of a million stars
  • Maui: my bragging song is better than yours
  • Tamatoa: I don't care because I'm f**kin beautiful
  • Maui: Tamatoa x Reader fanfiction exists and it's terrifying
  • Tamatoa: HOLY S**T WHAT?!
  • Maui: ok he's distracted, imma stealin my hook
  • Moana: ok, we got out of there
  • Maui: you should have died at least twenty times in there
  • Moana: ikr
  • Maui: my hook's not working btw
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair a broken hook
  • Maui: nope, got it!
  • Moana: ok nevermind, wrong movie
  • Maui: so here's a lava monster, let's fight it
  • Te Kā: *throws fire, breaks Maui's hook*
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair—
  • Maui: forget it, bye now
  • Gramma Tala: hey Moana, here's some important advice for you
  • Moana: thanks, I'm going to fight the lava monster now
  • Gramma Tala: wait, what? that's just stupid
  • Moana: and you shouldn't be giving me advice on how to stay alive if you can't even manage that yourself
  • Gramma Tala: bye now
  • Moana: *goes to fight Te Kā*
  • Maui: hey I'm still here
  • Moana: good 'cause imma die out here
  • Maui: go find Te Fiti
  • Moana: Te Fiti isn't here
  • Te Kā: YES I AM
  • Moana: oh hey that's convenient
  • Ocean: *moseses*
  • Moana: *does an epic walk*
  • Te Kā: *does a frantic monster crawl*
  • Moana: *keeps walking*
  • Te Kā: *doesn't kill Moana for some reason*
  • Moana: here's your heart back
  • *everything is magically fixed*
  • Maui: hey Te Fiti, sorry for f**king up all the s**t
  • Te Fiti: I could smite the ever-loving s**t out of you rn
  • Maui: please don't
  • Te Fiti: fine
  • Moana: imma go home now
  • Maui: so we're getting a sequel, right?
  • Moana: nope, they're making a second Frozen

anonymous asked:

AU where Sokka is Zuko's brother and Azula is Katara's sister, please?

There are so many different directions I could go with this, with either Water Tribe Zuko and Sokka or Water Tribe Azula and Katara, to a modern AU, to the positively horrific, where Ozai once led a military campaign against the Water Tribes and on two occasions raped Kya, fathering Sokka and Katara making all of them siblings.  This is a scenario with a lot of possible AUs.  I’m inclined to switch Zuko and Katara’s places.

1. This does not actually change much for the world at large.  Both Zuko and Katara are compassionate, hard working, and fiercely protective of the people who need it.  Little Katara would find herself Ozai’s un-favorite and Azula’s favorite victim just as much as little Zuko does in canon.  Thirteen year old Katara would stand up for the Fire Nation soldiers just like Zuko does, and she would be scarred and banished in his place.  Little Zuko as the only waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe would want badly to train and to help his people.

2. In canon, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, but we don’t have any indication about Zuko’s schooling.  In some of my AUs, I have written him attending that school’s male counterpart.  In this AU, Katara attends the Royal Fire Academy for Girls as well.  She is a sociable child who is good at making friends, so for her first two years, she does well, and loves school, partly as a place to get away from the tension at home.  Then, Azula starts attending, and she quickly does everything she can to isolate her sister, and school just becomes one more place where Azula rules and Katara has to deal.

This makes Katara’s relationship with Mai and Ty Lee somewhat fraught.  They are Azula’s “friends”, and she delights in using them to hurt Katara, but they are also Azula’s victims, and on some level, all three of them know this.  Moreover, if they were at the same school, away, however temporarily from Ozai and Ursa, I think Azula would bring Katara into the group, just as she keeps Zuko close after returning with him to the Fire Nation.  She would do what she could to keep all of her victims dependent on her and in competition for her favor, and so the friendship between the three would grow in a deeply warped way, just as Mai and Ty Lee’s canon friendship must have.

3. Zuko is a boy.  This means that Pakku would be willing to train him.  Also depending how straight Aang is, Aang might not develop any kind of crush on Zuko.  Likewise, as utterly utterly clueless as Zuko is about that kind of thing, Aang would have to bash him over the head with any feelings he did have.  So the dynamics between our three boys would be a little different.  There are also similarities.  Sokka is protective of his little brother, and Zuko tries to mom everybody, including his older brother.  I also like to think that after the Kyoshi Warriors and being chased around the world by Katara, Zuko is somewhat vocal in how stupid he thinks not training women to waterbend is.  I also imagine that as much of a nurturer as he is, he would try to learn to heal.

4. Book Two would come as an enormous shock to poor Katara’s system, since not only is she suddenly on the run with no ship, but her sister and her friends from school are chasing her.  People that were close to Zuko in canon, who are even closer to Katara, are hunting her.  It would also I think profoundly impact Mai and Ty Lee who would see Azula using them to target one of their own in a much more sustained way than the infighting and punishment Azula used when they were children.

5. Katara with the shaved head and ponytail combo.  Katara with a buzz cut.  Katara in Fire Nation armor.  Katara feuding and dueling with Zhao.  Katara in a teashop.  Mai and Ty Lee standing up to Azula to protect their friend.  Katara.

so i haven’t been posting much art lately b/c i’ve been working on doodles for my avatar: the last airbender one piece au

Luffy is the avatar. he was raised in an earthkingdom forest with Ace (firebender kid who lost his parents in an anti-firenation riot in earthkingdom) and Sabo (a firebender kid who ran away from home). Luffy has no personal ties to any nation and he wears clothes from all of them b/c he’s a kid who lives in a forest–he’s gonna take what he can get

Zoro is an earthkingdom kid who got lost and was raised by the airbender monks (he’s a non-bender), Sanji is a firenation navy cook and a firebender, and Chopper is a waterbender healer and fighter in the southern water tribe

(note, Luffy is still a pirate in this. pirates exist in the atla world. so he is absolutely gonna be a pirate. he has a baby lionturtle as a spirit guide/friend (ala Appa and Naga) that’s named Sunny, b/c its mane looks like a sun. and in this the firenation never attacked–the world is ruled by a counsel of nation representatives who slowly became corrupt)

there’s many more to come. i’ve already decided the roles of like, 40 other characters. so much to draw, haha

Luffy is gonna be the best avatar ever and also the first one to become a pirate lol


bts x avatar: jimin  → waterbender

Jimin is from the Southern Water Tribe and is the only bender on his family. When he was 16, he moved to the Republic City with his family, where they built a small store downtown. No one knows that he can bend because lately, the anti-bending movement is gaining strenght again, so his family decided it was for the best that his abilities was kept as a secret.  During the day, he helps his family at the store and is known as the charming delivery boy, but at night, he’s one of the most talented players of pro-bending (a popular sport at the city, that was being threatened to become illegal). His team consists of him, a earthbender and an airbender and this year, they’re going to the Pro-bending Championship Tournament, along with other 5 of the best teams in the league.


Katara’s healing power was always really cool

This is for mugglebornandraised and guibass (sorry for the wait guys, midterms are KILLING ME) and is from a scene in their fic, The Chief and I. Definitely check it out.

I made an art blog and will begin accepting submissions and creating art on it soon


Push and Pull - WIP.

My entry for the avatar contest so far. you basically have to draw yourself as a bender of some kind. I’ve always loved water so it was always going to be Waterbending. The idea is that i’m/he’s bending the water into the shape of koi (kinda obvious) rather than there actually being elephant koi there. The details like splashes of water coming off them will be the final touches :) I also figured i’d be a republic city waterbender, a few generations in, as i am far, far too pale to be a pureblood water tribe member, haha!

I’;m popping it up here unfinished because i need to go to bed soon and I’ve been looking at it for far too long. 

Critically, i think its quite good, it has a good theme and the structure is ok. the pose and stuff work too. However i’m getting a feeling that it doesn’t look quite unified yet? I’m also debating how to do the lighting on my clothes etc. do i want harsher green light on the back so that you don’t lose me in the water.

it’s all up for debate, but its quite raw and unfinished yet, so don’t pay me too much attention!

it does feel good to be painting properly again, though!


My Redbubble store is open!

(Signal boosts are appreciated!)

Yes I finally managed to get my online store going! HOORAY! For now I just have these 4 designs up, but there are more to come (Disney, Marvel/Avengers, Batman, Hobbit and of course more Avatar designs on the way).

You can buy these designs on a HUGE variety of products, including shirts and hoodies. But please note the colours on the clothing designs will be MUCH more dull. I made these more with prints, phone cases, laptop skins and bags in mind.

Some designs will be in this style, others are a little different. Lots of cool stuff on the way though.

Pass this around and have a look at my work! The money I earn from sales not only helps me continue making art, but also helps me fund my filmmaking and even pay for some cosplay materials. :D

P.S. if you’re one of my local friends and just want a print let me know and I can possibly print it locally and get it to you in person. :P

I have this weird au that can’t relate to canon at all but at the same time depends on it and it goes like this

  • Leo’s a firebender, that’s 100% unquestionable.
  • Piper is from the Water Tribe (she would totally rock the hair loopies, let’s be real).
  • Jason and Thalia are both children of a businessman from the Fire Nation and an airbender woman. Thalia is a firebender who prefers lightningbending over fire and is the first firebender to ever lead the Kyoshi warriors since Avatar Kyoshi herself, Jason is an airbender and third person to ever master flying.
  • Annabeth is an airbender who got her powers after the Harmonic Convergence and is now helping expand Republic City and reconstructing the Air Temples.
  • Percy and Frank are both chiefs of the Water Tribes (Percy, chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Frank, chief of the Northern Water Tribe). They are waterbending masters, spiritbenders and first men to ever master healingbending.
  • Nico and Hazel are children of the king of the Earth Kingdom and both masters in earthbending, metalbending and lavabending. Nico is rumored to be in a relationship with a guy from the previous Fire Nation colonies named Will Solace.
  • Reyna and Hylla are part of the Fire Nation royalty. Reyna is the Avatar (who brings balance to the camps world) and Hylla might be the heir of the throne.