southern uncomfort

I can already tell you Meagan is going to annoy me. It’s really a combination of the way she talks and the whole “I hate women they’re all evil lying beotches”

anonymous asked:

can we have some fluffy amusement park guzmeria to heal the wounds after that angsty af post

Well it’s a little late, BUT SURE THING.

~ Guzma freaking loves roller coasters, but Plumeria is lowkey terrified of them. He loves like crazy ones, too. Like ones with 70 loops and upside down stuff and y’know. He tries to get Plumes on them but she’s like HAHA NOPE.

~ They do those stupid rigged games, but for some reason both Guzma and Plumeria are insanely good at them. Like they tag-team this shit to get the giant prize to take home to the grunt.

~ Guzma loves funnel cake, and gets like three before the day is over. Plumeria likes cotton candy, and that’s pretty much their lunch and dinner for that day.

~ Plumeria favorite rides are the cutesy ones. Like teacups or a scrambly ride or like, movie rides. The gimmicky ones. And you bet she takes Guzma into the love tunnel, and makes out with him while they’re in there. He walks out with his hair even more of a mess, an uncomfortable southern situation, and a smug girlfriend.

~ The last thing they do is ride the ferris wheel, and get stuck at the top to watch fireworks. Plumeria snuggles up against his side, and Guzma turns her towards him and says how much he loves her before smoochin’ her. Plumeria beams the rest of the night.