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(Axel Andrews & Pistol Mercy, Allison Tran, 2017)

Pistol Mercy’s mother made her a dress from the Pulse stage curtain for her last performance as a Pulse Twisted Tuesdays cast member.

(Pistol Mercy, Allison Tran, 2016)

(Axel Andrews, Allison Tran, 2015)

(MrMs Adrien & Kai’ja Adonis, Allison Tran, 2016)

Bad Dream - Part 2/?

Whelp, here it is; part duex. 
It is what it is. 
*Tame… no swears or smut*

Elsa burst through the doors and hurried into the room with an indecipherable expression on her face.  “Anna. Kristoff. Come with me.” She said sternly and turned around and walked out without another word.

They looked at each other quickly, got up and followed Elsa as she lead them down the halls.  Anna had to walk quickly to match Kristoff’s large stride.  They were lead into the Library where Elsa shut the door behind them and ushered them further into the room to sit on a long sofa.  Anna and Kristoff looked at Elsa expectantly as she stood before them.

“I’ve received a message from The Southern Isles.”  She said twisting her hands together nervously.  “It seems as though Price Hans has deserted the kingdom and they felt compelled to warn us that he might be heading here to Arendelle.”

“What?” Kristoff and Anna said together.  Anna’s heart began to beat quickly in her chest.  She was hoping to go her entire life without ever seeing him or having to worry about him ever again.  She desperately wanted to forget the bitter sting of betrayal.

Elsa’s mouth was pursed into a thin line as if she was carefully choosing her words.  “Apparently he’s become quite bitter.”  She said slowly.  “They had discovered he was up to something; consorting with some nefarious people and the like, but he vanished before he could be confronted about it.“

Kristoff reached down and grabbed one of Anna’s hands.  She was grateful for the comfort it gave her.  “Maybe he’s trying to take over another kingdom or something.  How do they know he’s coming here?”  Said Kristoff, but to Anna’s ears his voice sounded unconvinced at his own words.

Elsa’s mouth twisted with unease.  “They seem to think his bitterness is born from resentment and a need for revenge.”  She looked as though she were going to say more but thought better of it.  “I’ve warned the guards to be on extra lookout, and I’ve ordered that Hans be arrested if he is spotted anywhere in or around Arendelle.” 

“Can we trust them?”  Asked Kristoff.  “They wouldn’t be giving false information as a distraction for something would they?  Something we won’t expect maybe?  I mean if Hans was power hungry maybe someone else over there is too.” He felt Anna’s hand squeeze his lightly and he gave her a reassuring pressure back.

“The Southern Isles has been more than apologetic over what happened.”  Elsa stated, eyeing Anna closely.  She hadn’t spoken another word and had barely moved since learning about Hans.  Her unfocused eyes fixed steadily on the floor.  “I suspect they are genuine with their warning.”  Elsa continued.  “They also have their own guards out to retrieve him before he can cause further damage to the Kingdom’s image.”

“Is that all they care about?”  Kristoff said, his voice angry as his free hand balled up into a fist.  “They don’t care that he might come here and hurt someone; they’re worried about their precious image?” 

Elsa sighed deeply.  “That I cannot say, but they do have a duty to uphold their integrity.  If a kingdom misrepresents itself and loses all its trade partners and merchants no longer wish to do business, then their kingdom could be in real danger with no goods moving in or out.”

Kristoff huffed with exasperation.

“I’m going to go check that the guard posts have been doubled and that there will be no lapse in the lookout.”  Elsa said leaving them alone in the room.

The silence that followed seemed ominous to Anna.  She looked at Kristoff who was staring off in the distance with a furrowed brow.  He was so deep in his own mind that he didn’t notice when Anna slid to her knees in front of him and grabbed one of his big hands between her tiny palms. “Kristoff?”  She said softly. 

“Hmmm?”  He said finally looking down at her. 

“I love you too.”  She said.  His brow unfurrowed and a tentative smile graced his lips.  “I love you with all my heart and soul.  I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner.” 

“Oh Anna,”  Kristoff said gently pulling her back to sit on the sofa beside him.  “That doesn’t matter.  I would never have wanted you to say it if you weren’t ready or if you didn’t…”  He trailed off.

“It’s not that I wasn’t ready,”  She said.  “I just… It’s…”  She shook her head in frustration not being able to find the words that could explain how she felt.  The feelings she had barely made sense to her let alone to have to try and put them into words.  The truth was that she realized she was in love with him as she stood freezing on the fjord, knowing that he could save her.  Knowing that he would save her.  Knowing that this was real love, that her fear of never seeing him again when he left her at the gates of the castle had truly meant something.  How could she explain that the feeling, so real and so true, was so sudden that she almost didn’t believe it and was frightened by it.

“Hey,”  Kristoff said softly.  “You don’t have to explain.  I understand.”

She looked up into his eyes and she didn’t know how exactly, but she could see that he did indeed understand.  She suddenly saw in his gaze what reflected back in her own eyes when she looked in the mirror and she realized all at once why he had trouble sleeping.  How could she not have thought that he too wouldn't be tortured by the thoughts of the possible outcome of that day.  She hadn’t wanted to think about it, let alone talk about it, but she had to let him know that he wasn’t alone in his nightmares.

“Kristoff, I have had so many bad dreams about that day, about…”  She swallowed hard.  “I have nightmares that Hans turns the sword on you, to stop you, and I see you there bleeding before I die.  But the scariest part of it all, is I’m about to die knowing that he has hurt you and he’s going to hurt Elsa and I’m about to lose everything I love…”  She began to cry softly.  “Now with all this worry about him coming back here…”  She trailed off.  She didn’t want to say anymore.  She didn’t need to say anymore.  The look in Kristoff’s eyes said it all.  The darkness she saw in them was haunting and the way they began to glisten filled her with a new kind of sadness she had never felt before. 

He pulled her in close, hugging her tightly.  “Shhhh, its ok.” He whispered hoarsely.   

She said into his chest.  “I vow to you that no matter what, I will always love you back.  No. Matter. What. You’ve changed my heart too.  I finally know what love is and its you.”   

Kristoff pulled her in tighter. “Oh Gods Anna I love you so much.”  He whispered into her hair, hot tears streaming down his face. 

They held each other for a long time.  They didn’t notice when Elsa walked into the room, stopped at seeing their embrace and slowly walked back out shutting the door behind her. 

Anna was calmed by Kristoff’s strong and steady heartbeat.  It was only mid-morning but she was almost lulled to sleep by the warm comfort of him.  She tried to steady her mind to think of other things than her worries as he held her.  His slow rhythmic breathing was hypnotic and she soon found mind drifting off into sweet and welcomed nothingness.

Anna….  She heard in the sweet abyss.  Kristoff calling her name from somewhere in the dark.  It was so peaceful that time had stopped to exist.  Anna…. again coming from somewhere she couldn’t see.  She tried to call back but she was unable.  She willed her brain to say his name but her body would not respond; her senses frozen in the dark, blank nothingness that surrounded her.
Anna…. She could now see a faint light off in the distance, something warm that beaconed her.  Something comforting.  Something familiar.  She found herself moving towards the light, slowly.  So slowly. 
Anna…. Kristoff was calling her name again, only it seemed louder; closer.  The light was growing brighter and her need to get to it stronger.
“Anna.”  She heard right in her ear.

She opened her eyes.  She was still in Kristoff’s embrace in the library; the brightness of the day causing her to squint.  She remained pressed against his chest for one more comforting moment before pushing back to look at him, his deep gaze striking her with beauty.  “How long was I asleep?”  She asked.

Kristoff smiled slowly.  “A while.”  He said.  “To tell you the truth I’ve lost track of time, but…”  He trailed off with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Anna got up slowly, stretching her back as she walked to the window.  She was shocked so see the mid-afternoon sun shimmering brightly on the water in the fjord.  She must have been asleep for hours.  She hadn’t realized that she had been that tired; that the persistent nightmares had been robbing her of so much rest.  She turned to look at Kristoff who was standing stretching his own body. “You held me that whole time, without moving?”  She asked. 

“Of course.”  He said as he was clasping his hands behind his head and pushing his elbows backwards.  A joint popped loudly.  “Oh.”  He said surprised, and gave a tiny laugh.    

Anna giggled which made her feel so much better.  She smiled at him.  “That must have been uncomfortable.” 

He shook his head slowly walking towards her and folding her up in his arms.  “There was literally no place I would have rather been.” 

They looked out upon the sunny day together, wondering what would happen next.  With birds flying in the bright blue sky and the water still and calm like a mirror, it was hard to imagine any storm clouds coming in.

But they would.

Strictly Business

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: AJ is a very flirty guy backstage and you make the mistake of falling for him. You then get put into a romance story line together. You have a few segments together before you get told you have to kiss onscreen the next week. You begin to worry, having never done a romantic story line before so he suggests you two get together in his hotel room to ‘practice’ and you decide to go in the end and things end up getting very, very smutty.

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Tomorrow night is GAGA vs. GRANDE part 2 at Southern Nights Orlando!

It’s a belated birthday party for me and Christian starring our favorite Divas, so if you’re looking for something to do on Tuesday, come out and celebrate with us! There’s a drag show at midnight hosted Axel Andrews with Kai’Ja Adonis, MRMS Adrien, Mystree Hugga, Roxxxy Andrews, and myself, followed by the Twisted Tuesday talent show! There will also be karaoke in the theatre, hookah, and all-you-can-drink specials xx