southern screen

“Either you know what Always is?” Happy asked as he stared at the screen, the southern drawl of Dr. Phil barely audible since Chibs liked having the volume down.

Jax frowned as he turned to the Nomad, “They’re pads.” Chibs raised a brow at the blonde man. “Tara uses them, after a while a man starts remembering.”

“Pads?” Happy couldn’t help but ask as he thought about that. She used pads to help with the blood, he’d never even thought about that.

Jax and Chibs shared a Look, “Yeah…you know…women use them when it’s their time of the month…you know…uh their periods?”

“I know what a pad is, just didn’t know that there was more than one brand.” Happy said with a surprised expression, eyes fixed on the screen.

“What’s the sudden interest Hap?” Chibs asked, morbidly curious as to why Happy would want to know about pads.