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This poster was recently found at an apartment complex here in Rapid City, South Dakota. This is disgusting. This is the literal KKK doing flyer drops in 2017. 

We cannot stand for this. 

We, as a people, cannot stand for this. 

This is an issue of safety. This is an issue of security. This is an issue of people’s lives.

If you want to do something, please reach out to a group in your area, such as your local Antifa group, or your local Redneck Revolt chapter. 

Please take a stand. No KKK. No Fascism. No Racism. 

Okay... Here's a thing.

Removing confederate statues or monuments is not going to fix the problems with hatred in America, it’s going to create more problems of hatred. And don’t get me started with this slavery bullshit because that happen 200 years ago way before segregation, because that’s not the point. The point we got to leave the Southern American’s history stuff alone, that would be the only way to stop hatred from both sides, I don’t care if it offends you or not, removing historical monuments that deemed offensive is not going to change anything, and fun fact is that most of the top ranking leaders of the Confederacy, have Jewish origin or parents or grandparents that have Jewish blood in them. One of the examples is a confederate high ranking officer name Judah p. Benjamin who was born and raised in the Virgin Islands in America by two wealthy Sephardic Jewish parents from England.
So now being said, we can’t remove history that has once been there, because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it over and over again.
That’s all, thank you.


Korra:  Raava, I missed you. Where have you been?
Raava: I have always been inside of you.



Lauren Southern informs Protester that she is a man. (The Deploraball, a gala event on Thursday night for Trump supporters.)

Lauren is literally the Queen people lol

God Bless Lauren Southern


Lauren Cherie Southern is a Canadian Conservatorian, Civil Nationalist, patriot, activist, book author, political commentator, YouTube personality and writer. She created content for The Rebel Media, a Canadian Conservative online media company, until March 2017 when she went on her own independently into the Alternative Media.

Southern ran as a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in the 2015 Canadian federal election.

Going Independent

Published on Mar 9, 2017

Hey guys, thanks so much for sticking around! I’ll be starting to upload regularly in a week or two - just need to get all the equipment and sort my life out!


Published on Mar 15, 2017

I’m still figuring out all the sound, lighting and editing so bear with me. Quality is only going up from here! :)

LAUREN SOUTHERN APPRECIATION POST. The future of media and the death of the dying dinosaur Liber Media Complex