southern prohibition


Catching up on American Craft Beer Week!

Hop Flight!

Juicifer from Gnarly Barley, Today Is Just Yesterday’s Tomorrow from Evil Twin, Syncopation from Southern Prohibition Brewing and A Giant Hop Fir Mankind from Bayou Teche!

This DIPA from Wiseacre Brewing was very good and sweet, Adjective Animal!

Stout and Sour Flight!

Pe Kan from Prairie Artisan Ales, Tin Cup Camp Milk Stout from Burial Brewing, Double Dry Hopped Lowerline from NOLA Brewing and Hurricane Saison from NOLA Brewing!

Southern Prohibition’s Mississippi Fireant Imperial Red Ale (Picked up at Corner Market in Hattiesburg, MS). A 3 of 4. Deep amber color and smells of some faint pine bitterness but quite a lot of caramel malt. Drinks relatively well-balanced - there’s some firm bitterness in the body as well as more caramel, and a touch of alcohol on the finish. Relatively easy-drinking for 8% - the caramel malt sweetness helps balance the booze nicely.

Ladies, gentlemen (and those wishing they were), meet my Hipster in the Buff - Hattiesburg, MS-based Southern Prohibition Brewing’s Hipster Breakfast Oatmeal Stout combined with one finger of Buffalo Trace bourbon (per serving). BT’s buttery toffee boozy flair aids in canceling out the mildly bitter stout.

With a pint-sized can of a favorite stout or porter, you will have enough for a shade over two whiskey-glass servings so either share with a willing drinking partner in crime or throw it all back yourself provided you’re ready to call it an evening. Why? Because your head will be spinning something fierce when all is said and done. All I know is it helped my weekend off to one helluva roaring start.

Experiment. Have fun with your creations. While you’re at it, share your results (be they for better or for worse) with your RL friends as well as here on Tumblr and other social media.

Southern Prohibition’s Devil’s Harvest Extra Pale Ale (Picked up at Corner Market in Hattiesburg, MS). A 2 of 4. Excited to have my first beer made in my hometown - and this is quite good. A nice orange-ish color and some caramel malt sweetness and a faint herbal/floral hop character. Drinks quite easily, although on the sweet side of things. Nothing particularly stands out, but it’s quite easy to put one of these away. Looking forward to more of Southern Prohibition’s offerings!