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Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility! (April 26th)

So! Let’s talk about Barbara Jordan…
Who was she?
Only one of the most badass queer women you will ever hear about. She was the FIRST southern black woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives. That’s right. SOUTHERN.
The gal was born in Houston Texas February 21, 1936. Raised there. And died in Austin Texas in 1996. But not before leaving behind a legacy for all queer folk, Texans, colored folk, women, and the like to aspire to. And in the 60s no less.

Was she a lesbian or a bisexual? We’ll never know for sure because she was never out publically in her lifetime, but her obituary in the Houston Chronicle mentioned her 20 - year relationship with Nancy Earl.

Whether L or B in LGBT+, today seems like as good a day as any to spread the word about this amazing Woman who loved another woman.

Stay visible ya’ll!

okay BUT bitty is cheering for the predators bc Southern Pride and jack is aggressively cheering for the pens and they literally cannot watch the games in the same room as each other and have to yell at each other from the bedroom to the living room

I fully support our officers. They are trained to be quick in judgement in every situation. If someone pulls a gun, even a kid, they don’t have time to decipher if it’s real or not. They want to go home to their family, and they are going to respond as they find necessary to a situation like this which is becoming more and more common. Yes there are always a couple of bad people in EVERY profession. We see them even at the hospital. It happens. But it doesn’t mean that one officer is bad, that they all are. People who continuously talk crap about our officers and first responders know how to make my blood boil. They risk their live to save everyone, including those that spit on them. Next time you bad talk an officer, plan to call a crack dealer next time you’re in trouble.