southern mother

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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Random favorite one-liners from Hamilton cause I’m trash

“I’m a general, wheeeeee!”

“Southern mother fuckin democratic republicans!”

“Sit down John, you fat mother f*****!”

“Everything’s legal in New Jersey”

“Never gonna be president now, never gonna be president now…”

“I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me”

“John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway”

“Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” “Hey.” 

So much of Tundra memory relies on scent, and I imagine Tundra’s sense of smell is so strong that it has a lot of social implications that other dragons wouldn’t think of. Every dragon has their own smell, of course, but it’s always lined with something else, the scent of family, the scent of bloodline, the scent of elemental heritage. A tundra born in the Southern Isles but whose mother came from the Ashfall Waste might still carry a fine underlying scent of brimstone, or charcoal. There’s a lot of information carried in all that, and it’s left for the sniffer to interpret and sort out- what smells like the bloodline of a friend to one may be the bloodline of an enemy to another, it’s all relative. But it’s all there.

So now, imagine the horror of encountering a dragon with no blood-scent. No clan, no family, no distinctive smell. They smell of nothing, or maybe, only of themselves, only of the magic that birthed them. Imagine what an uncanny valley that would be, someone who is, as far as Tundra are concerned, missing an integral part of themselves. It would be like walking up to someone and discovering they had no ears, and no holes where ears should be, just smooth skull. Creepy, unsettling, wrong. A dragon without a clan-scent is a dragon with no history, not to be trusted- it might not be a dragon at all.

for whatever reason, I always picture Tim and Darry as like southern mothers idek like darry’s yelling at his brothers that if they don’t eat their vegetables they can’t have pie and tim’s like waving a wooden spoon around and threatening to wash curly’s mouth out

Friend’s brother: so like what are you two obsessed with at the moment??

Friend: nothing much

Brother: aren’t you into that old guy who was almost president

Hamilton (texting laurens at some ungodly hour in the night) : my mind is running a million miles a minute right now and I’m pretty sure that turtle is alive

Laurens (sitting right next to hamilton): Alex that’s a house plant

“The Florence Nightingale of the Confederacy”

A native of Mississippi, Newson’s war experience began with her buying supplies with her own money and assisting the Southern Mothers’ Home Hospital and the Overton Hospital.

Following where the need for help was, she soon relocated to Kentucky, working grueling hours to make up for the need. Her work continued to move her around the south, eventually earning her a position as a matron for the Foard Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She continued working in numerous locations until the end of the war.

She spent the entirety of her wealth during the war on supplies and supporting the medical effort.. She died after a battle with illness on January 18, 1919. Pic Pinterest.

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An HC where the readers a hamilton fangirl and ethan always has to deal with her making refrences and is also really impressed hearing her rap the songs so well

Of course!! Please enjoy😊😊💕💕


- ‘How does a bastard-’

- And that’s when it all breaks loose

- Belting the lyrics in the shower

- Rapping both Jefferson and Lafayette’s parts perfectly

- ‘Why do you know all of this?’


- Saying 'Hey’ multiple times in a row


- He’s impressed no doubt, but how

- I’m sorry, am too, Hamilton trash

Ahh okay so I’m listening to Hamilton at full volume and I forgot to turn down the volume before “Southern Mother****ing Democratic Republicans”.
Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but here’s the thing: my mom is a teacher at my old school. Today her and her teacher friends went on a wine tasting, and they’re all currently sitting in my living room.
My sixth grade math teacher just heard the words “Southern Mother****ing Democratic Republicans” come blasting from my room.
I’m afraid to come out of my room.

Reserecting a Joke w/friends

*Me and Cloud are arguing because I apparently called him an orphan.*

-Gale’s Shadow has entered chat-

Cloud Dragon: Gale! Max called me an orphan!

Roseserpent: I didn’t! I said you don’t have nothin to do with your parents.

Cloud Dragon: See Gale he’s calling me an orphan.

Gale’s Shadow: Well at least you still have DaddySerpent.

-Roseserpent changed their name to DaddySerpent-

DaddySerpent: I’m back bitches!

Lucy Werry: welcome back, you’ve been missed.

Cloud Dragon: hey

Gale’s Shadow: Yus I have reserected you!

MysticDemon: Daddy!

Neekoles: wtf