southern isles

Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells… princesses in disguise!✨👑✨


Disney Portrait #1: Prince Hans Westergaard of the Southern Isles

Artist: JBadgr


This ginger sassmaster has replaced my no. 1 disney!spot (previously occupied by Prince Philip). I just– c’mon, Santino Fontana– all day long Santino Fontana.

Let’s see how many of these I can push out before the start of term!


Here is my Christmas art for the year! I made this back in September, lolol, when you get an idea, you gotta get it down. 

I wanted to incorporate Helsa, Kristanna and Flynzel Eugenzel Rapunzel and Eugene, (I don’t know their ship name ^^;)

I hope you all like! I’m really happy about this! Except Eugenes face that kinda derped…



Since the Release date for Frozen 2 was announced (November 27, 2019), the fandoms have come back to life and I included are now pumped! I can only hold my breath until it, a trailer, or even the cast list is announced goddamn it, cause my only hope is for my ginger son’s redemption!  If I find out Santino Fontana is coming back to reprise the role of Hans, I will cry of happiness!

So in honour of this hopefully not disappointing news, (it’s fantastic news but if it ends up not having my Son in the movie, I’ll end up disappointed, but until I can truly know whats going to happen, I have created this Helsa piece, maybe something I envisioned happening in the movie?

Also this is a historic moment, as I for once actually drew Elsa in her ice dress, which rarely happens. I’m also gonna be buying a dress form for better costume making, so Elsa Ice Dress here I come!
Also, I think this picture is meant to be Elsa is worried about something but is hiding it, but she can’t fool Hans since snow is falling all around her. hehe

Anyways! This has been the first long description in awhile! I hope you guys like, and HELSA FANDOM! Come back to the battlefront, we have a ship to sail, headed towards canon! (Hopefully )

Hey everyone! I was asked by @blue-pixiedust to make a banner for the long awaited Helsa Week! 

This year is Hot As Helsa: Winter is Coming! The dates are July 9th-15th, so get all your creativity ready! They also said for me to post the prompts, so here we go!

1. How It Should Have Ended - how frozen should have ended with Hans not being a traitorous douche. It’s been years now. We’re still not over it. We probably never will be.

2. Snow on the Mountain Top - Helsa through the years. We like to portray them as the young, sexy couple they are.. but what about when the years have gone by? What is hans like as an older man? Elsa as an aging beauty? Their love can endure the tests of time.  

3. Glove love - what’s the deal with Helsa and gloves? Kristanna has their adorable mittens. Let’s talk the symbolism behind Hans, Elsa and their gloves. 

4. Horsin’ Around - Let’s play the ponies, people! It’s no secret Hans love horses. And as a gift for the queen, he’d likely give her one of his prized mares and offer “riding lessons” as a perk.. giggity.

5. Longing - what if even after Hans has redeemed himself for his crimes in Arendelle, he still couldn’t be with Elsa, even though she had forgiven him, and even shown a fondness/kindred spirit with the prince? How can they express their forbidden love?

6. Bedroom Eyes - The helsa dolls look like they wanna fuck. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. Who makes the first move?

7. FREE FOR ALL!! - got an idea you’re dying to share but didn’t see it here? Well guess what, chicken butt! Nows your chance. Show us your Hot as Helsa brilliance. 💙

Now, don’t just stand there! Get working everyone! It’s time to shine! And thank you to @blue-pixiedust for asking me to make the banner! I had so much fun making it, and as I’m a graphic design major, it made me feel like I was doing something for a client, as I’ll be doing in the future. I’m super proud of this and am HELLA HELSA EXCITED YO!