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I live for the concept of McCree wearing those Southern Girl shirts as a joke. You know the ones, with fifty different fonts in five different colors that say things like “Texas Princess” or “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” or “Relax, Cowboy, I was looking at your gun”. He wears them all as a joke cuz way back in the Blackwatch days, Gabe saw one and commented on how it fit McCree’s ugly ass cowboy aesthetic, and he bought them out of spite. And then it just carried on over the years so now people always try to find the ugliest ones they can to give him for his birthday or at Christmas. Hanzo hates them at first but gets used to it, because it’s funny as fuck and stupid and he’ll be damned if Jesse doesn’t actually fit them in a terrible way. Eventually Jesse buys him one (its a tank top that says “I don’t wear bows, I shoot them” and Hanzo hates it but loves it at the same time and wears it to bed each night.


Headcanon that Annabeth used to have a southern accent because like she lived in Richmond, Virginia till she was 7, and her family actually only moved to San Francisco when she was 14 so….

Like just imagine little Annabeth talking with a southern accent with Thalia and Luke while they were on the run

And maybe, yeah it’s gone, but it comes back sometimes and Percy thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

And she teases back about his New York accent, but she loves it too

I go to the same Japanese restaurant every year for my birthday, but I HATE being sung to, so I made my family promise not to say anything. I thought that I had made it all the way through the meal without being found out when I heard the sound of drums & singing. Just as I was about to yell at my family for ratting me out, the guy who cooked for us turned around, winked at me, & said, “You thought I would forget your birthday?” As embarrassed as I was while being sung to, it was quite the sweet surprise. (:


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Of course he liked you, probably every boy in Riverdale High School did. From the moment you walked into his Spanish class, he thought you were attractive. Then as the day went on and he found out that not only did he have Spanish with you, he also had lunch, English and Math. He loved the way you spoke with your soft sweet southern accent, and the grace you carried yourself with. 

But he was worried. Yes, he did think he had a pretty good chance of dating you, but it seemed as if every boy in the damn school wanted the same thing. 

“Jughead, its literally her first day.” Veronica responded, after Jughead had told his friends about the girl who filled his mind. “Don’t freak her out by trying to get into her pants on her first day.”

When you know Jesus Christ, the tender hand of heaven begins to masterfully shape your life to exhibit the glory of heaven for the entire world to see. With Jesus at the center of your life, you not only gain blissful hope for the here & now but unquenchable excitement for the eternity before you.
—  Leslie Ludy
Olivia Is Expecting/Pregnancy

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Of Course!| Jasper Hale/Cullen x Female!Human!Reader

Request: Can I request Jasper x human female SO where he proposes with all of his southern gentleman qualities? And Bella and Edward are super pumped because he fell in love and learned to control his thirst because of reader?? Thank you so much!!

I hope this is what you wanted love! Thanks for requesting!

Warnings: Fluffy fluff

Posted: 18th November (18/11/2017) 

Y/N= Your Name

Y/M/N= Your Middle Name (s)

Y/L/N= Your Last Name

Y/F/N= Your Friend’s Name

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It all happened on a Monday- March 9th. The first day at Forks High School was eventful. You ended up sitting beside a porcelain skinned and blond haired boy who had the most amazing honey eyes in History class. As soon as you sat down he tensed and ran out of the room- no later than a week you finally spoke:

“Hello.” The boy said as you sat down. You were taken back by his graceful Southern voice and by the fact that he actually spoke to you. 

Hi,” You said writing down the date and title in your yellow book. 

“I’m Jasper.” I know, “And you are?”

“Y/N,” You said tucking a peice of stray hair behind your ear.

Jasper didn’t talk after that. He was tense as ever the entire lesson but smiled, forcefully, when you cast a look at him every now and then. 

When the lesson had finished Jasper quickly followed you out of the room. “Who are you sitting with at lunch?” He asked watching all the people gaping at you two as you walked down the crowded halls. 

You usually sat with Y/F/N but they saw you and Jasper together and nodded quickly telling you to sit with him. “Um…” You cleared you throat. “I can sit with you if thats what you asking?” His eyes lit up and you two sat on a abounded table.

That was the start of something brilliant.

It was a month until he told you he was a vampire and you were his blood singer. You two worked on his blood lust and he soon became the master of controlling himself- he even did something he never thought he could do; fall in love.

You sat on Jasper’s bed, that he got just for you, Jasper on one knee and a sleek black ring case in his right hand with his left hand holding it open in front of you. An strikingly, sharply, silver ring was placed elegantly inside: “Y/N,” You looked up, tears springing in your eyes. “I never thought I would be here today- I always thought I would be rouge and eventually be killed of by the Volturi. I never thought I would in love- and defiantly not with a human but.  . . here I am and thank god I am. Y/N, you make me who I am today. You make me happy. You make everyday I spend with you exciting and I want you to make every single one of my next days exciting. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you do me the greatest honour and be my wife?” 

“Of course I will!” Hot steamy tears were down you face as you jumped into Jasper’s wide arms as he spun you around cheering. 

The wedding was a spectacular event and everyone came.

 You wore a white dress with lace sleeves and along train. “You look so beautiful,” Your mother whispered as you two embraced. “Thanks mum,” You said pulling away. In no time at all, you were walking down the long aisle arm in arm with your father. The magnificent orchestra was playing and everyone watched as you passed. You soon came into Jasper’s view and he came into yours. He wore a black suit with his hair slick back and stood straight like a gentleman. 

You said the vows all too quickly and they kiss probably lasted longer than the vows. Your dad coughed loudly and you two came apart. You laughed as you walked back down the aisle this time arm in arm in arm with Jasper.

You could see Edward and Bella, who had recently got married too and Bella's eyes were still red, practically jumping up and down as you passed.

Your stuck with me now, you thought and Edward burst out laughing. 


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This wasn’t supposed to happen. You weren’t ready.You knew this was a bad idea. 

When you’d moved to town and finally discovered Bella’s not so well kept secret you’d thought she was crazy. Who would willingly date someone who wanted to literally drink you life force? Turned out, you would. 

Jasper Whitlock wasn’t something that was supposed to happen. He didn’t figure into your grand plan as it were. It was a rather simple plan really; move in with Bella and Uncle Charlie, survive high school, go to college, get a job, eventually find a guy (preferably human) and settle down. Jasper Whitlock was not something that was meant to happen and yet, when he strolled into your life all southern charm, effortless grace and golden eyes… you were powerless to stop the changes, he was like a force of nature. 

It wasn’t as clear cut as Bella’s love life, nor as fast. Jasper had definitely had more issues not draining you than Edward had had with Bella. You’d had more issues with the vampire thing than Bella too. It wasn’t that you wanted to grow old exactly but more… you’d imagined your life, wedding, children and with Jasper that just wasn’t possible. 

Slowly but surely and despite both of you trying everything in your power to stop it, you’d somehow fallen in love. Stumbled may have been more like it, it certainly wasn’t something you’d strode into eyes wide open the way Bella had. Yet as your feelings changed, so did your dreams. You had wanted children, that was still the case truly but now… you wanted them with Jasper, any other guy simply wouldn’t do. Somewhat begrudgingly you’d accepted that if you loved Jasper, every part of Jasper, which you did, and you wanted to be with him for eternity, which you did, then you’d have to be a vampire eventually. Unlike Edward, Jasper wasn’t nearly so self-sacrificing he was much more realistic and he respected you as an equal, so once you’d made that decision it was case closed as far as the two of you were concerned. 

Unlike Bella, you had decided to wait a bit. Jasper had been changed at 20 after all so you could afford to get a little older and truthfully you wanted to. You’d had an older brother before the accident, you knew how much people changed from eighteen to twenty. You wanted to at least get there, almost a level playing field for starting points if you ignored the fact that the beginning of your vampire lives would be markedly different and that Jasper had grown up in a time which demanded much more maturity from young people. 

So it was perfectly safe to say, (considering the circumstances), that this wasn’t supposed to happen. 

Bella had some crazy scheme about being with Edward on battle day which was fine considering Victoria and the newborns were meant to go to the field. Except they hadn’t, not all of them. When Victoria arrived with Riley, (the missing kid Charlie had been searching for), and a newborn in tow you knew things wouldn’t end well. Still, you hadn’t expected to be newborn chow. With Seth and Edward so focused on Bella knowing Victoria’s endgame perhaps you should have expected it, Jasper would have. 

However, what Jasper would or wouldn’t have expected was all moot point once Seth and Edward took the newborn out, yet the problem remained he had injured you… badly. As Edward rushed you down the hill, Bella following with Seth, the details of how a little fuzzy as your vision began to fade, you realised you were going to die from bleeding out. You didn’t even need Carlisle to tell you that. 

When Jasper jumped towards you as you reached the clearing it was only natural for the others to push him back given his self-control record and yet, you weren’t scared. His eyes, the one thing you could properly focus on, weren’t hungry. They weren’t black. They were shining, golden and distraught.

“MOVE!” Jasper’s voice boomed so clearly over everyone that they did as he asked without question. 

He was hovering over you within seconds. 

“You wanted to wait.” He whispered, his thick southern drawl obvious in his distressed tone. “Darlin’.” 

“Do it Jasper.” You’re wide (e/c) eyes met his. “I’m dying. Do it.” 

That was all it took. His teeth slid into your neck. He didn’t give a thought of what that would do to the treaty, he didn’t give a thought about his family and he didn’t even consider not stopping. He could do it and he would. He would do anything for you. 

You felt his teeth leave your skin as if you were in a sort of hazy dreamland, somehow you felt disconnected. 

And then the burning began.

One of my best guy friends asked to take me out on a “friend date” to just hang out & swap stories, pig out on tacos, & belt songs from musicals in the car. Even though it was just a friendly thing, I decided to get a little dressed up for the fun of it. I heard his car pull up, he knocked, & I opened the door. I expected him to just say hey & give me a quick hug, but instead, he stood there staring at me. But not like I’m used to from other guys. He wasn’t looking me up & down like a prize to be claimed. His eyes were locked on my face, & his expression reminded me of the way you get when you really stop to appreciate the sunset because everything has turned to a hazy pink and the clouds are parted enough that the last rays of sunlight are streaming through. After a few moments, he said, “Wow… You’re just so… Pretty. Wow. Beautiful.” I haven’t stopped smiling since.

O & F Married with Children

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