southern football

Someone, for the love of God, talk to me about Bad Bob Zimmermann, DIY Grandpere

I created a monster.

OK so please have… Bad Bob Zimmermann. DIY Grandpere. He either finds projects, or is inspired by them, and takes them on. He either starts out sucking, and gets better, or is a real intelligent guy, and has a shed/garage place, where he tinker’s and learns and works on things for his grandbabies.

Also, Super Cool Grandpere Bob Doing Science Things.

Or, maybe Grandpa Bittle(Grandpa Coach?) Is more like this? Might not have time to do this stuff? Is more into the athletic side, like playing ball or something with them?

I just love and need… More grandparents stuff. Specially the kinda stoic, macho, Southern Georgia, football coach, type. What are Southern grandpa’s like anyway? What would Coach be like as a Grandpa?

I’m so tired of how Coach is always portrayed as this huge homophobic asswipe of a father to Bitty. Like yes, Coach is a southern man who loves football and Bitty is afraid of telling his father that he’s gay. But like I’m so tired of Coach being written as disowning his son and all of this other stuff. Like in canon, Coach is supportive.
Bitty did figure skating from ages 7-14, and the only reason he stopped was because they moved and the commute to train would be too much. Coach encouraged him in that. Coach went to his competitions. Coach paid for it. And figure skating is NOT cheap, especially for a family who is living off of a teacher’s salary.
Coach got a new job at a different school so they had to move before Bitty’s freshmen year of high school. Why would Coach do that? Maybe because his son was locked in a supply closer overnight by the football team, Coach’s team? Coach’s team locked his son, his tiny, happy, sunshine son in a supply closet. Coach was the head coach of a football team, and at his new school he was still a head coach. Do you know how hard that is? Coach probably started looking for a new position the moment bitty said “the football team did it.” Because his only son was being terrorized by the boys on his team.
Coach never came to Samwell, it was always Suzanne. Because Coach is a high school teacher. And the head coach of a football team. During summer and fall, he is in full swing of football, and can’t leave Madison.
Coach and Suzanne suspect that Bitty is gay, but since Bitty hasn’t said anything, they won’t either.
I just want Coach to be written as a confused, but supportive dad, and who loves his son more than anything but doesn’t know how to show it.