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Southern Belle (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Request: Could I request a Hamilsquad x reader where the reader is from a southern state (like me, i’m from Louisiana tho) and she’s southern af. Like always drinks tea accent is very noticeable, and isn’t used to the cold or winter of NY. Thanks!!!!


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You pull your jacket tighter, while you walk down the street. Laf holds one of your hands, while Herc has his arm wrapped around your shoulders; Alex and John walk behind you, fingers intertwined.

“Are we almost there?” you whine. “I’m cold.”

John laughs. “We’re almost there, babe. Just another block.”

You groan.

Herc pulls you closer to his chest, causing the others to laugh. When you finally get to the restaurant, the guys all shrug their jackets off and set them on the back of their chairs. Alex offers to take yours, but you keep it on. You sit on the end next to him and lean against his chest. The waiter comes; you order a sweet tea, per usual. Once he leaves, Laf asks you why you like the tea so much (he had a sip a few weeks ago and hated it “Tea should not be this sweet. Or cold).

You shrug. “It reminds me of home.” You grew up in the deep south, and you moved to New York only a year ago to be with your boyfriends. You missed it a little, but you loved the feel of New York. You hated the weather, though. You weren’t used to the cold at all.

After dinner, which Alex pays for because of his fancy government paycheck, you all decide to head back home.

“Do you want my jacket?” Herc asks.

“But won’t you be cold?”

He hands the jacket to you. “It’s not that far a walk, besides, it’s only forty degrees. I’m wearing long-sleeves. I’ll be fine.”

You pull the jacket around your shoulders. “Thanks.”

He bends down and kisses the top of your head. As soon as you get back to your apartment, you grab the softest blanket you own and wrap it around you. John takes your jackets from you and hangs them up, before taking a seat beside you on the couch. You lay across him a Laf, resting your head on Laf’s chest. You slowly start to drift to sleep on his chest, causing him to smile and pick you up, carrying you to your room.

You sleeping smile at him. Herc comes in soon after, giving Laf a quick kiss before lying next to you. Alex and John come in after. Alex kisses your forehead before climbing into bed next to you.

“Night, southern belle,” John whispers.

You smile at the nickname. “Night.”

anonymous asked:

McCree is actually the one who likes bitter unsweetened tea, meanwhile Hanzo is the one ordering a venti Iced Peach Green Tea with agave at Starbucks.

No. The only tea McCree will drink is southern ice tea. But yeah Hanzo is a regular at Starbucks they just have his order ready when he walks in

I swear to god

Why has no one drawn Hanzo saying ‘prepare for trouble’ and a very enthusiastic McCree behind him going 'AND MAKE IT A MCDOUBLE’ like he’s some kind of clever shit and Hanzo just looks at him wondering how the hell he got paired up with this weird ass American who apparently used to be some feared out law but can’t even fucking be serious because good damn it McCree.

It’s not fucking noon each hour you southern sweet tea drinking western trash (boyfriend)

Tho tbf when it’s not 3am I might write this