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Who’s That Vans Girl?: @NouxNoux

With a lust for creativity and a passion for style, this Dutch transplant’s head-to-toe Vans Girls looks totally caught our eye. Not only does Anouk’s natural style stand out, but her lust for life and creativity shines through on her Instagram and blog. We caught up with the style grad to talk about her effortless fashion sense and living “Off The Wall” in Southern California.

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anonymous asked:

If Edmure manages a sucssesful defense against the Westermen in the first place, would he or the Riverlords accept Robb as their King? They were not at the brink of collapse in this scenario and are not as dependend to the North as in OTL.

Interesting question!

I mean, if Edmure had managed a successful defense against the Westermen, lots of things would change significantly.

For example, let’s say Edmure arranges a reverse-Red Fork and executes competently, as he did in the OTL battle, and even manages to refuse his flank vs. Tywin’s southern flank.

A couple things change immediately: 

  1. There’s a lot more Riverlander troops around. There’s 4,000 from Vance and Piper’s doomed army, plus however many were lost at the disaster under the walls of Riverrun. How many that is something of a puzzle: I’ve made a few estimates, but I think another 5,000 may have been lost. Which means that the Riverlander army is going to be as big as Robb’s army at 19-20,000.
  2. Lannister strategy is going to have to respond to their failure to break through. My guess is that part of their army is going to have to keep Edmure pinned down defending the Red Fork/Riverrun, while the rest is going to keep pushing east along the Gold Road, either trying to find an open way in to Edmure’s underbelly, or once Robert dies, shifting to defend King’s Landing from Renly or Stannis. 

This in turn changes Robb’s strategy immediately, to begin with, he doesn’t need to figure out a way to defeat two armies with one army, which required the splitting of his forces and the deal with the Freys. Yes, Edmure’s going to be demanding support rather loudly, as I would imagine Tywin would keep at least 15,000 battering away at the Red Fork, but it’s not as urgent a crisis as to require more than half of his army.

Instead, I would imagine that Robb would concentrate on moving south quickly - first, it gets his army closer to King’s Landing where his father and sisters are, second, it puts him closer to dealing with that southern Lannister army which threatens to outflank the Riverlander lines and put his allies on the run, and third that Lannister army might give him the Lannister hostages he needs to achieve his political aims. 

So what you could see happening is a major battle between Robb’s full(er) army and the southern Lannister army, probably being fought not that far from where the Fishfeed was fought. And if Robb can catch the Lannisters with their back to the Godseye or its river, he could achieve a tremendous victory that might, due to to its proximity to King’s Landing, actually deter his father’s execution. 

Spring is the time for weddings, and here is another thing I did for a wedding, that I actually just finished. It has real swarovski crystal accents and was done in a bright aqua with medium brown on the edges and the fluer de lis appliques, to fit the southern rustic theme of the wedding. Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget, my commissions are open, and I would love to hear feedback, as well as work to create your dream art prices!
Ps, I’ll have another post tomorrow with a review of another 3D pen! Sorry for bring so behind guys!

conditional existence 


sobbing on the basement floor. alone, cold, shaking. 

(better me than him.)

hidden behind the humming furnace. shielding myself from the wailing upstairs.

make. it. stop.

although my doctor brushed me off with sleeping pills weeks ago,

before i go through with my Plan to make it stop,

i muster the courage to call again.

a nurse hears what the doctor didn’t, asks the pivotal question:

are you thinking of hurting yourself or your child?

female. caucasian. presents as incoherent, weak, frail.

sx: patient reports insomnia and hallucinations. no bonding with baby. no support from partner. reports stressful home environment. does not elaborate. sleeping pills prescribed two weeks ago have not helped. reporting harmful thoughts about self and child.

dx: severe postpartum depression.

tx: immediate inpatient treatment or therapy, if seen today.

sixty-seven billable hours and six refills later, i am something like myself

i wish i knew the nurse’s name that saved my child’s life


shaking on the bedroom floor, hidden behind the dresser 

(a child tucked under each arm)

i am humming. 

shielding from their ears the sound of their father kicking down the door.

make. it. stop.

although i know it never will,

before i follow through with my Plan to leave,

i agree, at his insistence, to try marriage counseling

the counselor’s face falls as i give my truth, then he asks the pivotal question:

you know that if he hits you again, i’m going to have to tell you to leave. ok?

white, jesus-loving, bible abiding southern baptist married couple. two children.

px: husband reports: miscommunication. anger problems on both sides. loss of sexual intimacy. wife reports: full marital history of verbal, mental, and physical abuse. husband mood swings. fear of spouse.

tx: prayer, bible study, weekly counseling. 

though that counselor surely counts a divorce as a failure, he saved my life.


sobbing in my bathtub, hidden behind the rubber duck shower curtain,

trying to drown out the sound of his accusations on their lips.

why am i ruining their lives?

why won’t i go back to their daddy?

don’t i know he loves me?

make. them. stop.

experience, this time, has taught me where to turn

this time, i ask the pivotal question:

do any of you have therapist recommendations?

female. caucasian. presents as tearful, small, frail. 

 sx: nightmares, insomnia, panic attacks. reports a former mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive marriage. no relationship since marriage. reports gains made, but states regression including reliving traumatic events, alienation, loss of faith, and distrust of other people. reports childhood sexual abuse. does not elaborate. reports stressful home life d/t parental alienation caused by former partner. patient has little self-confidence. does not trust herself. denies suicidal ideation. 

dx: ptsd

tx: long-term therapy

together, my therapist and i are shaping my life into something worth living


sobbing in front of my laptop, knowing that a piece of legislation could halt

the one act of bravery that could save a person’s life.

fearing that my own traumas 

my own existence

will preclude the help i need, next time i need it.